Top 12 Best PMP Exam Simulators – Free & Paid in 2021

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Top 12 Best PMP Exam Simulators

Project management professional certification or PMP is the qualification that assesses a person’s project management skills and knowledge. It is a global level certification and will guarantee a boost for the person’s job prospects and prestige, aside from increasing the profits and income. PMP Certification is essential for your career since it is concrete evidence that you are a specialist in the area. It adds credibility to your resume and simultaneously increases the potential of being hired in your prospective workplace.

Hence, if you have not taken the PMP exam, you may want to consider taking one soon. Sitting for the test is one thing, but preparing for it comes first. Believe it or not, there are many PMP exam simulators offered worldwide, free or paid. Purchasing or accessing the free simulators may give you the gist of what to expect from the tests and increase the chances of passing the exam with excellent performance. You may not want to repeat this test several times, right? Hence, check this list of the top twelve best PMP exam simulators that you could try before going for the real PMP exam.

1.   Master of Project Academy

Master of Project Academy offers nine PMP Simulation exams with more than 1600 PMP questions. This website also offers nine PMP mock exams comprising the latest PMBOK content. Answers and rationales for the questions will also be elaborated on in this simulator. Besides, the simulator will also provide a comprehensive report on users’ performance in the PMP exams with suggestions on how to ace the PMP certification exam on the first try. A free demo is offered here aside from the two plans, monthly and lifetime access. The free demo may be a sufficient practice for users. However, they do not provide a detailed explanation of the questions. The results in the free trial are either scores above 70% or lower than 70%. The monthly plan’s fee will cost you $57 monthly, and users are free to cancel the plan anytime as they wish. As for the lifetime access, the fee is $177, allowing them access to the PMP exams their whole life.

2.   ExamLabs

There are three separate files offered here which are Premium File, Training Course, and Study Guide. Premium File, which could be purchased at $49.99, includes more than 3000 questions and answers. As for the Training Course, it includes more than 280 lecturers who could be purchased at around $21. The third file, Study Guide, costs around $21 and consists of more than 1400 pages of a guide to ace PMP exams. You could also save more by purchasing the PMP Premium Bundle at $57, which includes all three files mentioned earlier. However, if you are still not convinced with the offers here, you may want to try out the free 20 questions that could be accessed here.

3.   Udemy

Udemy offers a very recent PMP exam simulator named PMP Exam New Format 2021 Situational Questions Practice Set. It emphasizes situational and scenario questions with the latest and revised syllabus. Starting from January 2021, a new format of the PMP exam has been implemented where 50% Agile and the remaining 50% Predictive or Hybrid. The price is $29.99 with 275 questions, further categorized into PMP Exam (2012) Full-Length Practice Test 1, New PMP Exam (2021) Full-Length Practice Test 2, and Bonus Practice Test. This course is very recent, but there have been several positive feedback from the users. Take note that this website occasionally offers discounts hence you may not want to miss the chance to access this recent and high-quality simulator at a very affordable price.

4.   Prepcast

You may also consider checking the Prepcast PMP exam simulator since they offer good-quality questions. A total of 5 exams with 2100 questions and the rationales are provided. The questions are developed by PMP Team and have been updated to align with the new 2021 syllabus. You may have access to this simulator for three months with a total price of $139. There are also bonus features such as a sample exam score worksheet, weekly tips newsletter, online discussion forums, and advanced PMI exam strategies via email.

5.   PM Training

Another simulator that you could check is PM Training. By registering at $99, you will gain unlimited access to over 1000 realistic PMP exam practice questions. Each PMP question in this simulator is accompanied by detailed explanations and page references from the PMBOK guide. This simulator contains twenty PMP mock exams and ten knowledge area tests. Aside from the exam-related interface, this simulator will display your performance reports and exam dashboard, tips for the exams, and many other bonus features. Users could even customize the preferred PMP practice exams by exploring more than 1000 questions available in the database. The scoring report and analysis in real-time will display users’ strengths and weaknesses that they should improve on. You will be granted three months of access at $99.

6.   PM Exam Simulator

PM Exam Simulator offers free 7-day access to the PMP exam simulator. A total of three exams comprising 69 questions are included in this free simulator. This may be a great quick trial before deciding on purchasing the premium version or not. All of the features offered in the premium versions are available in this free trial, hence it is a great place to try out the simulator. You will get to access the helpful features, but you will also get to prepare for your PMP exam for free. As for the premium version, the price is $149, allowing users access for 90 days. In this premium version, more than 2100 questions are included with five exams.

7.   Rita Fast Track

Another recommended PMP simulator is PM Fast Track. This simulator includes 1600 questions. This simulator, just like most other simulators offered, provides an interactive interface of results for users to see their strengths and weaknesses. Performance on past exams is also recorded. The rationales for the questions are also provided in the quiz review mode. You may choose to take quizzes based on their focuses, namely Domain, Process Group, Knowledge Area, and other keywords. Users may choose either to choose a six-month subscription or a twelve-month subscription. The prices are $250 and $299 respectively. A free demo is also available if users are interested in trying out the features before deciding to subscribe to this simulator.

8.   EduHubSpot

EduHubSpot offers training in both physical and online settings. There are a few packages of PMP exam simulators provided by EduHubSpot. A customizable simulator is also offered. The packages offered are PMP Tests Package, PMP Mentor Package, and PMI Approved PMP Bootcamp. Tests Package costs $50.00 with access for 90 days. It contains more than 1100 question explanation videos. Four full-length tests are also included, which emphasize scenario-based questions. The other type of question is a situational practice question. PMP Mentor Package, on the other hand, aside from including everything from the previous package, has an addition of more than 70 chapters of videos, 900 chapter slides, and 70 podcasts. This package will last for 180 days at around $400. The last package is a yearly plan which includes everything from the Mentor Package. This package also provides five days of PMI-approved live virtual training and more than 200 actual cloned questions with explanation videos. The price of this package is around $800.

9.   Oliver Lehmann

Oliver Lehmann is a company based in Germany that offers PMP training classes, project services, contractor alignment services, and many more. Oliver Lehmann also offers a free PMP self-assessment test of 100 questions to be answered within 2 hours. The website will display a timer of the exams. One of the downsides of this website is that it only refers to the 2018 version of the PMP exam since the 2021 version is still under construction. Sample questions are also provided with language aids such as German, Italian, and Spanish. Aside from the PMP exam questions, this website also provides links for more than thousands of other PMP preparation questions offered by other providers. Links to references are also provided along with the questions.

10.   CertChamp

CertChamp has offered multiple mock exams for both online and windows kits. There has been a 99% success rate with attendees of more than 80,000. Most of the experts contributing to this website possess more than 15 years of experience in PMP, oracle technology, and any other fundamental skills in project management.

CertChamp or Certificate Champion offers free and paid PMP sample questions based on the sixth edition of PMBOK. A total of 1600 questions accompanied with explanations are provided here. Besides, downloadable PDF sets are also provided. The price for this simulator is $129. There may be a discount ongoing, and you could purchase at only $49. The free access offers an easy one-page formula important for the PMP exam. 

11.   EdWel

Founded in 1992, EdWel is one of the famous leading companies for PMP certification training. This company is located in more than 20 cities and has organized many boot camps and corporate classroom-style training classes for management and PMP certification. EdWel has been enrolled by more than 25,000 graduates. You may find free PMP certification mock exams on its website. The mock exam comprised 75 questions to be answered in one hour. A passing grade is achieved if you manage to answer at least 60 questions correctly. The correct answers are provided and displayed at the bottom of the question once you have answered every question. The EdWel website also offers free access to multiple resources useful for project management. It is one of the best websites you may want to surf if you want to find free references and simulators.

12.   GreyCampus

GreyCampus is an organization that oversees and teaches students belonging in the management field. It offers advanced training for students and collaborates with many prominent organizations such as PMI, AXELOS, PeopleCert, PRINCE2, etc. GreyCampus has reported very 87% positive feedback from its users. Over 100,000 careers advanced with more than 30 programs are offered here. Most of the programs are done online with interactive engagement.

As for the PMP exam, a minor sample of the actual exams is provided here. It is totally free but only limited to one attempt. To enable multiple attempts, you have to purchase the product. The price is $100 for practice exams and only provides three simulated exams with over 1000 practice questions. Live Bootcamp is also offered here at the price of $750. Simulated exams are offered here, and you will be granted certification upon completion. Group and custom training are also offered, and you have to contact them to find out more information on the enrolment.  

There are many other PMP exam simulators offered. Some may have similar features to the others hence you may need to pay extra attention to figure out which simulator will suit your needs best. You may consider trying out the free trial to see how the features work before proceeding with the paid versions. Do watch out for the pricing as well. You may not want to spend too much on simulators that offer similar features at a lower price. Be smart with your choice. To conclude, we wish you luck with your future endeavor, and may you pass the PMP exam with great excellence.