The Most Attractive Career Choices for High School Students

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Attractive Career Choices for High School Students

High school students believe that if they get a job they love and work hard, prosperity and success will follow – but it doesn’t always work this way in real life. If the career you love is a declining field, you might spend many years struggling to find a decent job. And even if you get one, it might be hard to pay your bills because it doesn’t pay well. 

Today, career experts are recommending a unique approach. Instead of choosing their passion, students should develop a love for lucrative jobs they can do well. If they can, they should select an appointment with a good salary and is in a growing sector. Good research will help you know which fields are growing. If you’re busy and don’t have time to research, you can seek the services of sites such as Edusson to help you research and present the findings as an essay or article. You can then read the summarized copy and make your decision. Such sites hire the best career experts, and their papers will educate you on career paths that will have employers running after you and the ones to avoid. All you need to do is place your order, and they’ll deliver. Below are the best career choices for high school students.

Registered Nurses and Medical Professionals

When a student is choosing a future-proof occupation, one question they need to ask themselves is which services humans will always need. Medical professionals will always top that list. Humans will always need medical care, and while technology is transforming the health sector, the necessity of doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners will always be there. 

The good thing is there are a lot of options in this field. Suppose you love interacting with patients and want to be a registered nurse. In that case, you need to pursue a degree in nursing, an accredited nursing diploma, or a Bachelor of Science in nursing. You can also become a practicing physician by taking a medical degree in the field of your choice after a four-year degree program. 


Reports show that college professors in the United States make an average salary of $56,242 annually. You will create course curriculums, draft syllabi, and lecture students on particular subject areas. 

You’ll also create instructional materials, assign research papers and homework, and evaluate your student’s progress. Professors also grade tests and papers and mentor college students.

Becoming a professor is one of the most fulfilling career paths because you’ll enjoy teaching and sharing your knowledge with other individuals. You have an opportunity to change the lives of young people through education.

Software Developer Quality Assurance Analyst

The fast-growing profession is flexible and allows you to work remotely on your computer, and you can earn approximately $110,000 annually. You’ll get paid to fix bugs in apps. It would be best if you had a bachelor’s degree, but you’ll be creating and running software tests to resolve issues and keep things efficient. You will ask what your clients plan to user plans to use the software and find the core functionality they need.

Game Designer

Becoming a game designer involves learning skills such as design, programming, and using Adobe photoshop – inspiration from other pros who love game design is excellent because there are skills you need to teach yourself. It’s one of the most paying jobs in the world. For instance, Ninja Kiwi, which Stephen Harris and his brother Chris founded, makes approximately $NZD10 million annually and employs around 40 employees. 


Companies use supply chains as networks to get all the supplies required to make a product and take it to the buyers. These supply chains are usually complex and large, with many links. Even making a simple tool, like a chair, requires a person to cut wood, another one to mill it into lumber, a person to assemble the lumber, and shops to sell the chairs. It would be best if you also had trains, trucks, or ships to transport the products and materials every step of the way. 

An issue with one link in the supply chain can affect the entire process. A logistician helps prevent such problems. They ensure supply chains are functional and organized. One of the reasons to choose this career path is because each industry needs logisticians. Most individuals in this sector have a 4-year college degree, but some firms hire persons with a 2-year degree.  

Logisticians can earn approximately $76,270 annually. In 2020, around 191,000 people in the USA were working in logistics. Reports suggest that this field will grow by 30% by 2030.

Producer or Director

Each time you watch a TV commercial, an AD, a TV show, a movie, or a play, you’re viewing the work of directors and producers. The two collaborate to develop all kinds of productions for the screen and stage. They hire actors, select scripts, make crucial decisions, and operate the entire process. A director will handle the creative duties in production while the producer takes care of the business side. 

Directors and producers can work on film sets or in theaters. The career might need a lot of traveling and tight schedules. Most individuals in the field study for a bachelor’s degree in film or a related program. Some come to this path after working as video editors, actors, cinematographers, and in film. The average earnings of directors and producers were approximately $76,400 in 2020. Reports also suggest that there were 131 000 directors and producers in the United States in 2020. The number is likely to increase by 24% by 2030.

Final Word

All these career paths offer an excellent likelihood for growth and good wages, but they’re not the only careers worth pursuing. The right job for you does more than pay your bills. It should also be worthwhile and satisfying. If all our recommendations sound dull, you need to keep looking. It might be true that following passion might not be a smart move, but spending 2-4 years in education or learning a skill that will bore you for over 30 years doesn’t make sense. 

When looking for an ideal career, first, you need to consider your skills and interests. Next, locate sectors that fit perfectly with them. Finally, do proper research to know the jobs in that field or sector that offer great opportunities and the best salaries. Thorough research helps you to know your options. Even if you have a career in mind, you might come across great jobs you hadn’t thought of. Knowing different career choices can help you make the perfect decision based on your skills and interests.