Everything You Need to Know About Custom T-Shirt Printing 

Custom T-Shirt Printing 

We all love to stand out, which may mean different things to different people. For some of us, it means wearing unique custom-printed pieces. Whether you choose to independently customize your clothing or seek affordable and high-quality printing services from businesses such as PrintLocker, stocking your closet with uniquely printed t-shirts is necessary. As you think of some of the best printing design ideas, let’s look at the benefits of getting custom-printed t-shirts and anything else you need to know regarding t-shirt printing. 

Benefits of Custom Printing  Your T-Shirts

Here are some of the benefits people gain from custom-printed t-shirts:  

1.  Saves You Money 

Contrary to popular opinion, custom-printing t-shirts is usually less expensive and may actually save you more money than getting already-branded t-shirts. All you need to do is find a reliable printing service, create or submit your preferred design and let them handle all the work at an affordable rate. 

2.  You Can Get as Creative as You Want 

Custom t-shirt printing does not limit you to specific designs.  You can print anything you want, provided you have a t-shirt made of suitable material. Do you want to include your favorite team’s logo or your initials on your t-shirt? Custom printing is all you need. It allows you to bring your design ideas to life and wear them proudly, a privilege that people who settle for already-printed t-shirts may not enjoy. 

3.  Creating a Lasting Impression 

People tend to remember the things they see more often than they hear. This is because our brains process visual information faster than text or audio. If you want people to remember you or have a business that you want to promote, getting custom-printed t-shirts can work the magic. You can also go the extra mile and include text in your design. 

4.  Wider Reach 

This fourth benefit particularly applies to businesses. A well-customized t-shirt attracts attention and may get people talking. If you are running a business and would like to get your products or services out there, consider getting customized t-shirts with aesthetically-pleasing designs or prints and hand them out to a few people to wear. You will enjoy free marketing and reach a wider audience as a result. 

5.  Customized Tees Can Act as a Conversation Starter 

It can be challenging to start a conversation when you are in a new environment. However, having a printed t-shirt can help you avoid such awkwardness if the other party resonates with the logo, text, or design on your t-shirt. For example, printing your favorite team’s logo can be a good conversation starter by giving you something to discuss if you find yourself among strangers supporting your team. 

6.  Creates a Sense of Unity 

Have you ever wondered why certain groups prefer to wear similar branded t-shirts during meetings or when advocating for specific causes? Well, you now have the answer. Customized t-shirts can create a sense of belonging, allowing you and your friends or team members to build a solid and unified community. 

How to Create a Custom Printed T-Shirt 

Have you ever wondered how t-shirt printing is done? Isn’t it fascinating that one can easily append clear and well-defined logos, names, or initials on a t-shirt, making it their favorite pair without relying on mainstream brands?  Well, here are some of the ways that are done: 

1.  Screen Printing 

This is the most common way of creating customized t-shirts. It requires three main items: a nylon mesh to hold the stencil in place, a waterproof material to prevent damage to the negative space on your t-shirt, and a squeegee for spreading ink across the screen.  Once the ink has been distributed, the screen is removed, giving the item time to dry and cure. Screen printing remains the most used custom printing option because of its vibrant and long-lasting designs. It is also the best option for bulk orders, given that it is relatively fast. 

2.  Heat Press Printing 

Unlike screen printing, this process only works for small batches or one-off pieces. The designs are made using transfer paper such as vinyl and then appended to the t-shirt using heat and pressure. It is essential to include a strippable tape on one side of the transfer paper for getting the paper off the material once the printing is complete. 

3.  Direct to Garments 

This third method is commonly known as DTG. It requires a t-shirt printer and can only handle one item simultaneously. The garment, or t-shirt in this case, is usually loaded into the printer once the intended design has been fed to a computer and transferred to the printer. The printer then pre-treats it( the t-shirt) and lays down the ink. DTG is a relatively more sophisticated method used to print highly detailed artwork on t-shirts owing to its ability to accurately print even the smallest details. 

4.  Dye Sublimation 

This is the best method for printing huge designs across the back or front parts of t-shirts. It generates clear, high-resolution designs and is the most expensive option among the four. Polyester t-shirts are preferred for this process, given that the dye dries and solidifies when exposed to polyester. Heat and pressure are then used to make the die sink deeper into the material, explaining why the final result is normally vibrant and long-lasting. 

Demand for Custom T-shirts 

The demand for custom t-shirts is usually high due to several reasons. First, they mostly appeal to youths whose disposable income has been rising steadily. Customization lets people get as creative as they want and take charge of what they wear. Additionally, custom t-shirts can inspire a sense of unity or belong among select groups. Do not, therefore, be left behind. 


There are more than enough reasons to get custom t-shirts. We recommend PrintLocker, a sweat-shop-free, eco-friendly, and wrap-certified printing service for impressive products. All you have to do is choose from their range of products, create or upload your design, checkout and then let them handle the rest. 

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