Top 25 Anthem Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Anthem Interview Questions and Answers

Anthem, now renamed Elevance, is a healthcare brand focusing on providing whole health and advancing health beyond just healthcare. Elevance Health unites the ideas of elevate and advance, as seen by our audacious goal of enhancing human health. They are a health organization committed to significantly improving the well-being of the individuals and communities they serve. They are a healthcare company that offers flexible insurance plans to any business regardless of their size. Individuals in a business are even allowed to choose benefits and packages that suit their way of life instead of just giving a solitary package applicable to all business employees.

Elevance is a company that takes its mission seriously. By organizing charities for marginalized communities and actively supporting the black lives movement, the company is one of the only healthcare companies that actively support these communities instead of issuing statements annually or when a tragedy strikes. It makes them the perfect place to work if you are looking for such an opportunity. However, interviews can be daunting for many people. With such a demand, the interviews conducted at the anthem ensure that candidates are selected only on merit and only if they mean to help with their mission.

Following are some questions you might be expected to answer in an interview conducted by a rep at Elevance and some answers to help you base your answers around:

1. Briefly Introduce Yourself. 

My bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in healthcare management and sales, and I have a minor in public relations. It has instilled in me more than just confidence. I am excellent at communication, and my persuasive skills are more than up to the task. I have also done a minor in psychology which gives me the edge in persuading people and understanding how the human mind works. In addition, owing to the experience gained in my previous company, I have extensive knowledge about the problems associated with a job like this.

2. What Do You Know About Anthem?

Anthem, which is now named Elevance, and is an excellent play on words. It is a healthcare company that focuses on the people more than anything. Their mission statement and philosophy are both exceptional and designed to work together to support each other. Their mission is to make healthcare available for everyone. This mission resonates with me as no one should be left behind, and healthcare should be for all. Elevance offers employees that choose the company as their healthcare provider; they provide their customers exceptional service and quality products.

3.  You Are Applying For A Particular Position At Our Company. What Do You Think About This Position?

The position requires excellent people person skills and an ability to convince people to go with your plans and to educate them on how it will benefit them instead of the company itself. It is also crucial that the client feels that they are prioritized. We must ensure they understand that the company puts its client first and ensures their health and safety in the plans. This role includes exceptional communication skills, an ability to handle conflicts, and an ability to take harsh statements and keep a calm mind through it all. It also requires a person to have improvisation skills as clients can enquire about questions or aspects of the company you might need to prepare for. 

4. It Is Essential That Whomever We Hire Is Motivated. How Would You Ensure That You Remain Motivated While Working For Anthem?

My desire to connect with new people each day propels me onward. I enjoy learning about other cultures and helping others by providing comfort and care. The number of smiles I witness when serving prospective clients and the amount of interaction I have with people whose traditions and habits diverge from mine serve as my inspiration. I enjoy meeting people of different cultures, and I am sure to come across people with varying views in this business. Sharing my culture with my colleagues and learning about theirs is sufficient to keep me happy. 

5. What Can You Bring To Our Company? How Would You Be Beneficial To Us?

My biggest strength is my ability to engage with others. Working with people makes my day more interesting, and I enjoy it. I’ve communicated with customers over the phone and through email, but I’ve always valued face-to-face encounters. I received a customer service award for resolving several client issues during my former position. I overcame the challenges, went above and above to provide the passengers with the best experience possible, and even secured their future business.

6. What Are A Few Traits That Are Essential For This Job And For Working At Our Company?

In our line of work, we come across people with different ideals and approaches to life. But healthcare is one aspect of life where people come together. And it is our job to work through their differences and ensure they all continue to exist in harmony. Some of the qualities that I might list as crucial for anyone dealing with people in the healthcare department are as follows:

  • Friendly and positive
  • Caring and understanding
  • Exceeds expectations
  • Professional and responsible
  • Assistance for customers
  • Cooperation
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Skills
  • Create an outstanding customer experience  

7. Why Did You Apply To Elevance When There Are Other Opportunities In The Market?

I believe in bringing a change and marking my place in this world. My aim to stand up and actively work against the wrongs or evil in our society has provoked me to apply for this position. Elevance and its mission statement connect with my own life and my goals. I want to work here instead of other companies in the same profession because Elevance is the only company I have come across that stays true to its mission and works with the community to provide them with the best they can. I want to be part of an organization that understands the plight of minorities and works with them to give them a better future.

8. What Would You Deem As The Biggest Hurdle You Might Face In This Position In The Company?

In my opinion, the main hurdle for anyone applying for this position is when they face unruly clients. These clients disturb the peace of other prospective clients and negatively impact the company’s mission. I believe a peaceful environment can convince people to make the right decision. Choosing Elevance as your healthcare provider is the right choice. I think that if we can convince these unruly clients and satiate their concerns, it will boost our business and set us up as a company that does not cover behind easy targets.

9. When People Apply For A Job, They Have Particular Ambitions. What Makes You Think You Might Be Successful At Elevance?

Due to my interpersonal skills, professionalism, capacity for composure under pressure, and commitment to providing superior customer service, I am confident that I will be a competent employee for Anthem. I’ve always thought of myself as friendly, so I don’t anticipate facing any problems I can’t handle. Due to my attention to detail, I can provide my clients with the level of service they demand. In an emergency during a meeting, I can handle things calmly and according to the procedure, satisfying everyone.

10. We Are A Company Focused On Teamwork. Are You Willing To Cover For A Colleague If They Fall Ill During A Busy Week, And You Might Expect A Vacation For Yourself?

Even though I’m always ready to help when the employer asks, I must admit that my response would depend on how I felt physically and emotionally. I would want to be in the best possible health if I were to commit to working the extra shifts. If I could not do so, I would inform the scheduler of my concerns and why accepting the assignment might not be in the airline’s or its passengers’ best interests.

11. We Need Professionals For Our Company. Please Describe Your Daily Work Routine And Your Work Ethic.

I am not scared of putting in the work or facing clients that are far from accommodating. In my last position, I could work between 35 to 40 hours a week. My strict work ethic allows me to maintain professional behavior with my colleagues. I am comfortable working 9-5 at my optimal time. I believe in prior preparation, and in case I fall ill or am unable to complete a task due to unforeseen circumstances, I always plan for such contingencies and relay my availability to my supervisor.

12. Often, We Come Across Individuals We Don’t Like And Vice Versa. Give Us An Example Of When You Faced A Similar Dilemma And How You Dealt With It.

In my previous employment in this role, I ran upon coworkers I disagreed with on a few issues. Possibly because I am a brutally honest man, in such situations, I would never speak poorly of someone behind their back, choosing to settle the matter through a fruitful conversation instead. Thanks to this technique, some of my loudest critics have become some of my closest friends.

13. Suppose You Were To Be Selected And Offered A Position At Our Company. What Salary Package Would You Be Looking For?

I believe in flexibility. Both as an employee and from the company. I would be amenable to the salary package being offered. Still, I do think that in any active sales, I deserve a bonus for a client I bring on. All I would want from a package would be to meet my previous salary package, at the least, with a few amenities. 

14. What Might Make You An Asset To The Company?

Your job description calls for trustworthy, organized, and customer-oriented applicants. I prioritize developing these talents above all else. Still, I’m also a leader with a proven track record of accomplishment under duress. I am fine speaking with my clients. In addition, I have a great attitude and excellent communication skills, am a skilled multitasker, am self-assured, an arbitrator, diligent, and wise.

15. Every Company Has A Particular Work Environment. What Would Be Your Ideal Work Environment?

Working in a setting where teams coordinate operations is enjoyable for me. I like being in such an environment since it allows for everyone’s development. Additionally, I have consistently recognized that people perform at their best when they feel their team is behind them. Because of this, I favor working in a team environment.

16. What Obstacles Did You Face In Your Previous Occupation, And How Did You Overcome Some Of Them?

I’ve always loved to handle challenges as it offers a chance to sharpen my abilities and develop in my job. I had difficulties when I began my previous employment, such as long work hours and a nearly nonexistent social life from exhaustion. But as time passed, I was able to adjust to the demands of my job.

17. In Healthcare, You Might Come Across People From Different Ethnicities And Backgrounds. How Many Languages Are You Fluent In?

I take classes to improve my language skills and am proficient in my native tongue. I took a course and learned a little bit of Spanish, Chinese and French, which has also helped me in my career. I can speak five different languages well.

18. Failures Are A Part Of Life. Describe A Life Instance Where You Failed In A Similar Position And What Lesson You Took From It.

I once made a small mistake while performing my duties and quickly understood how serious it was. I was at work when I responded to my client’s complaints in a tone-deaf manner. She wasn’t upset, but I felt I could have done better. I learned a vital lesson from this experience. As a result, I continually pay more attention to the details of my work.

19. How Do You Handle Conflicts? Please Provide Us With An Example.

In my previous position, I had a wide variety of visitors from various backgrounds. While some were extremely courteous and helpful, others were challenging to work with. Some people were incredibly cordial and helpful. In each case, I intended to use every effort to help the consumers express their dissatisfaction while never engaging in debate or conflict with any of them. The last was highly effective, and I would then pay them back for their difficulty. Eventually, I was able to make even the most arrogant client grin.

20. You Have To Deal With Customers Daily In Our World. Give An Example Of When You Had To Deal With A Challenging Customer.

In the past, in both my current role and previous ones, I have had to deal with challenging clients. For instance, as a camp counselor, I dealt with a parent who was furious that their child would not be allowed to go on a forthcoming field trip. Concerning that, the parent should know about their child’s misbehavior during one of our games, so I had to do that. I approached the parent to agree to my choice by outlining what happened and why we applied the repercussions.

21.  If You Had Gained Sufficient Funds, Would You Retire From Your Position Or Continue With Your Job?

Although many individuals look forward to their retirement years to live a stress-free and uncomplicated existence, I would not want to retire from my profession even if I were a billionaire. Meeting people is my passion, and my career makes me happy. I plan to keep doing it until I die or until my limbs can no longer support it. Even if I had enough money, I would not want to retire because I am not doing this career or any other job I have ever held for financial benefit. The only thing that keeps me motivated is my sense of accomplishment after a long, hard day.

22. How Would You Handle The Dispute If Two Of Your Clients Got Into A Raffle?

The key to solving a dispute is first understanding the nature of the conflict. I would first inquire in detail about the raffle, use my hindsight and own recognition to determine who is right, and then come to a compromise that makes both clients happy.

23. What Do You Think Might Be The Most Challenging Obstacle Of This Job?

Our line of work requires long days, and often, the remarks from people can leave anyone feeling down. The most challenging obstacle would be facing clients with conflicting desires. Every client is equally important; thus, we must treat them with the same respect they deserve.

24. Do You Have A Preference When It Comes To Dealing With Different Types Of Clients?

I enjoy meeting people of different ethnicities and cultures. And since our work requires us to deal with many people, all hailing from different backgrounds, I do not have any preferences, and I deal with all of them with the same respect and professionalism.

25. Have You Ever Had A Problem With A Colleague Of Yours? If So, Then How Did You Handle It?

In my previous position, I got into an argument with my colleague over a dispute with a client. I filed the paperwork but was disheartened when my colleague signed him on and got the bonus. But we sat down and had a heart-to-heart and came to a mutual understanding and, since then, have remained fast friends.


The questions listed above are examples only. While some are generalized questions asked in most interviews, many have been modified to fit Anthem’s criteria. Their mission statement was kept in mind while devising the questions. We hope this helps you in your journey. And remember, confidence goes a long way.