Top 20 Bus Driver Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Bus Driver Interview Questions

Bus drivers are responsible for picking up and dropping off passengers. To be a bus driver, you need to acquire a driving license and other relevant documents that prove your driving skills and expertise. This includes learning driving rules and understanding the meaning of all road signs.

During an interview, employers seek to assess and understand your driving skills and expertise. However, preparing for your bus driver interview doesn’t have to be another hassle. We have done the legwork for you. Here is a list of commonly asked questions and the best way to answer them.

1. Why are You Interested in This Role?

The interviewer wants to know why you want to work as a bus driver

Tip #1: highlight the things that motivate you in the bus driver role

Tip #2: Be straight to the point

Sample Answer

I enjoy traveling to new places and meeting new people daily, and the driver’s role allows me to do so. I also love serving people and ensuring their safety as they travel to their desired destination. The driving job lets me explore my passion and the responsibility to cater to the transport needs of people.

2. Why is it Important for a Driver to Have Accurate Time Management?

The interviewer wants to hear that you are committed to your job

Tip #1: Highlight how you respect the deadlines and guidelines of your company

Tip #2: Explain the importance of good time management

Sample Answer

School-going children rely on me to get to school on time. Additionally, those who work depend on me to get to work on time. Hence my time management also affects their schedule. I never wish to delay any of them from reaching their destinations on time. Hence, I wake up very early and start my work to ensure every person that depends on my means of transport gets to where they want in good time.

3. Have you Ever Worked with The Elderly and Vulnerable People? How Do You Handle Them?

The interviewer wants to know how you handle the vulnerable people

Tip #1: Show that you have compassion for everyone

Tip #2: Illustrate your desire to ensure all your passengers are comfortable

Sample Answer

I always ensure the older people comfortably get on the bus and help those who need help. During the journey, I reduce my speed to the one with which they are comfortable. For the children, I maintain order in the bus and ensure they aren’t fighting with one another, and during the departure, I check out to see they exit properly without injuring themselves

4. Tell us About Yourself

The interviewer would like to know more about you

Tip #1: Give a reply that is relevant to the job

Tip #2: Only mention significant things

Sample Answer

I am always positive-minded and extroverted. I enjoy the company of the new people I meet daily in my work, and I also like to cater to their transport needs. The driving duty is very significant to me. I enjoy listening to inspiring stories from my passengers, and they motivate me to keep working. I also have excellent communication skills, which help me communicate effectively with the bus passengers.

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5. What are The Roles of a Bus Driver?

The interviewer intends to know the duties of a bus driver

Tip #1: Highlight the responsibilities of a bus driver

Tip #2: Show that you are excellent at executing your duties

Sample Answer

Bus drivers adhere to traffic rules, transit regulations, and safety procedures. They are responsible for their passenger’s life hence must drive safely along the routes they use and follow their timetable while on duty.

They are responsible for picking and dropping passengers at their desired locations and help the vulnerable passengers to get in the car, sit, and also when they are exiting.

6. What Are the Qualities That a Bus Driver Should Possess to Be Effective?

The interviewer wants to know the qualities which makes up an effective driver

Tip #1: Mention unique qualities that a driver needs

Tip #2: Ensure the qualities match the driver’s position

Sample Answer

An excellent bus driver needs to be patient, especially where children are involved. This is because children tend to get rowdy at times and even fight among themselves. The driver needs to patiently deal with them without getting frustrated and ensure orderliness in the bus. He/she also needs to have great time management and know the perfect routes to use to ensure the passengers get to their homes safely and on time.

7. What Major Challenge Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Handle It?

The interviewer wants to know a challenge you once encountered in your driving role

Tip #1: Highlight a problem you faced

Tip #2: Mention the way you solved it

Sample Answer

The greatest challenge I faced was handling some school-going children who had disagreements among themselves. They kept arguing, fighting and made a lot of noise. This disturbed me, I was in the middle of the road, and I couldn’t stop the car since there were no bus stops at that juncture.

I had to keep driving while trying to calm the students down. It took me a lot of effort to calm the students down. When calm, I explained to them the importance of living peacefully with one another. The piece inspired them. Hence, they said sorry to one another and kept calm.

8. Describe Your Daily Routine as a Driver?

This question tests on the daily schedule of a driver

Tip #1: Highlight the daily activities of a driver

Tip #2: Mention relevant activities

Sample Answer

A driver’s day starts very early in the morning. He/she has to pick students, people going to work, appointments, visiting, etc., and drop them to their preferred destinations. He has to adhere to all the traffic rules and ensure the passengers are safe and comfortable. He, after that, picks the passengers in the evening and drops them at their homes or where they wish.

9. Describe Briefly About Your Driving Experience

The interviewer wants to know your experience as a bus driver

Tip #1: Mention all your experience in the driving industry

Tip #2: Show that you have all relevant skills for the driving job

Sample Answer

After finishing my driving course, I started working with a manufacturing company where I worked for four years in the junior section and got promoted to senior level. I have been working in the company and have acquired all the skills needed to drive safely. I have excellent knowledge of the routes and roads that I use and amazing customer service skills.

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10. What Kind of Strategy and Mindset is Required for This Role?

The interviewer wants to hear the strategies you put in place to ensure you drive effectively.

Tip #1: Highlight the mindset a driver needs to have

Tip #2: Mention the strategies he/she should put in place while working

Sample Answer

A bus driver needs to have a positive mindset and handle the passengers correctly and respectfully. He/she must prepare to take responsibility in case of an accident, pay much attention to traffic, and should not listen to music, play video games, or receive phone calls while driving. Additionally, the driver should keep time and check the condition of all the seats and other interiors after driving.

11. What are the Checks That You Would Conduct Before Beginning on a Scheduled Route as a Bus Driver

The interviewer wants to know if you know how to inspect bus defects before starting on a journey

Tip #1: Mention all the inspection you do to a bus

Tip #2: Show that you are perfect at inspecting the bus

Sample Answer

Before starting on a journey, I check the car’s seats and interiors to ensure it’s safe and clean. After that, I inspect the rider signals and ensure they are working perfectly. I also check the fluid levels such as engine oils, cutch, breaks, auto transmission fluids, and steering to ensure it’s in perfect condition. Lastly, I ensure all the lights: brake lights, headlights, and indicators are working and check the tire for wear and tear, treads, and pressure.

12. What Measures Will You Take in case You Get Involved in an Accident

The interviewer wants to know the measures you take after getting into an accident

Tip #1: Mention all the measures you will put in place

Tip #2: State the significance of these measures

Sample Answer

In case I get an accident while the passengers are in the car, I will try and get out of the car and help them get out. For those who are injured, I will immediately call an ambulance to take them to the hospital while I call the police if they haven’t arrived. I will gather much evidence for the accident and keep a record of all injuries and damages. I will also file a complaint to the insurance industry for them to cater to the accident.

13. How Do You Deal with A Rude Passenger?

The interviewer intends to know how you handle a disrespectful passenger

Tip#1: Highlight the measures you use to handle the passenger

Tip #2: Ensure you show all the etiquette while handling the passenger

Sample Answer

The bus passengers are usually not the same, and some are good and polite while others tend to be disrespectful and even insult me. For this kind of passengers, I always keep calm and never insult back when they insult me. I politely explain to them, if I am the one who has caused the inconvenience and even apologize to them in a polite manner, which calms them down.

14. Why Do You Think We Should Hire You?

The interviewer is interested in knowing why you are the right fit for the job.

Tip#1: Show how you will use your skills to ensure the success of the company

Tip #2: Demonstrate the unique qualities which make you stand out

Sample Answer

I have successfully finished a driving course and have all the relevant experience and skills for this position. I use all the skills I have to meet the demands of my role. I am safety cautious and care about the lives of my passengers. Thus, I adhere to all the traffic procedures and regulations. I also have a vast knowledge of the right route to take and the inspections to conduct on a car before using it to ensure its appropriateness for use.

15. What Do You Do When You Face a Major Breakdown?

The interviewer intends to hear the steps you take after a breakdown

Tip #1: Give the measures you take

Tip #2: Ensure the measures are significant

Sample Answer

The safety of my passengers is usually my first concern in case of a breakdown. Thus, I first ensure everyone is safe in the car. After that, inform the company for them to send another driver with a bus to pick the passengers so as not to get late. Meanwhile, I also contact the breakdown rescuers to come and help remove the bus from the main road.

16. What’s Your Ability in Driving a Bus at Night?

The interviewer intends to know if you can handle night shifts

Tip #1: Be honest

Tips #2: If you can’t handle night shifts, give an appropriate reason

Sample Answer

I am very flexible in my driving career. Thus, I can drive both at night and during the day. However, if I am tasked to handle the night shift, I will get enough rest during the day. The rest is for me to be sober at night and ensure I don’t cause accidents.

17. Have You Ever Used Technology While Driving?

The interviewer intends to know if you are familiar with the technological advancements in the driving industry

Tip #1: Mention any technology you apply while driving

Tip#2: Show that you know the technologies applied in driving

Sample Answer

I use GPS to ensure the routes I use are safe and convenient for my destinations. They also help me whenever I am taking passengers to new places. The GPS help during break down since the company manager can effectively see that a car has broken down and send roadside assistance. It also helps me to optimize my driving route.

18. What Is the Biggest Challenge You Foresee in This Job?

The interviewer intends to hear the challenges you anticipate in the driving job

Tip #1: Highlight the major challenge you expect

Tip #2: Be confident and eloquent

Sample Answer

The major challenge that I anticipate is bad weather. During bad weather, e.g., snow, rainy, windy, fogs, and floods, driving tends to be tough. The weather acts through visibly precipitations and high winds, which tend to affect a driver’s capability to see clearly, and this can cause accidents. To avoid accidents, a driver needs to be extra keen while driving and follow all the traffic guidelines.

19. Describe a Time You Failed in This Role and The Lessons You Learned

The interviewer wants to know if you ever failed in your role.

Tip #1: Mention your failure

Tip #2: Highlight how you corrected on it

Sample Answer

On one occasion, while driving kids back home from school, I encountered a very rude kid who kept insulting me. I tried to talk to him but the kid couldn’t stop the insult. I got angry and slapped the kid instead of reporting him to the headteacher. The following day I was summoned because of slapping the kid. I learned that the right thing to do is to remain calm and follow school guidelines every time.

20. How Do You Stay Motivated at Work?

The interviewer wants to know your primary source of motivation

Tip #1: Mention the things that motivate you

Tip #2: Ensure it is relevant and interesting

Sample Answer

My greatest source of motivation is my passengers and good roads. I love the company of my passengers, especially children. I get to learn more about their habits and behaviors while driving them.

I additionally get the opportunity to mentor them in the right way in the process. I also love driving on good roads, making it easy to drive the passengers to their required destinations. While driving, I can see new places and learn new things, which is a great inspiration to me.


The role of a bus driver is somewhat unique compared to most other drivers because of the size of a bus and the special skills needed to navigate it safely on the road. To ace your next bus driver interview, be sure to study and practice these questions and answers. They will not only help you to pass the interview but also offer valuable knowledge that will be helpful in your driving career.