Top 25 Operations Administrator Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Operations Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Mastering some of the questions that the hiring manager is likely to ask in an interview can help you to have confidence during the interview process. This article provides you with the top 25 operations administrator interview questions along with their sample answers.

1. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

I have recently graduated with a degree in facility management. This program has equipped me with the skills to manage client, employee, and financial records. I am also well trained in how to handle and keep the company’s database updated. I can effectively manage inventories and order supplies on time. Additionally, I possess strong organizational, multitasking, communication, and problem-solving skills. I have been looking for an environment where I can put my skills into use. After reviewing your job posting for this role, I do not doubt I can get this environment in your company. Besides, I feel that I am the best candidate for this role.

2. What Are The Roles Of An Operation Administrator?

The roles of an operation administrator include:

  • Handling and keeping the database of a company up to date
  • Managing inventories and ordering supplies
  • Managing client, employee, and financial records
  • Answering phones as well as  responding to customers’ requests and inquiries
  • Writing newsletters as well as mailing customer correspondence
  •  Making travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, and organizing events
  • Managing facility equipment and maintaining the office
  • Offering administrative support to other staff members

3. What Are The Qualities That An Operations Administrator Need To Be Successful?

Operations administrators need to have soft and technical skills to be effective in every situation they might find themselves in. They must have strong administrative, organizational, communication, problem-solving, multitasking, and analytical skills. They should be proficient in data management software and Microsoft office. They must also be detailed oriented professionals with the ability to multitask. A top-notch operations administrator should thrive under pressure and be highly organized.

 4. What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage Them?

Working on many tasks simultaneously was the biggest challenge I encountered in my early days in this career. However, I am a flexible person and a quick learner. I learned how to multitask, which became an opportunity instead of a challenge. Recently, I was given an award for being the best employee of the year. I have realized that I thrive well in a fast-paced environment.

5. Describe Your Daily Routine As An Operations Manager

I always ensure to report for work on time. I greet my supervisor to check if there is any support that is required from me. I then review my email and voice messages to see if there is anything that I need to respond to, after which I begin my usual tasks such as:

  • Answering phones as well as  responding to customers’ requests and inquiries
  • Writing newsletters as well as mailing customer correspondence
  •  Making travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, and organizing events
  • Managing inventories and ordering supplies
  • Managing client, employee, and financial records
  • Managing facility equipment and maintaining the office
  • Offering administrative support to other staff members
  • Making travel arrangements and scheduling meetings

6. Describe Briefly About Your Experience?

I have been performing a similar role for four years now. During this time, I have gained a lot of experience maintaining and updating the company’s database. As an operations administrator, I can effectively manage inventories and order supplies on time; manage facility equipment and maintain the office; offer administrative support to other staff members, etc.

I have also gained organizational, communication, multi-tasking, working under pressure, and interpersonal skills.  With both my skills and experience combined, I believe that I can make a success in this role. Should you hire me for this role, I will focus on providing you with administrative support to ensure that your facility operates effectively.

7. What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Are Required For This Role?

 A top-notch operations administrator should mind the business results.  Operations administration is dead if the administrator has no accountability for the results of the business and its output. The purpose of administration is to meet or even exceed the business expectation. The operations administrator should come up with strategies for executing the right practices across the company for him to be successful in his role. This role can be stressful, and the operations administrator must thrive working under pressure as well as know-how to multitask.

8. What Is The Biggest Challenge You Foresee In This Job?

The drastic change in technology is the greatest challenge I foresee in this job. Desktop automation is replacing human labor. Desktop automation may provide real-time guidance and support to clients. However, some responsibilities will require an operations administrator to handle them. The automated services may not be able to report issues regarding customer satisfaction. This only falls on the shoulders of operations.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated At Work?

Several things encourage me to keep going, including learning new things and meeting my goals, targets, and deadlines. I get motivated when I undertake a project and complete it successfully. I also get inspired when I handle problems that, at some point, challenge my skills and knowledge. I always learn new things in such situations. I also get encouraged when I coach and mentor other staff members of my team. I’m a team player. So, I’m motivated when I lead a team to success.

10. Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned?

One day, I had a very busy day at work. A colleague approached me and requested my support. I can attest that I did not have the best attitude while assisting her. My response was a bit curt though this is not my typical standard.  I could tell that she noticed my attitude towards her. When I realized this, I tried to adjust my attitude. Looking back, I regret that mistake.  Today, I ensure to check myself to avoid letting past frustrations influence the new interaction. It only takes a moment but allows me to refocus, enabling me to offer anyone in need of my service the best experience possible.

 11. Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified For This Role?

I have completed a degree in business administration. Previously, I have been performing a similar role for 2 years. During this time, I have gained a lot of skills in maintaining inventories and ordering supplies. I can answer calls and respond to the client on time and also support other staff to ensure proper flow of operation in every facility. Besides, my strong administration, interpersonal, organizational, problem-solving, and communication skills have made me an effective operations manager. I am self-driven, and I can work independently or as part of a team with a clear mind, ready to produce the best results.

Should you hire me for this role, I will use my skills and experience to ensure the smooth daily operation of your company. I will focus on being the best version of myself in keeping track of inventories, managing clients and financial records, answering phone calls, and offering administrative support as required.

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

I am proud of emerging as the best employee of the years in two consecutive years. This is encouraging to know that my services as an operations administrator are recognized. This encouraged me to become the best version of myself even in the workplace. I take delight when my services are appreciated. Now the main challenge is to retain my position as the best employee. Should I get a job at your company, I will work towards being the best employee in your company. It will add value to your organization and me as well.

13. Share An Experience You Had In Dealing With A Difficult Person And How You Handled The Situation.

 I once worked with a colleague who always wanted to give stories in the course of working. This would slow our performance because we found ourselves concentrating on her stories rather than our job. The other workmates found it hard to inform him that his attitude was not a good one during working hours. However, I felt that it was necessary to let him know that his behavior was affecting the productivity of our performance at work. One day while we were having lunch, I told him that I wished he had told us stories during lunch hours and not during working hours. I insisted that that behavior would result in poor performances at work. To my surprise, he was unaware that telling stories during the wrong hours affected us that much. He apologized and stopped that behavior hence allowing us to have a lot of time to concentrate on our work.

14. What Is Tracking Inventory?

Inventory tracking refers to a continuous process of monitoring the items in possession. Tracking inventory is what reveals the quantities available in the organization and also helps to know when to make orders of new supplies.

15. Why Is Important To Track Inventory?

Tracking inventory helps to know the supplies that need to be ordered. Keeping inventory under control helps the company not only spend as much on storage but also to save across the board. Additionally, tracking inventory enable the employees to acquire more information. The more information the employees have, the more productive they become. Tracking inventories results in a speedy order fulfillment hence employees can search for items easily and quickly. This does not only lead to increased customer satisfaction but also saves time, especially when employees have to sift through a large amount of inventory.

16. What Is Emotional Intelligence In Operation Management?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify your emotions, comprehend what they are telling you, and understand how those emotions affect those around you. Emotional intelligence also involves how you perceive other people. When operations administrators recognize how employees feel about them, they can effectively manage work relationships.

17. Highlight Some Strategies Of Improving Emotional Intelligence At The Work Place.

Emotional intelligence can be improved when people put themselves in the shoes of others. This will helps one to understand why the others behave in the manner they behave. Also, giving other people an opportunity to shine and focusing on them can improve the relationships in the workplace. Taking responsibility for one’s actions can also enhance emotional intelligence and understanding of self-strength and self-weakness.

18. In Your Opinion, Why Should An Operation Administrator Have Multitasking Skills?

Multitasking can be a difficult skill yet a very useful skill in this industry. It is a necessary skill in operation management because it can save an organization money and time. It’s also a skill that helps an operations administrator to take less time to complete tasks hence encouraging the operations manager to move on to other roles. Learning how to multitask can help the operations administrator to increase productivity because he can complete more roles throughout the day.

19. Describe At Time When You Had To Multitask In Your Roles.

In most cases, I  find myself multitasking as an operations administrator. I have had to feed data into the database as I also answer phone calls. Sometimes I record information given to me through phone calls. I concentrate so much that I do not miss anything. I have learned that I can accomplish a lot of tasks if I can only use multitasking techniques.

20. As An Operations Administrator, How Do You Determine Your Priorities?

I begin by considering all the specified due dates, including the durations each role will take. I then begin working on the easier tasks first.  While performing the easier tasks, I normally multitask to ensure I complete them in the shortest time possible. Once I finish the easier tasks, I normally break down complex tasks into smaller objectives. However, I remain flexible in switching tasks based on their urgency.

21. Describe A Time You Felt Overwhelmed With Work

During my last role, I used to work with three ladies. I was the only man on the team, which meant handling anything that seemed difficult to a lady. So, it happened that the two of them became expectant almost at the same time. Eventually, they sought maternity leave at almost the same time. So my other lady colleague and I were told to fill the gap for three months. We managed to do so for the first three weeks. However, I felt overwhelmed from the fourth week because we were coming to the end of the year, and a lot was required to be accomplished. I used to report early and leave late. At some point, I couldn’t manage it anymore. I approached my supervisor and communicated the issue. Luckily, he understood me, and two casuals were hired after two days.

22. How Would You Handle Office Politics?

I think office politics are only natural in every work environment where more than one person works together. When I witness or experience any office politics situations, I try to stay out of them as much as possible or professionally approach the situation.

23. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

Truly speaking,  I’m excited by this role at your company. In the next 5 years, I want to be referred to someone with deep expertise in this field. I believe I will get a lot of expertise in operations management from this company. I look forward to taking on more managerial roles in your company.

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24. Briefly, Tell Me About Your Strong  And Weak Point Relating To This Role.

One of my strengths is that I pay so much attention to details to ensure that inventory tracking has been done accordingly.  I enjoy doing this even if  I consume a lot of time. As I do this, I mind time too so that I don’t miss any deadlines. On the other hand, my weakness is that I tend to put a lot of time into one task. However, I have begun making a timesheet allocating time for every activity to enable me to focus on the task in the order of their urgency.

25. There Are Other Companies Around Who Offer The Same Services We Do. Why Do You Want To Work For This Company?

Your company is one of the incredible companies within the district. I want to be associated with a company with a good reputation like this one. Furthermore, my objectives and values match those of this company. My strengths, skillset, and qualifications are what you are looking for in a candidate. If I get this role in your company, I believe it will be the beginning of big growth in my career as an operations administrator. I look forward to excelling in my work and progress in this industry.


These questions help you know what to expect in your operations administrator interview. Practice them to know all the areas you will likely be tested on. In doing so, you will impress your interviewers