The Basics of Cryptocurrency Popularity

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Basics of Cryptocurrency Popularity

Once, humans used precious metals only to store wealth. As time progressed, we realized that the actual value of money isn’t intrinsic: it depends on demand, supply, feasibility, and liquidity. From lighter coins to paper notes, we’ve used everything. The new age has its currency digital.

Cryptocurrency markets have increasingly been topics of conversation all around the globe. Whether we talk about performing transactions or investing and keeping track of market changes, all sorts of currency usage have been increasing. Let’s assess the reasons behind this consistently growing popularity:    

1.   It’s Inclusive

No matter your bank account or credit history, you are eligible to buy Bitcoin, perform transactions, and trade the currency. No third person is needed to verify your details or conduct transactions. This enhanced, non-discriminating accessibility attracts many investors who would otherwise face a problem in setting up a bank account. It also makes the channel one where you can store wealth securely.

2.   Easy and Affordable Transactions

Eliminating third parties means one does not have to pay extra. This is especially significant for transfers to be made across the border. Combined with the ease of setting up a wallet and making transactions, this benefit is invaluable to people who need to make large transactions routinely. Additionally, as more online companies adopt this currency, it is getting easier to pay using it. This will contribute to increased usage.

3.   Potential for Huge Profits

Cryptocurrency markets have been demonstrating extreme volatility. This has generated profit for many. One only needs to remember the Bitcoin price hike to recall the instance where investors saw exponential increases in their wealth overnight. Though such circumstances are rare, the market otherwise has a decent potential to generate profits, which is why the number of people who indulge in cryptocurrency trading has been surging.  

4.   Security

In this world of increasing frauds and cybercrimes, saving and using cryptocurrency is safer than performing monetary transactions. Transactions you perform will only be linked to your wallet, and in no way will they carry information about you.

Crypto transactions are stored in digital ledgers that can not be edited afterward, and those ledgers carry waller numbers and amounts involved in a transaction. Unless you let someone know of the specifics associated with your wallet, it is virtually impossible to connect it with your identity.  

5.   Declining Trust in Central Systems

One of the biggest effects of a more connected, digital world was how it allowed massive amounts of information to come to the public’s eyes. A significant aspect was revealing certain atrocities that have been committed by governments around the globe. As a result, many have lost trust in central systems, and finance systems are no exception.

As cryptocurrencies know no borders, investing in them is independent of occurrences of any country or state or the law. Many individuals simply opt for it to avoid the constant surveillance that plagues many nations. Others prefer it as it is independent of the economic turbulence one country may be facing.


Today, hardly any idea comes without its own set of myths and realities. Cryptocurrency has a lot of misinformation attached to it. However, as more and more people see its advantages, it will become more mainstream. Leveraging such a channel can help individuals retain the value of their wealth for long periods of time, making it particularly suitable for retirement investments. If you’ve been looking to spread out your investments over a greater number of channels, consider cryptocurrency investments for digital currencies are not going anywhere.