The Benefits and Uses of Containers on Construction Sites

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Uses of Containers on Construction Sites

Have you ever wondered what the big containers found in construction sites are used for? Construction sites are often temporary, making erecting permanent structures neither ideal nor economical. This is where these containers come in because they are mobile and can be easily cleared once construction ends. Let’s find more about their uses and benefits.

Uses of Containers on Construction Sites

If you are starting a construction company or working on a construction site, here are some of the uses of containers that may appeal to you:

1.      They Act as Storage Facilities

This is one of the main uses of the containers found on construction sites. These giant metallic boxes often serve as on-site storage for materials, machines, and equipment. They are usually pretty secure thanks to their hefty steel doors, which can be further reinforced with heavy locks and several other security measures. A securely locked container will act as a safe for keeping heavy, hardly movable, sensitive, and expensive equipment that can’t be left in the open. Additionally, there are custom container shelters that can be obtained if extra storage space is needed.

2.      They Can Be Used as Employee Breakrooms

This second use mostly applies to long-term construction projects in remote areas where employees usually struggle to enjoy their time off due to difficulty assessing recreational facilities. Large shipping containers can be modified and turned into recreation rooms or local canteens for site employees, allowing them to enjoy their breaks. A functional breakroom is usually a good way to boost employee morale.

3.      They Can Serve as Offices

Most construction sites use these giant metallic containers as offices and work areas. This relieves the company of the need to construct permanent offices or other temporary structures that may not be reusable. To get an office, you only need to add a door, some windows, proper ventilation, and partitioning if necessary, and you will be good to go. A good alternative is purchasing a pre-modified container to act as an office.

4.      They Can Be Used as Housing Units.

You read that right. These containers can be used as barracks for housing workers in remote and long-term projects. With the right modification, they can serve as temporary housing facilities and be made more secure through locks and other security measures. This also means that the workers get to stay within the site and do not therefore waste lots of time commuting.

5.      They Can Be Used to Offer First Aid/ Medical Services

Even though there are regulations to be followed to prevent or minimize workplace accidents, they still happen. It’s therefore important to have a first aid or medical station where injured workers can be attended to before being rushed to the hospital or a well-equipped medical facility. These containers often come in handy since they can be easily customized into mobile medical stations.

Alternatively, the construction company can get a pre-modified container to be used as a mobile first aid station. This is a great way to save on space.

6.      They Can Be Used as Restrooms or Showers

Site workers must clean up and respond to the calls of nature, meaning it is necessary to plan for restrooms and showers at the beginning of construction. Even though porta-potties are commonly used for this purpose, they may not be as comfortable as desired unless the construction company settles for the luxurious ones, which are too expensive. Smaller containers can be customized into restrooms and showers to offer more comfort and variability.

Benefits of Using Containers on Construction Sites

Now that you know all the possible applications of these containers on construction sites, it’s time to focus on their benefits. This section answers why people go for them instead of erecting permanent structures or acquiring other temporary/ mobile facilities. Let’s find out.

1.      They are Easy to Customize

A construction site may need all the facilities mentioned above. What should the site owners or construction companies do? Erect six permanent structures to cater to different needs? No. All they have to do is get construction containers and convert them into whatever the site needs. It’s even possible to get single units that serve several uses. So, why erect permanent structures when you can easily customize a single large container into an office, cafeteria, and storage unit?

2.       Containers are Portable

One reason construction companies prefer containers is that they can be easily carried from one place to another. Most projects take a few weeks, so it’s important to clear the site immediately after the work is done. What happens if you erect permanent structures at the beginning of the job? Further inconvenience.

Portability also means that these containers can be used on different sites. Once work is complete, they can be stacked and shipped to a different location.

3.      They are Durable

Containers are built to last. Most manufacturers build these units using galvanized steel, one of the strongest and most durable metals. If not exposed to rust, these containers can be used for centuries. Also note that most containers used in construction sites are shipping containers, which are meant to be transported through severe conditions and therefore modified to last. A construction company that invests in these structures enjoys the needed peace of mind since there is no need to worry about getting new ones for a long time.

4.       They Can Be Easily Modified

Containers are easy to modify, which is one of the main reasons why construction companies prefer them. You can make them as comfortable as possible if you are creative enough. For example, if you decide to use containers, you don’t have to sweat adding heating and air conditioning units to your on-site office. You can also easily reduce noise levels by insulating the walls and ceilings. In short, these units can be converted for different purposes, which is incentive enough to acquire them.

Lastly, these shipping containers can also be stacked to save on space, which may be necessary when working on a small construction site.


We hope that you now understand the uses and benefits of containers on construction sites. These units serve different purposes and can be easily customized, modified, or transported. If you are considering starting a construction company, dedicate part of your budget to acquiring some.