Is It Worth Being PMP® Certified?

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Is It Worth Being PMP® Certified

Whenever we go for a certification, a lot of things go on in our minds like is it really worth it, how much will be my average salary, what further opportunities will I get, and so on & so forth! These are some questions that pop up in our minds. PMP certification is one such course that raises these kinds of questions.

So, what is PMP® certification, and is it worth being a PMP-certified professional? Well, PMP or Project Management Professional is a globally recognized certification course that tests the candidate’s ability to manage people, manage business priorities, handle processes, etc., of a business project.

The PMP® certification is a bit expensive but one cannot oversee the benefits that it offers to the candidate after successful completion. The average salary of a PMP-certified professional is considerably higher than a person having just a management degree and no certification. It is good to be professionally certified as one can get better job opportunities that can lead to better career growth.

In today’s competitive world, project managers look for some skills that differentiate them from one another. Recruiters look for people who have specialized skills that can help the company grow. PMP® certification is one such course that represents a person having specialized management skills.

Project Managers can begin at a junior level and take on further projects in a company, thereby, gaining invaluable experience. The experience gained often helps one to achieve higher positions and better pay grades. There is a significant increase in the salary of a certified PMP. Let us have a look at how PMP® certification can prove to be beneficial for you.

Benefits of a PMP® Certification    

PMP, being a globally recognized certification, has a lot of benefits. Here are the five reasons that would help you know the benefits of PMP® certification.

  1. PMP® certification is globally recognized and is highly valued. The market is ever-changing and this is the time when recruiters look for certified and skilled professionals. PMP is trusted in more than 80 countries. Thus, if you get PMP certified, then you can get recruited by top companies in these countries with a high salary.
  2. Being a course that is recognized worldwide, the demand for PMP professionals is increasing. This is leading to an increase in people taking this certification course. With need, the demand increases, and more and more candidates apply for the PMP certification course.
  3. The person having a PMP certification has double the advantage of a person with just a bachelor’s degree. The primary qualifications won’t matter much if a candidate has specialized certification.
  4. It is a great add-on to the resume. A resume/ CV is very vital as it depicts your skills, educational qualifications, achievements, experience, etc. The CV communicates to the employers. Therefore, when a person has PMP certification, the recruiters prefer them over others. They can understand a person’s seriousness about the job, career, knowledge, skills, etc., through the certification he/ she has gained.
  5. A PMP certification is not a simple course. One needs to undergo intensive training and gather skills that will make him/ her PMP certified. The person taking up the certification course will be trained in management processes like planning, implementing, controlling, monitoring, initiation, etc.

We guess, now you have a fair idea of why PMP is worth it. PMP is a highly beneficial course that can boost career growth and load you up with numerous opportunities. No matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced person, a bright and successful future is guaranteed.

The Project Management Certification grew in demand and value in the year 2018. It is increasing rapidly even today. That is why more candidates are opting for the PMP certification. The worth of PMP® certification has increased by 25% and the benefits are enormous.

Ranging from financial security to job security, the certification will offer everything. There is no doubt about it that the PMP® certification is tough and a bit expensive as well. But the benefits and high pay grade often overshadows this one thing.

Talking about the salary, the average PMP salary depends upon several factors and varies in different countries, industries, and the size of the projects. Let us have a look at the average salary based in some countries.

PMP Salary Based on Countries

Below is a table depicting the PMP salaries of some countries. Have a look!


The PMP certification offers a lot of benefits when it comes to career building. The certification is vast and one can witness the importance of PMP® certification in every country. The demand is increasing and this is the reason why everybody is opting for the course.

Now, when it comes to the PMP® certification, you can always opt for the best courses in the market, like that of KnowledgeHut. If a candidate wants to make a career as a project manager, then this course is the one. With a variety of mock tests, interactive sessions with tutors, etc., the candidate will be able to clear the exam in one go. The training provided in this course is also comprehensive and will help the candidate get good jobs.

So, don’t wait and apply for the PMP® certification because it is essential to acquire skills that provide us with a high-salary job and financial security!


1. Is PMP still in demand?

Yes, PMP is highly in demand. People from across the world are taking up this certification course to get better career opportunities. In the course, the candidates learn new skills and techniques to complete several business projects. The course is very high in demand.

2. Is PMP better than MBA?

An MBA is more prestigious than a PMP certification. One cannot compare both the courses as the training, knowledge, and skills acquired are different. Both the courses are good and can boost a candidate’s career manifold, thereby providing him/ her with a better job and pay grade. 

3. Is PMP equivalent to Masters?

A PMP certification course is superior to a Master’s degree. A PMP-certified professional has more experience and has undergone more training as compared to a person doing a Master’s degree. PMP also helps in acquiring specialized skills that help a candidate get better jobs and a high salary.