Top 25 USAA Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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USAA Interview Questions and Answers

Getting an interview invitation from USAA might excite you, but at the same time, you are feeling nervous. We truly understand that because the competition is high and fierce these days. But, worry not, we have a list of 25 interview questions and answers to help you out.

1. Why Do You Want To Work With USAA?

I want to join USAA because the organization provides exceptional employee perks. USAA offers its employees extensive paid time off, complete wellness programs, basic life insurance, and the possibility of performance-based bonuses, among other benefits. Additionally, USAA offers an 8% match on 401K contributions! At USAA, staff receives paid training for several weeks to ensure they are confident in their roles. The training that USAA provides makes me want to join the company and grow myself together with USAA.


2. What Do You Know About USAA?

USAA is a company that does not need to be introduced. The key points that make USAA known are:

They are offering service members and their families good options for house and auto insurance without discrimination based on their military affiliations. They are rewarded for doing so.

USAA is known as the “America’s good bank.” The company has acquired this distinction by refusing federal support. In essence, it is the members’ premium contributions that sustain the organization. USAA is the originator of direct marketing USAA’s organizational structure is one of the company’s most interesting characteristics. USAA is a Fortune 500 firm but is not a corporation. This is one characteristic that distinguishes USAA from the rest.

3. Do You Know What Is USAA Mission And Vision?

USAA’s mission is to promote the financial stability of its members, colleagues, and their families by providing a comprehensive selection of highly competitive financial products and services. In doing so, we aspire to be the military community’s preferred provider. At the same time, USAA’s vision is to prioritize its membership and mission. Respect their guiding principles: Service, Loyalty, Honesty, and Integrity. Be genuine and trustworthy.

4. As A Property Claim Adjuster At Usaa, There Are Times You Need To Work On The Weekend And On Shift Basis. Are You Okay With It?

I am a flexible person. I can work full-time and on a weekend shift if needed as long as the supervisor informs me earlier so that I can make any necessary arrangements. In my current job, a few times, I needed to work on the weekend to help out one of the branches.

5. What Do You Think About Teamwork?

I have no problem working in a team. I believe that great ideas always come from a combination of many good little ideas. I prefer working in a team more than alone. In a team, we can achieve more and deliver a good quality of work because everybody plays their role very well.

6. Describe A Time When You Had To Deal With A Stressful And Combative Customer. What Was The Outcome?

It is always not easy when dealing with a stressful and challenging customer. A customer once called in and was frustrated that her insurance did not cover a procedure. She won’t stop talking, and she didn’t even let me speak a word. So, what I did was:

  • I listened carefully to the customer and did not take things personally because I fully understood that a frustrated person would talk with emotions.
  • I repeated what I had just heard so I won’t misunderstand things and be able to provide correct solutions.
  • I actively apologized to her for her inconvenient experience.
  • Once I understood the actual complaint, I offered her a few solutions. She chose one of the solutions I provided, and we moved from there.
  • The critical thing is always to be calm.

7. What Is Your Definition Of Data Quality?

When we measure a set of data with its specific condition for a particular purpose, that is data quality. We will measure the data quality based on accuracy, completeness, uniqueness, and reliability. Data quality is vital because the organization can identify data errors that need to be resolved quickly by measuring data quality levels.

8. How Do You Describe Your Project Management Skills?

To lead a team successfully, a project manager should have good communication, motivation, and organization skills. I have all these three skills, and I would rate myself as an expert because I have been a project manager for the past five years. In my role, I coordinate projects from start to finish effectively.

9. How Do You Prioritize Task In A Project?

We can categorize tasks into planned and unplanned tasks. Therefore, I will have a list of my tasks to determine which one I should prioritize. I then create a risk assessment with a score so that I know the higher the score, the more critical the task will be. Once I have identified a priority, I will start working on it, and I will try my best to complete them. If my manager hands over another urgent task while attempting to complete mine, I would let my manager know that I am working on another task and will complete the one he gives me later, which is still realistic.

10. Can You Tell Us About A Time When You Overcame A Critical Obstacle?

In my previous job, my co-worker handed me his unfinished tasks before he quit. I still remember my first meeting with the client; he came into the meeting room and started yelling at me. I was so confused and tried to understand why he was so upset. I then understood that many unresolved problems had passed the due date. I apologized to the client and reviewed the open items list with him. I shared with him my plan, and I committed to new dates. I ensured that I completed all the open items and resolved all the issues the client faced. Since then, I have built a good relationship with the client.

11. Can You Describe The Difference Between Olap And OLTP?

The main difference between these two systems is OLAP is analytical, whereas OLTP is transactional. OLAP is used for complex data analysis. Data scientists and business analysts are among those that use the OLAP system widely. In contrast, OLTP is used to process massive numbers of transactions. Usually, OLTP is used by frontline workers such as cashiers and bank tellers.

12. Can You Share A Time When You Went Above And Beyond To Help A Customer Or Settle A Dissatisfied Customer?

In my previous job, when I was working as a bank teller, a lady came in looking very pale. I asked her what had happened, and she said she was not feeling well. Instead of letting her stand, I brought her to our pantry after I got my manager’s permission and called the paramedics. I waited with her in the pantry and offered her some water and bread. Once the paramedics arrived, they took the customer’s blood pressure, which was very high. They immediately took her to the hospital. A week later, the same customer came and thanked me. She was relieved that I was there with her all the time. I was so happy that I had given the best customer experience to her.

13. Tell Me About A Time When You Anticipated A Problem And Took Steps To Avoid It.

I was a branch manager of ABC Bank. I knew that our peak hours are usually during lunch breaks. Unfortunately, two of our bank tellers called in sick. Once I got their calls in the morning, I quickly arranged for two more bank tellers to come in for replacement only to help out during the peak hours. Luckily we managed to avoid long waiting times and other inconveniences to the customers that day.

14. What Is Your Biggest Achievement?

In my first job, I was a sales assistant at Y Company. My manager and I were supposed to meet with a client in his office. But, on the way to the client’s office, my manager called me to say he could not meet the client because he met with an accident. He gave me two choices, either cancel the meeting or I can present on his behalf. Since I read the slides deck a few days back, I told my manager that I was confident that I could present it in front of the client. Although that was my first experience presenting before a client, I aced the presentation session. The client was happy with our products and immediately made a purchase later. Since that, the client has been our returning one.

15. Have You Ever Faced Conflict With Your Co-Worker? How Did You Resolve The Situation?

When I was a junior software engineer, my manager gave me the task of developing new software, and the one that needed to guide me was my senior. Instead of guiding me, he started the development process himself because he said it would be faster than letting me do it due to my lack of experience. So I told my manager this problem and convinced him that I could do that without the senior’s help. If I faced any difficulties, I would find someone else to help me because I wanted to do my first software development myself. My manager then spoke to my senior, and he let me manage my development project. Although I did not have much experience back then, I completed the development successfully in the given timeline.

16. Tell Me About A Time You Made Mistake At Work.

There was a time when I thought the meeting set by my manager was only for our team, but I was wrong. One hour before the meeting, I learned that the meeting would be between my team and our CEOs. In that limited time, I re-do all of my slides deck to make them easy to understand for a non-technical person. Although I managed to re-do the deck, it would be much easier if I checked who would be attending and created a proper deck in the first place to avoid any unnecessary stress.

17. Tell Me About Your Management Style.

I do not have a rigid management style. I usually adjust my management style based on the people I am managing. I am more of a coaching and democratic person. I coach my team so they can improve themselves, and whenever they have problems, they can come to me for help, and I even get my hand dirty to show them the correct way to do things. But at the same time, I am also comfortable being democratic where I let my team involve in the decision-making. I value my team’s ideas, and I know that the key to a successful team is understanding the people behind it. I want my team to trust me and trust themselves when it comes to decision-making. I want them to be confident and able to be independent.

18. Can You Describe A Time When You Need To Work In A Team?

In my previous analyst job, I worked in a team of 5 people. We divided our tasks, and at the end of the day, we grouped, shared, and compiled our analysis. I enjoyed working in that setup because we relied on each other, which motivated us to complete our tasks on time. We supported each other and helped if any of us had an extra workload that day.

19. Tell Me A Situation Where You Had A Problem In The Office.

There was a time when a few of my team members talked behind my back. When I heard about it, I immediately confronted them and asked what had happened. It seems that there was a misunderstanding. They misunderstood what I said earlier and got upset with it. Once I clarified with them, they were okay with it and apologized for talking behind my back.

20. Are You Familiar With Property Claim Process?

Yes, of course. I had been working as a property claims adjuster. I took additional training and courses to evaluate damage reports and determine appropriate compensation reasonably. With this knowledge, I feel more confident dealing with my customers and advising them accordingly.

21. What Is Your Ideal Working Environment?

I prefer to work with a mixture of both team and independent environments. I love working in a team because, as team members, we always encourage and motivate each other, thus increasing our productivity. Apart from that, I also enjoy working alone because whenever I need to give my 100% focus, I like to be alone without interruptions to avoid careless mistakes.

22. Can You Share A Time Where You Need To Deliver Bad News?

There was a time when I did not manage to promote one of my team members. The reason was the management selected someone that has more leadership experience. I can still remember before I met him, I prepared myself, and I would focus on the next step for him. On that day, when I told him the bad news, I let him have some time to respond. I assured him that it was okay not to be promoted now and to gain more experience in another year before we tried again for the promotion. So, the following year, we tried again, and this time, he got the promotion he deserved.

23. How Do You Stay Updated With Current Technology?

To stay up to date with the current technology, I read tech blogs such as Wired, TechCrunch, and Mashable. Besides reading blogs, I also follow tech leaders on social media and all their updates. The best part is that all of my friends are tech people. Therefore, whenever we meet, we always talk about what happens in the tech world.

24. Can You Describe A Time When You Failed?

When I was a software engineer at X Company, I had an intern that worked under my supervision. While developing software for the company, the intern spotted a few mistakes, but I ignored him. When I tried to run the software a few times, it failed, and my manager helped me to troubleshoot. It seems that my manager found out the mistakes that my intern told me about earlier. I apologized to my intern and promised never to look down on anyone, although he was just an intern. It was a humble lesson that I learned.

25. How Do You Handle A Stakeholder That Always Changes His Requirement?

It is devastating when we work with someone who constantly changes his requirements. What I did was, whenever he changed the requirements, I would create a risk assessment and let him know the consequences of changing the requirements several times, such as being unable to meet the deadline and we will waste resources. If he understands the implications and still wants to change, I am okay with it as long as I am not blamed for any delays.


The list of 25 top interview questions and answers for USAA ended here. We hope that you will ace your interview and get your dream job.