11 Tips to Pass CAPM Exam in 30 Days [Updated 2021]

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11 Tips to Pass CAPM Exam in 30 Days

Certified Associate in Project Management exam is for the candidate who is willing to make their career in project management. If you are starting your career in project management then CAPM certification will provide you better opportunities. The certification adds credibility and helps to demonstrate a commitment to manage a project better. After clearing the exam, you can hold the position of the project manager in an organization.

A project manager is responsible to play the main role in executing, planning, controlling and completing the projects in an organization. All organizations have various projects based on different technology and have a limited timeframe to complete the project. With the help of a team, a project manager must be involved in the completion and maintaining all the phases of the project.

The successful project manager needs more specialized ability. The job likewise requires various non-technical abilities. It is these milder aptitudes that regularly decide if a task will be a triumph or not. The project manager should, at any rate, have these seven non-technical abilities: administration, inspiration, communication, association, prioritization, critical thinking, flexibility, and team management.

Becoming a certified project manager opens the doors of new career opportunities and high paid jobs. Applying for the CAPM exam you must have 1500 hours of experience in project management or 23 hours of formal project management education. The duration of the exam is three hours. This exam consists of multiple-choice questions and the exam is also available online. 

Online CAPM exam can be scheduled according to the candidate and you can appear from any computer. The candidate may fill the application online for the exam by entering general information and document. You can also request the exam in another language. CAPM certification is valid only for five years at the end of validity you have to give the exam again and increase your validity. You can prepare yourself for the exam with the help of the PMBOK Guide. There are various 10 project management knowledge areas in the mentioned guide:

Each area consists of specialization including tools, strategies, and concepts which you need to know while managing the project successfully.

Follow the below tips if you are preparing for the CAPM exam:

1.    Read PMI-ACP Handbook Before You Start Preparation

When you are preparing for the CAPM exam then you must prepare from the PMBOK guide approved by PMI. PMBOK 6th edition is the latest guide preparing for the CAPM exam. Two knowledge areas are renamed in the edition that is project schedule management (previously, project time management) and the second one is project resource management (previously, project human resource management). A process named close procurements is removed from the 6th edition of the PMBOK guide. It includes three new processes in a new edition – manages project knowledge, implements risk resources and control resources.

 Every process has its significance in the completion of the project. The candidate must read the PMBOK guide to clear the exam. When the project manager is aware of all the knowledge areas, the execution of a project will be more efficient and productive. You can buy or read the book online from the links given below:

·  PMBOK Guide – Project Management Institute

2.    Prepare and Stick to A Good Routine Plan for Study

While preparing for any exam it is very necessary to study according to a plan and follow it regularly. The candidate prepping for the CAPM exam must make a study routine plan and study according to that. For example, if in the routine plan you mentioned you will cover five topics then till the end you have to finish it.

Scheduling and planning properly is a trick for your preparation so that you can achieve your goals. It is important to plan your preparation time wisely so that you can allow the required time for each topic. While planning your preparation time do not forget to consider rest time. If you are working in an organization and planning to prepare for the CAPM exam, then it will be more difficult to manage the time for your studies. Follow the below points while scheduling your preparation time for the CAPM exam.

  • Study in the most effective way
  • Give the most time to most important topics
  • Maintain your health and stress also 

When you are studying it is also important to include good nutrition in your food diet along with a good routine. Eating healthy food must be a part of your study plan. Healthy food acts as fuel while preparing for your exam. Getting sick will affect your study during preparing for the exam. Good health allows you to focus and relax. Do not miss your meals and try to avoid too much caffeine. 

3.    Attend 23 Hours CAPM Training

There is a various training program that is available online over the internet for the preparation of the CAPM exam. When you are attending the 23 hours CAPM training then you have few benefits like:

  • You will get a CAPM practice question
  • You will get various tips, tricks and mock test to evaluate yourself
  • The training program is approved by PMI and based on the PMBOK guide.

You can register with your details for 23 hours training program with the following links.

4.    List Out All The Technical Terms, Understand Each Of Them

There are a lot of study materials available for the CAPM exam. But you must collect the best materials. Try to collect a lot of reference materials while preparation. Referencing is additionally an approach to offer credit to the scholars from whom you have acquired words and thoughts.

When you refer to a specific researcher then you authenticate your words and acknowledge their work as well. As a student, you must draw more thoughts from different scholars. More thoughts from different scholars will make your matter more authenticate. Reference materials for the study must include handbooks, encyclopedia, and other documents searched from the internet that can be used in preparation for the CAPM exam. 

5.    Refrain From Procrastinating

Procrastinating is a process to make a delay in the study. For example, if you are making a delay in the study for 10 minutes then it will be dragged into an hour. It is very important to avoid procrastinating while preparing for the CAPM exam. It will be better to set a deadline to finish a topic and make sure that you will finish it by the time. Procrastinating is a sign of laziness and studying in the wrong way.

The best way to avoid procrastinating while preparing for CAPM certification is to make a to-do-list in the morning. The list must include topics that you will cover in a day. It will be better if you also mention the time required to learn the topic. Prepare yourself according to the list, mark the topics when you have completed and move forward. This technique will not only help to avoid procrastinating but also helps you to finish all the topics on time. 

6.    Take Exam Simulations And Compare Scores Frequently To Keep Track

Simulations help you to develop learning abilities while preparing for the CAPM exam. This includes the test and helps you to know how much you have prepared for the CAPM certification. By taking exam simulations and comparing your scores helps you to track your growth. Candidate must give the exam time to time; this will increase the confidence and knowledge.

 Simulation test helps you to know what you have done and what you have to study more for the CAPM exam. The biggest advantage of this test is that it does not involves any risk. It increases the chance of success and the candidate gets to know the topics which need improvement.

With the help of the CAPM simulator, you have online access to a sample of the question paper. All the questions are set by a team of certified project managers. You can take the subscription online for an exam simulator. Testing yourself is the best way to enhance your knowledge and ability for the exam. Exam simulator is a great opportunity for the candidate to figure out which part needs improvement and enhance the self-confidence for the exam.

7.    Familiarize Rather Than Memorize

Be familiar with the topics of project management. Try to understand the concept rather than memorise the theory written in PMBOK. Familiarisation with the concept will help you to complete the project successfully. When some topics are just memorized from textbooks, it can be easily forgotten. Make techniques to understand the concept of knowledge areas and relate them to real life. There may be a chance when you can get stuck in some projects then familiarisation will help you to find the solution and provide it to your team members. 

8.    List Out All The Formulas, Understand And Practice Each Of Them (Reward Accordingly)

CAPM exam paper also consists of the maths numerical problem. If you are not good at maths then you have to prepare hard to clear the exam in 30 days. Do not memorize the formulas try to understand the flow of formula and you can easily solve the question. 

PMBOK guide has a numerical problem that you can solve. It is important to understand the concept and logic behind the formula. For example, if you memorize the formula and you do not understand the key terms like ceiling price, target price then you will face difficulty to find the value from the question. Give time to solve the question and understand the complete logic. 

9.    Interact With Study Groups, Join Online Forums With Other Examinees

When we study in college for a higher degree our teacher mostly advised to do the group study and to join online forums to clear the concept. This is the best way to clear the doubts related to topics. By joining the online forums you can ask a question in which you have doubt. The other examinee will answer that question and you will be able to understand more clearly. 

Interacting in a group study is an excellent step to improve learning. This is because online forums helps you to ask the queries from the experts who already passed the CAPM exam. Study groups also helps to clear the confusing topics which you can discuss with other candidates. Study groups are especially created for finishing topics, clearing the doubts and planning for tests. You will be able to learn faster with the help of group study and by joining online forums while preparing for the CAPM exam.

A seminar is a group meeting organized by a team of CAPM experts that focuses on a topic. Seminars and training provide you extensive exposure to a topic with the help of presentations and discussions. This is a smarter way to study for the CAPM exam. This is most beneficial to the candidate who is doing the job and also preparing for the certification. By this, you will be able to cover various topics in a limited time duration. Register for the online training and seminars to help on the internet for the CAPM exam and join to clear your topics more clearly and deeply. Use the following links to join online forums, study groups, and seminars.

10.   As The Exam Fast Approaches, Use Flashcards And Be Focused On Studying A Certain Topic

A study with a flashcard is an effective and popular way. Using a flashcard helps you to take self-test and identify the weak area. Flashcard gives you a chance to improve yourself while preparing for the exam. Flashcards can be used from two sides, one side consist of a problem and the second side is of the answer. This will help you clear the topic more quickly and clearly for the CAPM exam.

Flashcards can be used anywhere whether you are commuting on a train or waiting for your bus. Flashcards are more accessible as it is not heaving like a textbook. Including flashcards during the preparation of the CAPM exam is a smart way to study. Use the following online links to use flashcards for the preparation of your CAPM exam.

11.   Listen To Informative Podcasts, Prep By Aiming For 80% When Taking Practice Exams. 

Reading is a very important part of our education, but hearing is not far behind. It is the sense that stimulates the brain most. Every student spends most of its time reading thus listening is something which also refreshes a student’s mind. You can zero down on some good podcasts, and you can relate to it. The best part of the podcast is you can listen to it even while you are resting or commuting, even when you are driving a car you can listen to it so that your subconscious mind is still working for the preparation of exam.

There are several practice exams available online and you can practice the same at your home. You need to target at least 80% in these papers so that when you appear for the actual one you can land somewhere near to 80% which will make you successful. Practice exams also help you to relive the same environment. There will be a greater possibility of you being calm and focused when you are appearing for the exam. It acclimatizes you for the actual exam.

It may not look like but most important part of just a day before your exam is sleep, yes you heard it right. Adequate sleep will help you to perform better, obtain mental agility and keep stress at bay.

When the human body is sleeping then the mind converts short term memory to long term memory. Long term memory is of the utmost importance when appearing in the exam because recall happens from long term memory only. It is advisable to sleep for 8 hours every night. During preparation, 8 hours of sleep may sound like a luxury, but it is a scientifically proven fact that it is vital.

Use the following links to listen to the podcasts online

CAPM exam success rate depends on how well organized and well prepared, are you? There are several key factors for your success which have been explained below and we sincerely believe that if you follow the same diligently then you can succeed in the CAPM exam with excellent marks. Make a plan for your study, understand the logic of the topic and do the preparation of the CAPM exam more smartly. CAPM certification will provide you better opportunities and career growth in the field of project management. Start preparing for your exam and all the very best from our side.