ProofHub Review: Pros & Cons – Must Read Before Purchase

Editorial Team

ProofHub is an all in one project management software that helps project managers to efficiently plan their projects, collaborate with their teams, and organize work. A project manager can access and communicate with his team members and clients and share information fast and easily using the awesome features that this software. Its features are quick and easy to learn and understand.

It’s ideal for novice users and experts and there is little to no learning curve required when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of this software. Since Proofhub is accessed through the internet, no installation is required. You just need to sign up. Read on this review to gain more understand about the features, pros and cons, and pricing of this software.

Getting Started

Getting started with ProofHub is smooth and easy. You will need to access and get started immediately by providing your email address and clicking on the get started button. 

Next, a form will pop up requesting a few more details like your names, password, company name, phone number, and you get to choose a Proofhub URL. The next step is to click the continue button and you will be set up and ready to start using your new Proofhub account. 


Proofhub project management software has powerful features that give project managers full control and power over the activities of the project. It enables managers to collaborate efficiently with the project’s team and clients and to work with timelines to produce quality and timely reports.

It also helps team members to plan, communicate, and organize their work for higher productivity and sets them up for job success. Here are some of the amazing Proofhub features

Planning Features

These features will help you to plan ahead for tasks and project work and save on time and resources of your projects.

Kanban boards are great for organizing your work. At a glance, you are able to see which tasks have been done, which ones are in progress, and which ones are pending. This will empower you to decide which task to work on first by order of priority and to allocate the needed resources to the task.

  • Gantt Charts

Gantt charts are the perfect project management tools. At a glance, you can use your Gantt chart to view the progress of tasks. You can see the percentage of work already done and how much work is yet to be completed and make an informed decision. The Gantt chart also helps you see the task dependencies and helps you to prepare for the next task. You can also view the critical path and even make adjustments that will give you the desired outcome.

  • Tasks

Proofhub will help you to view tasks and users in your projects and assign them to team members as you prioritize the most urgent ones. You can use time estimates to know which tasks to work by using labels.

  • Project Manager

The project manager feature enables you to appoint a member of your team to manage a specific task. They are able to receive important updates and notifications and carry out their duties seamlessly.

  • Custom Roles

Custom role is an excellent feature to ensure the project information is accessed and used only with the right people. This feature gives you the power to allocate roles and decide who can view certain information and who can work on A specific project and information based on their roles in the project. 

Collaboration Features

Proofing offers perfect collaboration among team members by making communication clear and limiting the number of work revisions. The feedback is made clear using markup tools and communication is enhanced using threaded comments.

  • Chats

The chat feature helps you to have a central discussion forum where you can engage your team and your clients all in one place. The chat feature also helps to have one-on-one communication and get instant feedback. To make the chat more interesting and to emphasize on a point you can also use the chat emoji and express yourself better.

  • Mentions

You can use the mention feature to get the attention of a team member especially when you want them to address a specific issue.

  • Announcement

If you have important announcements Proofhab has a central point where all your team members can see your announcements. This is a great platform to recognize the outstanding team members for a job well done and boost your team’s morale. You can also recognize birthdays and anniversaries.

  • Email-in

The email-in feature allows you to discuss work, upload files, and even add tasks. You can reply to your emails using this feature.

Organizing Feature

The best way to be more successful and get more done even with limited time is to get organized. Proofhub offers great organizing features

  • Calendar 

Just like the normal calendar, this Calendar displays day of the month. You can choose to view a specific month. You can also view a specific day or week to know the planned tasks and activities. Thus, it will help you keep up with your duties and responsibilities. Besides, you will be able to set up reminders and schedule your tasks in order of priority.

  • File-version Control and Storage

This feature allows you to organize your files in a central place where you can easily access them when you need them. You can store files in different versions and even compare them later.

  • Project Templates

Project templates help you to customize your forms to suit your specific needs especially if you use them frequently. This is an excellent way to save time. After creating one template you can use it many times on other similar tasks.

  • Requests Forms

Request forms help you to make orders when receiving work requests or tickets. This way you can work more efficiently.

  • Notes

You can note down important points using the Proofhub notes feature. You can also write minutes or a quick reminder.

Project Delivery Features

A project is as good as what it delivers and how it delivers it. Proofhub has amazing features that will help you clearly deliver your project targets and goals.

  • Resource Reports

The resource reports feature updates you on your team’s progress and resources in the projects just by clicking a button.

  • Workload Reports

With the workload reports, you are able to view the number of teams and team members and the work each team member is assigned. This information can help you make critical decisions on the assignment of work or addition more people to the team.

  • Timesheets

Proofhub has an automatic timesheet feature and a manual timesheet. The feature helps you see how much time is spent working on a project as well as billable hours. This is a great feature to improve accountability and efficiency.

More ProofHub Features

Proofhub has more features that will make your user experience more fulfilling. These feature makes the software stand out among other related application.

  • White Labelling

This feature allows you to customize your domain. You can choose a theme color and label that matches your organization.

  • IP Restriction

Project data is sensitive and you want information and data to be accessed only by authorized users. The IP restriction feature helps you to select specific IP addresses that can access your data.

  • API Access

If you need to access specific information on a user’s profile then an API key will give you access to other user’s information.

  • Trash Can

You can access and restore work that you had earlier trashed in case you want to recover it. You can also permanently delete what is no longer useful for you.

  • Activity Logs

Proofhub enables you to view activities in various projects using the activity logs feature. You are able to see what happened at a specific time and date. These logs can be useful information in case you need to track activity within the project.

  • Bookmarks

The bookmarking feature in Proofhub is a great time saving technique. If you visit specific sites frequently then you can bookmark them. Bookmarking these sites gives you quick access to them the next time you need them. This way you do not have to keep searching for the same sites repeatedly.

  • Multilingual Feature

Proofhub offers multiple language options to users. You can check out which language works best for you and your team and even your clients. Use the language that you prefer.

  • Integration Feature

Proofhub can seamlessly integrate with other applications that you are using.

  • Advanced Search

The advanced search feature makes your searching experience smooth. You can quickly search and find what you are looking for using the relevant keywords and relevant phrases.

  • Account-Transfer Tool

Proofhub offers the account transfer feature. This feature is helpful when you need to transfer your account to another person. It helps you to smoothly hand over your account information and details when you need to.

  • Me-view

The Me-view feature in Proofhub helps you to easily view your personal information in one central location. You don’t have to look for your personal data in several locations.

Plan and Pricing

Proofhub has a convenient and easy pricing structure. The prices are fixed and offered at a flat rate. There are no per-user charges and you can cancel any time you wish. The packages are simple and easy to work with and you don’t need to fill any contract. What makes Proofhub even much better is you get to have unlimited users in your project.

  • Ultimate Control Package

This package is best for you if you are managing a remote team and you need to control their access to some of the features of the software. The package is charged at a flat rate of 89 dollars per month and paid annually. Alternatively, you can get the same package at 99 dollars per month but billed monthly. 

The package offers the key software features including unlimited projects and unlimited users, 100GB of storage space, white custom roles, white labeling, custom workflow, and project manager. Other features are network control, managed trashed items, API access for data transport, project resource reports, advanced activity roles, account transfer tool, priority support, and data exports

  • Essential Package

The essential package is charged at a flat rate of 45 dollars per month and billed annually. Alternatively, you can pay 50 dollars per month, and you are billed every month. This package has the core software features and allows up to 40 projects with unlimited users. It also offers 50 GB of storage space. However, it lacks some of the features in the ultimate control package.


  • All Tools in One Place

Proofhub offers great planning, collaboration, and management features that make it a one-stop-shop for the users. You can essentially find anything you need for your work and team.

  • Manager has Full Control

The manager control gives you full powers to allocate roles and determine who is able to access certain features in the software. You can also use it on the go. Through your mobile phone, you can allocate tasks, conduct meetings, and communicate with your team.

  • Unlimited Users

Proofhub allows you to have as many people using the software as you wish. It can also handle multiple projects which make management easy. Just by using a single application, you can manage multiple projects.

  • Easy and Fast Communication

Communication is centralized in one place. Through the chat and document sharing features, quick responses, and feedback is received resulting in faster implementation of project tasks.


  • No budgeting function

Proofhub does not have a section for budgeting. Projects run on a budget and most managers would like to know a budget estimate or a task or a phase in a project. A budgeting tool will be helpful in assisting managers in budgeting.

  • No option for recurring tasks

There is no option for tasks that are repetitive. This option can be of help in projects that have recurring tasks.


Proofhub is a perfect online project management solution that gives project managers full control of the managing projects. It is packed with features that make planning, communication, and delivering project goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. Proofhub is a simple to use software that is easy to learn and use and gives users an easier, faster, and more effective work experience. Proofhub software improves collaboration among team members.