Top 25 Tour Guide Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Tour Guide Interview Questions and Answers

If you are fond of sharing information about different locations and traditions and like to interact with people, then Tour Guide is the right choice for your job! In this article, we will be sharing some of the questions with answers that you might be asked in your interview as a Tour Guide.

1. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

I have always been fond of traveling and communicating with people of the same interest. I like exploring new locations and researching new locations since my school days. When I applied for this job, I researched about your company and was interested since you provide different sorts of tours in your service.

2. What Are The Roles Of A Tour Guide?

The role may vary from location to location and the type of group we are interacting with. The basic responsibilities are:

  • Welcoming and greeting the guests
  • Sharing the right information regarding the itinerary for every tour so that everything is aligned.
  • Knowing the weather before starting the tour to make sure there are no weather surprises
  • Scheduling the tour beforehand and buying tickets ahead of time so that everything is aligned and planned.
  • Researching the history of the region so that the right information can be shared

3. What Are The Qualities That A Tour Guide needs To Be Successful?

In order to excel in this field, strong communication skills are the basic requirement. If a tour guide can pass on the information with enthusiasm that can create interest in the tourist, you are successful. One must be good at public speaking as well as listening skills. Tourists have a lot of questions to ask about the location so you got to answer them right.

4. What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Manage Them?

Recently I had to interact with a tourist who was not very happy about the route of the tour we took. He started screaming during the tour and made a whole scene. I made sure that I do not lose my patience and approached him in a friendly way about the issue. I told him about several other tours that we offered that he would like. As I carry brochures with me, I offered him details so that he can choose as per his requirement. After going through the brochure and all the information, He preferred to stay in the group and engaged in all our activities planned.

5. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Tour Guide?

If I have a planned tour, my daily routine will include briefing the group before starting the journey. I would arrive at the location at least 15 minutes earlier to meet and interact with the group. I will explain to them about emergency protocols and how quickly they need to inform me if there is any danger. I will then explain areas of interest to them and what should they expect on their trip with me. Once done, I take quick questions from the guests and answer them to make sure that they feel important. Later, I will distribute the brochure or any promotional material to them. When the tour starts, I will make sure that the group stays in front of me and together and are safe till we return back.

6. Describe Briefly About Your Experience?

I have been doing this job for several years now. I started out as a city tour guide and slowly developed the skills that are required in this industry. I started working in the tour company office too where I created schedules and assembled tour participants. I was involved in providing logistics and information to the groups who joined. Later, I started doing sightseeing tours in another company where I got a lot of exposure while interacting with foreigners.

7. What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Are Required For This Role?

In this industry, a tourist should have the professionalism to excel in this role. A tourist should have good public speaking skills so that tourists can learn from him. Also, He should provide accurate information even myths. He should not create stories of his own because accurate information about an area is important. Moreover, this job involves lots of improvement and learning because every group is different from one another.

8. What Is The Biggest Challenge You Foresee In This Job?

One of the biggest challenges in this job is to tell tourists about not doing anything specific as per the rules of the area you are visiting. Sometimes tourists do not listen to such information and cause a lot of distress. I would tell them not to take photographs but with technology now, it’s very hard to control them because everything can be done on the phone. If they do not follow guidelines, it can cost us a fine for not following the guidelines.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated At Work?

As I mentioned that I am fond of traveling and exploring new places, and I stay motivated by this. Every time I get a tour, I feel excited to be able to entertain a new group with my skills and provide a good experience for them. I have interacted with great people during my tenure and people recommend me to their friends and family they often visit me and tell me that I am recommended by XYZ person. I like this!

10. Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned?

In my college days when I started out in this career, I had to deal with a few late guests who simply disturbed the whole day planned. I was trying to reach them on their mobile phone and they would answer every time and tell me that they would reach the location in the next 5 minutes. I lost my temper and I got rude to them on call. Even though they were at fault, they complained about my behavior to my supervisor.

My supervisor later called me and inquired about this situation. I told him all the details but he was upset about my behavior. He told me that I should be informed about the protocols for taking groups on tour. The maximum wait time is 15 minutes and if something delays it, I can take the group as per the schedule and the rest will be handled by the tourism company’s management. I learned that there are rules that protect my role too. I did not have to lose my temper and disturb the mood of the group.

11. Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified For This Role?

I am not native English but I took English language courses that helped me in understanding the language. I took a few extra classes in public speaking that polished me to talk in front of tourists easily. I believe it is necessary because I can easily speak in front of a public large group of people I get to interact with on daily basis.

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

I believe that my years of experience in this field are my achievement. As you know, everyone is on social media, I made my own public account as a tourist where I have more than 10,000 followers with whom I interact on daily basis. I share new tour information and all sort of information I get from any area that might be of interest to my followers. I am also planning to start my own YouTube channel where I would put my Vlogs to reach more audiences and attract people to visit.

13. How Do You Think You Can Improve Your Skills As A Tour Guide?

In my experience, I have always been trying to improve my tours so that people feel that they made the right choice by choosing me. Before going on any new tour, I always try to know my audience first so that I can talk in their way. For example, a school trip involves a young mind so I have to know what age I am addressing and what their interests are so that I plan activities of their interest. In my all tours, I include a few dynamic activities as per the requirement. It could be a sport or a game or an activity like cooking in the wild. This keeps the tourists engaged and active throughout the tour. I research well about the location so that I can share lots of information within the internals even myths associated with a location. Also, I carry an extra set of equipment like binoculars so that they can enjoy the views as we move along. At the end of the tour, I always pass on feedback forms and I keep those filled forms safe with me because that’s a learning opportunity for me. With that feedback, I can make the required changes on my next tour.

14. In Your Experience, What Sort Of Tourists You Have Worked With?

I have been in this industry for quite some time now. I have been able to provide tours to tourists who are eco-tourists, leisure enthusiasts who like sports and recreational activities, educational involving school or college kids, and cultural who are foreigners primarily who want to be involved in those activities.

15. What Basic Skills Are Required For An Outstanding Tour?

For an outstanding tour, a tour guide should do the following :

  • Point out important information- Especially going on a landmark tour, a tour guide should point out so that people can enjoy it as well. Provide all sorts of basic information like history and current status of an area to engage the tourists.
  • Talk about preservation- Giving the right information about how government and locals are preserving the area and what sort of importance it has in history. During this, a tour guide should also share directional guides like what tourists can do and what they cannot do on tour. For example, there are few places that do not allow pictures or do not allow going near the architectural structures. Always tell them beforehand.
  • Interesting conversation –It is important to have two-way conversations. You can ask the group why they choose this location or activity and what interests them. This will help in knowing them and providing information that is of interest to them.

16. How Do You Plan Your Tour?

I have a set of steps or you can say rules that I follow before going on any tour. I always tour in advance because I like planning things rather than going with the flow. I try to get as much information regarding the group who will be with me so that I know what their interests will be. I make sure that I carry the necessary equipment with me especially the first aid kit to avoid any inconveniences for the guests. Before starting any tour, I always provide the group with health and safety information so that everyone knows and understands the basic information.

17. How Do You Maintain Your Physical Health?

Being physically active is the basic requirement of this role. Since I have to be on my feet for long hours, I make sure that I have good stamina. On my off days, I try to do extra runs around the park and eat healthy so that I do not feel lethargic on the next tour. I have invested in good pair of shoes too so that my feet do not hurt anytime during the tour.

18. What Essential Items Should A Tour Guide Carry In His Bag?

The items may vary from location to location. For example, if it’s a museum, I would be needing a microphone to talk to my guests. The few essential items that are always in my bag are :

  • First Aid Box,
  • Torch with an extra set of batteries,
  • Rope,
  • A lighter or matchbox,
  • Knife and
  • Compass with a detailed map.

19. How Do You Think Covid19 Has Impacted This Industry?

The last two years of the pandemic have been tough for all industries. When the whole world moved to the Work from Home option, our industry did not have this option at all. Borders were closed, people were limited to their cities even homes and primarily people were afraid to step out because of the possible dangers. I believe that this industry suffered the most because we had no tours for a long time period. Things have started improving as vaccines were introduced and people have started adjusting to the new normal lifestyle.

20. What Is The Role Of Technology In This Industry?

I believe that each one of us simply goes to Google to get answers related to the location we want to visit. In order to be visible in searches of a potential guests, Management should invest in the SEO and digital presence so that people can connect with you online. I believe a good website and social media presence helps in interacting with the online audience and reaching out to them with possible packages and related information.

21. What Is Eco-Tourism?

It is one of the largest growing sectors in this industry as people have started talking about the planet’s health and how our activities the creating an imbalance. It refers to the conservation of all-natural habitats by protecting the environment. The industry is training the tour guides on minimizing litter and other such activities that may destroy the balance of the ecosystem. Now many tourism companies are offering eco-tourism holiday packages and accommodation with the support of the Government and organizations.

22. What Is Your Definition Of Excellent Tourist Service?

To me, excellent tourist service means showing customers that you’re always available to help with any problems and you greet people with a smile. It’s all about going the extra mile for tourists.

23. How Do You Feel About Working On Weekend Shifts?

Yes, I’m available to work weekend shifts if I am informed beforehand. I have worked on weekends before but alternate ones. I am not sure what sort of work and personal life balance do you promote in your company.

24. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?

I want to explore more in the hospitality industry in a management role. I hope, one day I will be able to offer my services internationally in different countries and gain experience in different locations and possibilities.

25. What Is Your Management Style?

I am a reliable and responsible tour guide with years of experience now. I make sure that I follow rules set up by my employer and the location I am visiting with the group. While dealing with the public, I maintain my professional attitude by keeping my emotions in check at any point in time. I do not promote any aggressive behavior and anger at work and make sure that I follow this too. To deal with the public, I have my best behavior where I cooperate and deal in a calm manner in stressful situations.


These 25 questions are surely going to help in acing the first round of interviews as a Tour Guide. Good luck!