Top 25 Delivery Driver Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Delivery Driver Interview Questions & Answers

If you are looking to get a job as a delivery driver, you will want to do everything you can to make sure that your interview goes as well as possible. After all, when you get down to it, the people interviewing you want to hire you because they think that you are the best driver for the job – not necessarily because they need one person to drive their goods around. The people conducting interviews can be hard to predict, so here are 25 common questions and answers that might come up during your interview.

1. Why Do You Want To Be A Delivery Driver?

I am a confident driver and have plenty of experience behind me. I feel that I would be able to perform well in any environment. I enjoy helping people with their packages and making sure they get where they need to go quickly and safely. When it comes to my potential future job as a delivery driver, I know there will be days when it’s raining or cold outside, but that won’t stop me from getting people where they need to go on time. Having strong experience behind me gives me confidence that becoming a delivery driver is something I can do right away, day one on the job. Also knowing that people trust you enough to deliver products they paid for makes me feel good about myself.

2. What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

I think my best strength is that I’m a quick learner, which allows me to learn how to do new tasks quickly. This can save time because I don’t have to sit around trying to understand how something is done – I already know how things work and get them accomplished right away. However, my weakness is that I am a perfectionist, which sometimes makes me take longer than necessary on certain tasks because I want them done right instead of just good enough. 

3. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

I decided to leave my previous job in search of something new.  I wanted to get more experience before returning to college, and it felt like an exciting time for me as a young professional. After spending some time researching all available options, I concluded that driving for a delivery service would help me meet my goals by allowing me to work with confidence and experience. The decision was also motivated by a potential income increase. I have no doubt that leaving my old job improved not only my financial situation but also my confidence level.

4. How Would You Deal With An Irate Customer?

When I find myself in a confrontation with an angry customer, I try to maintain my composure and remain confident. In order to prevent confrontations, it’s important to communicate effectively with customers; this means ensuring that customers are aware of delivery or pick-up times—I wouldn’t want to end up missing a pick-up time or arriving late because of miscommunication. Confidence and communication is key. By remaining calm and collected, you will usually be able to diffuse difficult situations before they get out of hand.

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5. Have You Ever Been Involved In An Accident While Working?

I have never been in an accident before as I am usually careful.  But in spite of that, sometimes things happen, and you have to be ready to face up to your mistakes. In my case, if such a thing happened then it would depend on whether any liability was determined or if there was any kind of damage done or even bodily injury caused.

6. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

In 5 years’ time, I hope to have earned all of that trust from my employer! They will know that they’re getting a great employee and one who doesn’t quit easily or often. Hopefully, in five years I’ll be making more money than before too!

7. What Is One Area Of Your Life You Want To Improve?

I want to be able to manage my health better, especially with a job as a delivery driver. Because the job would involve driving a majority of the time, I really want to avoid any neck or back pain that is associated with prolonged periods of sitting. I’m hoping to find the perfect balance between work life and professional life so that I can find time to manage my health as well. I believe by managing my health, I can also prove to be more productive on the job in the long run.

8. Why Should We Hire You?

I believe that I would be the perfect candidate for this job.  Not only do I have a proven track record, but my knowledge and experience in driving, navigation, and customer service give me an edge over most other candidates who are looking to move into delivery driver positions. My efficiency and ability to manage time well are some of my best traits.

9. How Are Your Navigation Skills?

I believe my navigation skills are perfect. Even as a kid, I was able to find my way home by remembering the routes my parents take.  This has helped me grow my map reading and navigation knowledge over time. It’s also one of those things that only gets better with experience; you get used to seeing names of streets and buildings on maps, which means your eyes stop scanning for individual words and phrases like 5th Avenue and start looking for shapes like a triangular building. This is important because it allows you to scan information more quickly than someone who isn’t yet familiar with how different roads connect together in certain neighborhoods.

10. How Do You Guarantee That Every Order Is Correctly Placed And Delivered Promptly?

A part of the job revolves around checking for accuracy and confirmation that everything was ordered properly. I would review every detail of the order and check for specific instructions such as whether or not I leave a package on someone’s front doorstep or to place it somewhere else. To make sure that my deliveries are on time, I would review the route that I would be taking beforehand to avoid any confusion later.

11. How Would You Describe The Delivery Process?

The process for a delivery driver is pretty straightforward. First, you pick up the package from the warehouse.  You then deliver it to your customer’s house. You hand them their product and confirm they are satisfied with their purchase. Lastly, you leave feedback on how they were as a customer and what kind of service to expect in future purchases via things like overall rating or review scores as well as any other communication channels you may use such as email or phone calls. This is one reason why I love being a delivery driver because I get so much joy out of working with customers, and knowing that they’re happy with my service makes me feel great about myself.

12. What Would You Do If Your Car Broke Down In The Middle Of A Delivery Job?

In any situation like this, first I would try to remain calm.  Then I would figure out what to do. If it was a short distance from my last delivery stop and I had enough time for my job, then it wouldn’t be a problem because I could walk. If that were not an option then I could call my supervisor so they know what’s going on. If it ends up that it’s taking me a long time to get help, I would then notify my customers that there will be a delay in their delivery. My number one priority is getting my customers their packages without fail.

13. What Should You Do If No One Is There To Receive The Package?

I would first do everything I can to confirm that the receiver is actually not present. This can be done by placing it on their doorstep or by knocking on neighbors’ doors until someone answers and leaves them a note. Always call back to confirm that the package was delivered properly, for security reasons just in case someone picked up your package and did not leave you any confirmation of its delivery.

14. What Does The Logistical Side Of The Job Include?

The logistical side of delivery driving includes being able to determine what needs to be delivered, where it needs to go when it needs to get there, and how much it should cost. You’ll also be responsible for knowing how much fuel you need and keeping an eye on your engine and transmission. At any point during your shift, you might also have a hitch or two (or ten) attached to your truck that you need to unload or load up. Because there’s no room for error in delivery driving, the driver needs to make sure that they know what needs delivering before accepting a job.

15. How Do You Manage Time During A Delivery?

I manage my time by making use of GPS apps to find the fastest routes to my destination. Many drivers who are in a rush will resort to speeding up on the road, but road safety must be practiced and speed limits should be obeyed. I also like to familiarize myself with the vehicle that I will be using before clocking in. This helps me feel comfortable enough on the road where I can go on with my job at a steady pace.

16. What Do You Expect A Typical Day On The Job Would Look Like?

I think a typical day should be relatively calm if no major issues occur.  For example, when you start your shift you should have a clear idea of where each customer is, and what kind of traffic conditions are ahead on your route. You can then map out where each customer’s location is in relation to each other, and you could expect to make 2-3 deliveries per hour when everything goes well. If there are any changes such as traffic or missing customers then it would be better to deal with them right away so that they don’t snowball into bigger problems later in your shift.

17. Do You Know How To Use A GPS System?

Yes, I use a GPS system all the time in my daily life even when I’m off the job.  When on the job, it’s even more important to utilize GPS as it can help find the fastest route to a location, and help with navigation through areas that are unfamiliar. In addition, it’s crucial in the planning of routes beforehand to ensure that everything goes smoothly before you are even on the road.

18. What Should You Do If You Encounter Heavy Traffic?

I would first inform my supervisor, then I would inform the customers. It can be frustrating as a delay with one customer will have a chain effect on the rest of your other customers. But sometimes, things like this will happen that are out of your control and you just have to remain calm. I tend to put on music while in traffic, notify those who are affected, then just patiently wait. 

19. What Should Your Priorities Be As A Driver?

As a driver, you’re expected to complete deliveries and comply with company policies and regulations. You’ll need to be organized, communicate clearly, and follow guidelines in order to be successful at your job. At the end of the day, a delivery driver is providing a service to customers, and thus customer satisfaction should really be a priority for the job.

20. Do You Know How To Drive A Truck?

Yes, I have experience driving a truck.  I just renewed my CDL (Commercial Drivers License) 4 months ago. I have had over 500 hours of behind-the-wheel training in 3 different types of commercial vehicles including logging equipment, fire trucks, and dump trucks. I am up to date on all health requirements and physical exams as required by law to drive any vehicle on U.S. roads as well as all yearly continuing education requirements needed to renew my CDL certification every 5 years or so.

21. How Do You Stay Focused And Practice Safety While Driving For A Long Period Of Time?

I enjoy putting on some music or a podcast during a drive. I keep the volume down to a point where the audio doesn’t become distracting, but just enough to hear and keep me focused on other tasks.  I also park the truck in intervals and get out for a stretch or a short walk if I am ahead of schedule and have a few minutes. This helps keep me from experiencing too many aches from sitting down too long during long routes.  And lastly, I believe that staying hydrated is vital. I avoid soda as it can have a negative effect if I’m already tired. Usually, I would opt for water or juice, and even sometimes coffee for those long night deliveries.

22. Drivers Must Be Physically Fit Enough To Lift Packages, Would This Be An Issue For You?

That won’t be an issue. I am physically fit enough to lift any package.  I have a lot of physical endurance and will not have an issue with anything weighing up to 75 pounds or more. At times, heavier packages are required and at that point, I would need assistance from someone else in order to successfully complete a delivery, and I don’t mind asking for help in that case.

23. How Would You Deal With Bad Weather Conditions During A Delivery?

I believe that in a situation where there is bad weather, safety becomes the number one priority.  As a driver, you are not only responsible for yourself but also for your cargo and other drivers on the road. So I shouldn’t think about the delivery in terms of when it will be made but rather what will happen if you do not make it within a time frame or with being safe. Keeping all of these factors in mind at once to ensure public safety and your own personal well-being is what makes for an effective response to adverse weather conditions. Keeping calm and carrying on would definitely be my approach to dealing with any unpredictable conditions that could come up during deliveries. There’s no sense worrying because it won’t get me anywhere. And as long as my customer’s package gets there safely, they’ll understand why there might have been a delay.

24. Do You Have Car Insurance And Do You Know The Process In Which To Get Or To Renew Car Insurance?

Yes, I do currently have car insurance and I know the process by which to renew it.  I understand that it may sometimes be requested that I use my own personal vehicle so I always keep my car insurance up to date. Accidents can happen at any time whether it’s your fault, or the fault of someone else so I never neglect to have my car insurance ready.

25. How Would You Handle A Road Accident?

Depending on the type of accident and whether I was involved or not, I would handle the situation differently. If it was someone else’s fault and my car sustained a lot of damage then my first priority would be to get hold of their insurance company and make sure they knew who they were dealing with. If it was my fault then I’d first want to apologize profusely for what happened – either way I’d want to make sure everyone is okay, that there are no injuries. Then depending on how bad the situation is will depend on how quickly you call an ambulance as well as how much information you’re able to find out about what happened in terms of where people were.


Although these interview questions and responses may seem quite basic, the interviewee must be able to express that they are capable of the job. During the interview, express your interest in the position not only for its monetary value but also for the job itself – that is the feeling of being able to serve customers who are highly satisfied with your service. Express your enthusiasm for working toward a future within the company and achieving greater success each year as an employee through providing excellent customer satisfaction by driving within the company’s city or area limits. By doing this, you’ll improve your chances of landing the job!

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