Top 20 Driver Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Driver Interview Questions and Answers

If you are looking for a driver job, you can maximize your chances of acing the driver interview by preparing adequately. This involves understanding the commonly tested areas and questions you are likely to be asked. Here are the top 20 driver interview questions together with the best responses.

1. Tell Us About Yourself

This is one of the frequently asked questions. The aim is to hear a summary of your skills and competencies.

Tip #1: Go straight to the point and be fluent

Tip #2: Mention your competencies and skills that relate to this job

Sample Answer

I am a careful, determined, passionate, and hardworking driver. I possess a diploma in mechanical engineering. Currently, I am a driver at ABC Company. I have over 10 years of driving experience. I can drive different vehicles, including saloon cars, lorries, buses, and tractors. Also, I’m reliable and flexible enough to work at any time. I am honest with my work and very organized. Therefore, I will perform this role competently and effectively.

2. Why Do You Think You Are the Right Fit for this Job

Here your qualities and suitability for this job are tested

Tip #1: Ensure you have researched the company before going for the interview to know about it

Tip # 2: Mention the value you will add to the company when hired

Sample Answer

My driving skills and knowledge matches the requirements of this job. Besides, I am experienced in driving different types of vehicles. Thus, I can adjust accordingly based on the demands of this role. My biggest motivation for applying for this job is passionate for driving. I believe my existence in this company will be of great value.

3. What Tasks Do You Perform in Your Current Position as a Driver?

The main aim of this question is to know the task you are good at.

Tip # 1: Mention the outstanding tasks you do as a driver

Tip # 2: Be precise and direct with your answer

Sample Answer

I drive and clean the vehicles as well as perform basic maintenance services. I transport goods to the required destinations. I plan each route based on the nature of the road and traffic. Customer satisfaction is my pride. When offering transport services to our customers, I adhere to every customer’s instructions.

4. How is Your Driving Record?

Here, the interviewer wants to know if you have a good driving record.

Tip #1: Describe your driving record

Tip #2: Be honest and straight to the point

Sample Answer

I have a clean driving record. I have never been caught in any mischievous activity or breaking the law. That is because I am always attentive and respect other drivers on the road. I always avoid dozing off on the road, road rage, over speeding. Besides, I am reliable and exercise cautiousness and politeness while communicating with clients.

5. What Type of Vehicle Maintenance Can You Perform?

The interviewer wants to know whether you can perform duties other than driving.

Tip #1: Mention any mechanical services you can perform

Tip #2: Be honest and brief

Sample Answer

I hold a certificate in mechanical engineering. Therefore, I have vast knowledge about the basic maintenance of a vehicle. I am familiar with the functionality of vehicle engines, transmissions, brakes, accident avoidance systems, and steering. With this knowledge, I can perform basic maintenance in these areas.

6. Suppose Your Customer Gets Furious Due to a Change in Direction. How Would You Handle The Situation?

Here, your problem-solving skills are assessed.

Tip #1: Mention the best way to solve the issue

Tip #2: Show that you can solve such problems

Sample Answer

In my driving experience, I have never clashed with my customers since I always give quality work. However, if that happens, I will calmly listen to the customer, and I won’t argue with him/her. I will calm down the customer and explain why I changed the direction. In the end, I will make sure the issue is sorted out completely, and the customer is satisfied with my explanation.

7. Have You Ever Been Forced By Situations Not to Report to Work?

The interview wants to understand if you are committed to your work.

Tip #1: Mention circumstances when you would not report to work

Tip #2: Give a convincing answer

Sample Answer

I rarely miss reporting to work. However, the only situation that once forced me to fail to report to work was a health issue. I value my customer’s safety and health. That’s why I didn’t want to put their lives at risk. Since driving requires a sober mind, driving on that fateful day would mean my customers’ lives would have been at risk. However, I made sure to inform my employer about the situation.

8. What’s the Highest Speed You Have Ever Attained While Driving?

The interviewer wants to hear the maximum speed you have attained while driving.

Tip #1: Be honest and straightforward

Tip #2: Mention the reason why you attained that speed

Sample Answer

The highest speed I ever attained was 100 km/hr. The reason behind this was that I had a patient who was in a very critical condition and needed immediate medical care. Delaying would have worsened the situation. I had to drive fast to reach the hospital quickly. I was careful not to put other people using the same road in danger.

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9. Are You Comfortable Working in Night Shifts in Case of an Urgent Customer?

The employer wants to assess your flexibility

Tip #1: Show that you are very flexible

Tip #2: Prove that you will be available when needed

Sample Answer

Driving is my passion, and I can do it anytime, provided I am physically fit. I will not have a problem working during the night. I am very flexible and will be available when my services are needed.

10. Why Did You Decide to Pursue Driving as Your Career?

Using this question, the interview manager wants to know your motivation for pursuing driving as a career.

Tip #1: Mention why you choose driving as a career

Tip #2: Be honest and straightforward

Sample Answer

I had always wished to be a driver since I was young. When I grew up, I became very passionate about it. Consequently, I joined a driving school to gain the necessary skills. I am an excellent driver, and I love my work so much. The new things and challenges I encounter at work help me improve my performance.

11. Tell Us a Circumstance Where Your Skills as a Driver Were Truly Tested

The employer wants to know how you used your innovative and creative skills to give remarkable work

Tip #1: Demonstrate your skills as an experienced driver

Tip #2: Confidently speak something good about yourself

Sample answer

I was working as an Uber driver for company XYZ. I got a call that I had to pick up a critically ailing patient. The place was so far, and since I have a vast knowledge of almost all the areas in my city, I used all the shortcuts to avoid traffic jams. Within no time, I reached the place and took the baby to the hospital using the fastest route, thus saving the baby.

12. How Do You View a Responsible Driver?

Here, the employer wants to test your traits as a driver

Tip #1: Explain the qualities of a good driver

Tip #2: Be confident while explaining

Sample Answer

A responsible driver ensures the client is satisfied with his services. The driver shouldn’t drink while driving, conquer all the traffic rules, and have all the knowledge about driving and customer care. When the driver is involved in a road accident, he should take complete responsibility, find ways to solve the issues related to the accident, and not run away. Moreover, the driver should have good time management.

13. In What Manner Would You Include Technological Appliances in Your Job?

The interviewer wants to know your knowledge of technology as related to driving

Tip #1: Explain how technology is significant in the driving career

Tip #2: Ensure you correlate how technology and driving go hand in hand

Sample Answer

GPS has made driving so easy. That is because I can travel to unknown destinations. With GPS, I just have to say where I will reach it and how I will reach it. From this, GPS takes control of everything and gives me directions. That saves me so much time and helps me manage my time well.

14. Do You Have a Vehicle of Your Own?

The interviewer wants to know if you possess a car and if you can come in and use it in case of an emergency and the company’s car is not in good condition

Tip #1: Be honest and straight to the point

Tip #2: Explain how you would help with your car in case of an emergency

Sample Answer

I am privileged to own a Mercedes Benz. I use the car when not at work to exercise my driving skills. The car gives me more practice when on leave. I always ensure that I don’t forget any driving measures while not working so that when I am back to work am still intact with all the skills, and I continue offering good work.

15. How Patient Are You With Your Job?

The employer wants to test your patience as a driver and how you exercise it

Tip #1: Explain how you exercise your patience

Tip #2: Prove your potential to stay patient

Sample Answer

I believe patience is the key to success in driving. Customers, at times, tend to be rude. However, I always exercise my patience by listening to them, answering politely, and bearing with their harsh nature. Sometimes, the customer may be nagging and keep talking and saying trivial things. Nonetheless, I always focus on driving and ensure I reach the destination safely.

16. How Familiar are You With the Town?

The interview wants to know each place in the town you know very well

Tip #1: Prove your knowledge of the town

Tip #2: Be straight to the point and honest

Sample Answer

My current workstation is in this town; hence I am very familiar with the city. I have handled many customers and delivered goods inside and outside the city. Therefore, I have a comprehensive knowledge of the town. Also, I have grown and stayed in this town. Hence I always have an easier time working here.

17. What is the Most Difficult Part You Have Encountered as a Driver?

The employer wishes to find out if you encounter any challenges while working

Tip #1: Be honest and say the type of problems you face while driving

Tip #2: Provide proof that you can manage the problems

Sample Answer

The driving job is straightforward. I find the work comfortable because I do it with passion. However, the difficulties I have encountered as a driver are bad weather and waiting times, which tend to be tiring. From this experience, I have learned to be more patient and endure everything.

18. What Category of Vehicle Do You Drive?

The interview seeks to find out the type of vehicle you can drive

Tip #1: Be straight to the point and mention the vehicles you can drive

Tip #2: Provide proof of your ability to drive

Sample Answer

I have the knowledge to drive both a two-wheeler and a four. In my over 10 years of experience, I have had the chance to drive motorcycles, buses, cars, and trucks. However, in this experience, I have worked as a car driver for more years than the rest. I am flexible and can drive any vehicle since I have all the knowledge and skills required.

19. Briefly Explain How You Adjust Travel Routes.

The interviewer wants to know how you regulate and manage your travel schedule.

Tip #1: Explain how you will adjust your route in case of an issue

Tip #2: Give out your knowledge on travel routes

Sample Answer

Due to my long-term driving experience, I know and understand almost all the routes. Moreover, I also use GPS to map routes, thus enabling me to save so much time while driving. Whenever I find the route am using has an issue, I quickly change the route without worrying about getting lost.

20. Where Will You Be Ten Years from Now?

The interviewer wants to know your dreams and intentions regarding your career

Tip #1: Talk about what you wish for 10 years to come

Tip #2: Demonstrate that you wish to be more skilled and competent

Sample Answer

I intend to be experienced and have all the skills related to driving. I will have encountered all the challenges of driving and know how to deal with the challenges in the right manner. And from the challenges, get out positive output that will benefit the company and make it grow.


The interview questions and answers mentioned above are meant to help you be ready for an interview since you can alter the content to fit any position you wish to apply for, and with this knowledge, you are sure to up your skills.

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