Top 20 Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and Answers 2023

Interview Questions for Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician is responsible for supplying medicine to patients, either on prescription or over the counter. He/she also provides relevant drug information to patients and other healthcare professionals. Thus, employers seek an individual who is well-versed in this profession. If you are preparing for a pharmacy technician interview, use our top 20 pharmacy technician interview questions and answers to know what to expect in the interview and how to respond to each question.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

Here, the interviewer wants to hear a summary of your abilities, qualification, and experience.

Tip #1: Talk about your qualifications, abilities, and experience

Tip #2: Be brief and confident

Sample Answer

I am a skilled and detail-oriented pharmacy technician. I love interacting with people and offering them quality services. I graduated with a degree in pharmacy from a reputable medical institute. I am currently working in a local hospital. I have over six years of experience in this field. Moreover, I am passionate about this career and always aim at giving my best.

2. Why Have You Decided to Pursue This Career?

The interviewer wants to understand why you opted to become a pharmacy technician

Tip #1: Mention what made you become a pharmacy technician

Tip #2: Show enthusiasm and be honest

Sample Answer

The pharmacy technician field is an area I am very passionate about. It allows me to interact with different people. Besides, I love to help others overcome their challenges in life.

3. What Steps are Followed When Filling a Prescription?

Here, the interviewer wants to know your experience in giving a prescription

Tip #1: Highlight the procedure of filling a prescription

Tip #2: Show that you are good at filling prescriptions

Sample Answer

When filling a prescription, I read and evaluate it first. I measure the required items carefully and mix them in the prescribed amount. After that, a licensed pharmacist inspects the prescription and hands it over to the patient.

4. What Factors Need to Be Considered in Drug Storage?

The interviewer wants to know the measures to take while storing drugs

Tip #1: Mention all the factors you consider while keeping drugs

Tip #2: Only give relevant drug storage conditions

Sample Answer

Pharmacy technicians should always store drugs in a cool, dry place and away from light. They should observe sanitary conditions. Additionally, some drugs lose their efficacy, potency, and purity at high temperatures or under light and wet conditions.

5. Define Prescription Medicine

The interviewer asks this question to assess your familiarity with the term – prescription medicine.

Tip #1: Briefly describe a prescription medicine

Tip #2: Demonstrate knowledge of prescription medicine

Sample Answer

Prescription medicines are those drugs that require a written prescription and are dispensed or sold by a certified and qualified medical practitioner.

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6. How Do You Keep Yourself Up to Date With Pharmacy Practices?

The interviewer intends to know how you stay informed on pharmacy practices

Tip #1: Highlight how you stay up to date with pharmacy practices

Tip #2: Mention all the ways you use to stay informed

Sample Answer

I often participate in workshops and training held which teach the current pharmaceutical practice. I also research journals featuring ongoing pharmaceutical studies and their effectiveness. I have subscribed to pharmacy magazines. I keep up with industry legislation and advocacy efforts.

7. What is the Importance of Confidentiality In this Role?

The interviewer seeks to know the significance of confidentiality in this role

Tip #1: Relate the importance of confidentiality

Tip #2: Be straight to the point and eloquent

Sample Answer

As a pharmacy technician, you access customers’ private data. This information is confidential and shouldn’t be disclosed to other people. Customers trust that you will keep their information discreet. Revealing their information means failing to observe pharmacy protocols and customers might also lose trust in you.

8. Why are You Interested In This Role?

The interviewer wants to understand your interest in the pharmacy technician field

Tip #1: Highlight why you are enthusiastic about the pharmacy technician role

Tip #2: Talk about your favorite perspective of the job

Sample Answer

I love working with people and attending to their medical needs. Every pharmacy aspect excites me; from ordering a prescription, inputting; and filling a prescription. I get knowledge on different drugs and can learn new things; hence I gain more skills daily.

9. What Are the Roles of a Pharmacy Technician?

This question explores the duties a pharmacy technician performs

Tip #1: Mention several duties performed by a pharmacy technician

Tip #2: Prove that you are familiar with your duties

Sample Answer

Pharmacy technician duties include; filling prescriptions for patients, guiding them on safe and effective medication using procedures, keeping each record, receiving payment, or checking insurance status before handing out a prescription. He/she ensures hygienic and sanitized storage conditions for drugs. Lastly, he/she practices infection regulation protocols on both sides of the prescription counter.

10. Describe a Time You Failed In This Role and the Lessons You Learned

The interviewer intends to know if you ever failed as a pharmacy technician

Tip #1: Explain how you experienced failure in your role

Tip #2: Be honest and give the lesson you learned from the failure

Sample Answer

On one evening, I was overwhelmed with customers. I had to work extra hard to serve each one of them. Some were in so much hurry and made me stumble while working. During this time, a customer gave me an insurance card that had expired. I issued medicine without cross-checking keenly. It was until the following day that I realized it was outdated. I got very confused and my employer was annoyed. Later on, we solved the matter. I learned to always be keen on every detail while working.

11. What are the Qualities That a Pharmacy Technician Should Poses To Be Effective?

Here, the interviewer wants to comprehend the qualities a pharmacy technician should have

Tip #1: Mention all the qualities that a pharmacy technician must have

Tip #2: Highlight abilities related to this job

Sample Answer

An effective pharmacy technician should be detail-oriented to avoid incurring unnecessary complications. The technician should have customer service skills to serve customers well as well as math skills to count pills, accept payment, and process insurance claims. Moreover, he/she should be organized, have sound judgment, and multi-task in case of increased demand.

12. How Do You Stay Motivated at Work?

This question aims at finding out your sources of motivation at work

Tip #1: Highlight what gives you the motivation to work

Tip #2: Be realistic and straight to the point

Sample Answer

The pharmacy environment motivates me to keep working. I love interacting with different people, listening to their medical issues, advising them, and writing for them a prescription. Thus I get the chance to give hope to people and reassure them that everything will be fine. I am always motivated to work the extra mile to serve the medical needs of the people.

13. Describe Your Daily Routine as a Pharmacy Technician

The interviewer wants to understand the daily routines of a pharmacy technician

Tip #1: Demonstrate the duties of a pharmacy technician

Tip #2: Include all the activities performed daily

Sample Answer

I give out prescriptions, receive phone calls, refill requests, and customer requests. I create and maintain patients’ profiles, keenly interpret prescriptions, and multitask when the orders are so many. Additionally, I work closely with insurance companies and enter data on computers and handle customers with all care.

14. What is the Biggest Challenge You Foresee in This Job?

This question examines the enormous challenge you see in the job

Tip #1: Highlight the challenge you foresee

Tip #2: Give a solution in solving the challenge

Sample Answer

The biggest challenge is in inventory management and product knowledge. In product knowledge, a pharmacy technician must know every drug to give the right prescription, Dispense the product correctly, and ensure proper drug storage. In inventory management, he/she should have a timely tracing of recalled drugs, identify substances, and regular and accurate inventory management. Failure to observe all this creates complex problems.

15. What Kind Of Strategies and Mindset is Required for This Role? Explain With Examples.

The interviewer wants to know the appropriate mindset and strategy for a pharmacy technician

Tip #1: Mention the relevant techniques and attitude for a pharmacy technician

Tip #2: Explain the importance of the mindset and strategy

Sample Answer

A good pharmacy technician should showcase excellent communication skills, customer service skills to serve, and maintain their customers. He/she should pay attention to details to avoid giving the wrong prescription and should be organized not to misplacing drugs. Moreover, the pharmacy technician should have a positive mindset and bear with harsh and abusive customers.

16. Describe Briefly About Your Pharmacy Technician Experience

The interviewer needs to know your experience in the pharmacy technician field

Tip #1: Highlight your skills and experience

Tip #2: Only give significant exercises that will add value to this organization

Sample Answer

I have worked as a pharmacy technician for over six years. Throughout this period, I have learned all the skills needed to perform my duty effectively. I am detail-oriented and have good communication skills. I can handle any customer and offer them excellent services. I know about drugs, the means of mixing them, how to give a prescription, and practice all safety measures while storing drugs.

17. How Do You Identify a Drug Seeker and What Do You Do If You Suspect One?

The interviewer seeks to know how you spot a drug seeker and the actions you take when you find one

Tip #1: Give all the tactics you use to identify a drug seeker

Tip #2: Mention the action you take after realizing a drug seeker

Sample Answer

Honest patients come with a prescription from a certified practitioner. If a customer comes without it, I usually identify him/her as a drug seeker. In such a scenario, I don’t dispense the drug; I report to the licensed pharmacist, who finds more details about the issue.

18. How Do You Deal With Annoyed Customers?

This question examines how you handle an upset customer

Tip #1: Highlight how you deal with the customer

Tip #2: Demonstrate the skills you use to calm down the customer

Sample Answer

Some customers get annoyed when their insurance cover does not cater to some medications. But I always listen to their complaints. Then, I explain to them that they should contact their insurance company or healthcare practitioner to help them solve their issues. I often maintain a friendly tone not to provoke the customer anymore.

19. How Do You Handle Tasks Accurately?

The interviewer wants to understand how you tackle all things correctly

Tip #1: Mention the techniques you use to ensure everything is accurate

Tip #2: Explain the importance of handling things accurately

Sample Answer

I believe accuracy is a crucial part of my job since it means either life or death. I always ensure I have a sober mind while mixing the drugs since a minor mistake may cost a customer’s life. I never fill two prescriptions at the same time to avoid errors. I always ensure all drugs have the correct label on them and keenly check medicine before giving them out.

20. What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? Did You Handle It?

The interviewer intends to know the difficulties you encountered in your previous role and how you handled them

Tip #1: Highlight the difficult situation you had to go through

Tip #2: Demonstrate how you solved the issue

Sample Answer

I encountered several people who came in to ask for some medicine. They didn’t have prescriptions from a certified medical practitioner. They were begging and said they knew the symptoms they had hence knew the medication they wanted. I had a tough time explaining to them the need for being tested. From that, they will be sure of the medicine they are purchasing. At last, I made them see the meaning of my advice; hence they were happy.


Adequate preparation involves understanding questions that are commonly asked and knowing how to responds correctly to them. These interview questions and answers will help you to do exactly that. Besides, practicing them will give you the confidence you need to make a great impression.

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