Top 20 Patient Access Representative Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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Interview Questions for Patient Access Representative

Not everybody finds visiting a hospital pleasant. Most patients need help going around the hospital. A patient access representative helps these patients check-in, fill in the required forms, and manage their anxiety as they go around the health facility. 

In case you have been shortlisted for such a post, there are a few questions that you should be ready for. The following top 20 patient access representative questions should help you prepare adequately. 

1.    Why Are You Interested In This Role? 

One can break this down into ‘Why did you apply for this job.’ The interviewer wants to know whether your motive can make you a good fit for the institution. 

Tip #1: Avoid material things in your answer

Tip #2: You can sell yourself in the answer

Sample Answer

I am passionate about healthcare. Therefore, when I saw an opening, I decided to go for it. I am also qualified with enough experience for this role. 

2.    What Are The Roles Of A Patient Access Representative? 

Do you know your work in the health facility? This should not be challenging to handle. 

Tip #1: Talk about the significant roles

Tip #2: If you can, relate the roles to the facility

Sample Answer 

A patient access representative meets the patients on arrival, collects patient information, prepares their admission and discharge documents, and enter the information in databases. 

3.      What Are The Qualities That A Patient Access Representative Should Have To Be Effective?

Each job on earth has a unique set of qualities. Ensure that you mention qualities that are relevant to this job. 

Tip #1: mention some of the necessary qualities. 

Tip #2: Be brief

Sample Answer 

A patient representative should be kind and compassionate. He/ she should be empathetic to the plight of patients. Other qualities include being able to multitask and high organizational skills. (You do not have to follow any order. Just mention them, and try to relate if possible)

4.      What Significant Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role, And How Did You Handle Them? 

Being a patient access representative is not simple. There are particular challenges that people face. However, your strength is seen from how you handle them. 

Tip #1: Do not make the interviewer see you as incompetent

Tip #2: capture how you went about the problem

Sample Answer 

During my last role, I worked in an understaffed facility. Therefore, I had to work extra. To deal with the high number of patients coming to the hospital, I used to work overtime. 

5.      Describe Your Daily Routine As A Patient Access Representative

By now, you should understand what happens in the workplace. This is what the interviewer wants to know. 

Tip #1: Limit the activities you mention to the job. 

Tip #2: Be careful not to mention some things that may make you lose the job

Sample Answer 

My day starts early. Once I settle on my desk, I receive inbound calls from patients and document them in appropriate databases. I also conduct outbound calls per program specification, screen, and process assistance application for the patients after following several guidelines. I also keep getting inquiries which I have to respond to. 

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6.      Describe Briefly About Your Experience

This is a common question. Your CV has your work experience. However, what the interviewer wants to know is some of the things you have done or gone through that have made you better.

Tip #1: Only talk of experiences that are related to the job. 

Tip #2: you can turn the question around if this is your first application. 

Sample Answer 

I am fresh from college, and therefore, cannot boast of a comprehensive experience. However, I believe that I have all it takes to deliver. 

7.      What Strategies And Mindset Are Required For This Role? 

We all know that one should have the right mental frame to deliver. Without the right mindset and strategies, you cannot succeed as a patient access representative. 

Tip #1: Pick a mindset that is job-specific

Tip #2: The strategy should make the job easier.

Sample Answer 

There are loads of information to document, and therefore, a patient access representative needs to have a focused mindset, which will ensure that he/ she pays attention to detail. Having a proper plan and prioritizing the order of healthcare is also a worthy strategy for this role. 

8.      What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job? 

You must have imagined getting the job before coming to the interview. The interviewer expects you to have pictured some of the challenges. 

Tip #1: Mention a challenge that is above you and not one that can be easily handled. 

Tip #2: You do not have to create something that does not exist

Sample Answer

I believe that specific challenges are even in all healthcare facilities. I haven’t seen a particular challenge that I can point out. However, I believe that with proper consultation, we can always overcome challenges. 

9.      How Do You Stay Motivated At Work? 

Being a patient access representative can be boring at times. You need to be motivated in your operation. 

Tip #1: Your motivation should not be material things such as money. 

Tip #2: You can also choose to sell yourself. 

Sample Answer 

I am passionate about healthcare. I feel good every time a patient comes to me and gets help. This gives me the energy to continue and push through. I also set targets and deadlines, which I strive to meet by the end of the day. 

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10. Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned. 

We have, at one point, felt like failures, be it in life and our jobs. However, we always come out with lessons. 

Tip #1: The failure should not be a result of your incompetence. 

Tip #2: The lesson is an essential part of the question. 

Sample Answer 

During my first years as a patient access representative, I failed to plan my work and did not meet deadlines, which almost got me into trouble. I came to learn that organization skills are critical to a patient access representative. 

11. How Do You Ensure That You Do Not Make Any Mistakes During Your Work?

Mistakes, however small, may be costly in the end. As a patient access representative, you will be working under pressure most of the time, your chances of making a mistake are high. 

Tip #1: Tell the interviewer that you can work well under pressure. 

Tip #2: List the accuracy measures that you will take to avoid mistakes. 

Sample Answer 

I can maintain a strong focus, which, when coupled with my attention to detail, eliminates the chances of making a mistake. I limit all distractions in my job to adequately focus on whatever I am doing. I also proofread all the papers, ensuring that the correct information is captured. 

12. What Will You Do To Help A Stressed Patient Who Cannot Follow The Necessary Information? 

Here, the interviewer is trying to determine your attitude towards your work. one can also say that your interpersonal skills are being put to the test. 

Tip #1: Tell the interviewer that you will be patient. 

Tip #2: Your answer should reveal excellent interpersonal skills. 

Sample Answer 

I am always empathetic to the plight of the patient. In such an instance, I will calmly repeat the instructions and help the patient with the papers if they cannot figure things out independently. I will also explain things calmly and even walk out to the patient to offer help. 

13. How Do You Plan To Deal With The Strain That Computers Will Put On Your Eyes Since Your Job Demands Spending Hours In Front Of A Screen? 

This question seems easy, but the answer you give can either please the interviewer or make you lose marks. 

Tip #1: Your decision in dealing with the strain should not limit your work

Tip #2: Think through your answer

Sample Answer 

I will minimize my screen time outside of work. I will also do more relaxing activities, such as spending time outside or even cooking. I will also relax my mind and eyes while at home, which will help me counter the strain on my eyes while at work. 

14. Picture This: You Have Three People Waiting For You At Your Desk, And Then An Older Woman Who Appears Injured Comes Towards You. What Will You Do? 

There are times that you have to prioritize. Prioritizing the order of care is one of the jobs of a patient access representative. 

Tip #1: Anyone with a risky injury should be given more consideration. 

Tip #2: You have to talk to the other patients first

Sample Answer 

I will politely ask those in the queue to wait as I walk to the injured woman. I will then ask a few targeted questions to know how to help and check her in without delay. 

15. Why Did You Choose To Work As A Patient Access Representative? 

We all have reasons for the careers we do. However, the interviewer is trying to determine whether you are passionate about your job by asking this question. 

Tip #1: Be enthusiastic

Tip #2: You can refer to your skills and experience

Sample Answer 

I am always ready to help and participate in healthcare. It gives me the level of fulfillment that I need. I love working with patients and the less fortunate in life. 

16. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? 

Your reasons for leaving your past job can bar you from landing a new one. Therefore, be careful when tackling this question. 

Tip #1: Do not bad mouth your last place of work. 

Tip #2: do not talk negatively about your last boss. 

Sample Answer 

I enjoyed working on my last post. However, I felt that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and widen my experience by working with a different institution. 

17. How Do You Feel About Working On Weekends, Or In The Evening? 

Being a patient access representative is demanding. The organization may need you to work overtime during certain times. The interviewer wants to know if you are indeed available. 

Tip #1: Be honest. However, we would advise that you agree but add that you need sufficient notice. 

Tip #2: You can give other reasons. ‘

Sample Answer 

I understand that the healthcare world is highly demanding. I am ready to work on weekends and evenings, provided that I am given sufficient notice. However, if the situation is dire, I will be willing to work even without notice. 

18. What Do You Think Is The Most Challenging Aspect Of This Job? 

Every job has its fair share of challenges. You know some of the challenges that those in the healthcare world face. 

Tip #1: Do not come off as incompetent

Tip #2: You can give a challenge that cuts across the industry. 

Sample Answer 

Watching patients helpless and in pain has to be the most challenging aspect of this job. At times it takes a massive toll on us in the frontline. 

19. How Will You React To Rude And Impatient Patients? 

You will be dealing with all types of people as a patient access representative. The interviewer, therefore, wants to know if you have the right interpersonal skills. 

Tip #1: Exercise patience. 

Tip #2: Show excellent interpersonal skills in your answer 

Sample Answer 

I understand that patients are going through a lot of things and pain. I will nicely talk to him/ her down and ask targeted questions to make him/ her open up. 

20. What Do You Think About Our Institution? 

This is an obvious question. Your answer should be positive and music to the interviewer’s ears. 

Tip #1: Praise the institution. However, please do not overdo it.

Tip #2: Be honest. 

Sample Answer 

I believe that your institution is one of the best in this area. You know how to deal with patients, which even pushed me to apply for this position. 


You need to ace a patient access representative interview. These top 20 Patient access representative interview questions and answers should help you do that.