11 Tips to Pass CBAP Exam in 30 days [Updated 2021]

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11 Tips to Pass the CBAP exam in 30 days

Certified business analysis professional (CBAP) is a certification for people with experience in business analysis. CBAP certification was first introduced in the year 2006 and now it is gaining recognition globally. It is provided by (IIBA) International institute of business analysis and the world’s most important certification in the world. IIBA was started in 2003 and organises various certifications for business analytics professionals.

The business analyst is responsible to communicate with the stakeholders and analyse the requirements for changes in the business processes and policies. The main aim of the business analyst is to provide growth to the business and there are numerous certifications for business analysts. In the present complex business condition, an organisation’s versatility, readiness, and capacity to solve the issues faced through development can be a significant component to achieve success.

The certification helps both individuals and organisations. As the competition is enhancing regularly among the organisations then it is very important to have an expert having an advanced level of knowledge for business analysis. This will help you to grow your business and analyse the profit from the projects on which your employees are working. The people who are willing to do CBAP certification can choose from the various levels of exams.

  • Level 1 is for people who are entering the field of business analysis. It is the beginner level.
  • Level 2 is for people who have 2-3 years of experience in the field of business analysis. It is an intermediate level.
  • Level 3 is for the people who have at least 5 years of experience in the field of business analysis.
  • Level 4 is for people who have 10 years of experience in the field of business analysis.

To apply for the CBAP exam one must have 7500 hours of experience in the previous 10 years. Candidate must know 4 out of 6 BABOK areas of knowledge. To appear in the CBAP exam your application must be pre-approved. 

The exam paper consists of multiple-choice questions. Some questions are simple and straightforward while some are typical. The candidate may check the exam date on the IIBA website and can select the date as per the choice. The duration of the exam is three hours. You must prepare properly to clear the exam. It is the most important certification in the career of business analysis. This certification provides you growth in your career and helps you to get better opportunities.

Be prepare for the exam and follow the tips given below to clear the exam.

1.    Read CBAP Handbook Before You Start Preparation

When you apply for the CBAP exam the first thing comes in mind that from where you will start the preparation of the exam. IIBA provides a handbook for the CBAP exam preparation you can prepare yourself with the help of that book.

The motive of the handbook is to provide the complete details about the activities, tasks, and skills needed to effective for business analytics. It provides the complete concept and logic of CBAP certification. 

This is one spot, which is the best study material of the most recent data on different features of the test. If IIBA makes any changes in the syllabus of the CBAP exam and the format of the exam, the handbook will provide you all the information about changes.

The CBAP Handbook consists of all the important knowledge areas which you should know for clearing the exam. You can either read the e-book or buy it from the internet.

You can find the CBAP handbook from the following links available on the internet:

2.    Attend Cbap Certification Training

There is various certification training online which you can join on the internet by signing up. It is very beneficial to join the CBAP certification training. Attend these to evaluate your skills in business analysis. Training consists of a various presentation on knowledge areas.

You can join the online training on the following links given below:

3.    Create A Study Plan

A study plan is a composed calendar sketching out study times and learning objectives. This we also do when we were in school and college. Study according to the study plan helps you out to cover the topics within time.

A study plan is a powerful method to assist you with the proper management to achieve success. Other than your regular study, you are likely to have other duties like extracurricular exercises, work, and social commitment. Other duties need to be minimised and maximum time should be allotted to study.

Making an examination plan permits you to perceive how you invest your energy. Make sure that you are putting aside enough time outside of class to finish topics that are in the BABOK guide. This will help you to concentrate on the preparation and you will study on time every day. You will be able to complete all the topics within the time you have.

4.     Read The BABOK Guide V3, And Dedicate Your Time To Familiarize Key Points

BABOK is a guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) which helps you to clear the exam. The book aims to provide the candidate with an overview of tools and knowledge which they can use to find the strategies to increase business growth. The book has a various version, the first Version 1.6 was published in October 2005 and later on updated according to the new strategies. The latest is Version3 with new concepts and practices. This also enhances the readability and usability of the kind. Structure of the guide includes:

  • Key concepts: Includes the key terms to define the role of a business analyst.
  • Underlying competencies: Give a brief description of the knowledge, behavior, and practices that support the business analyst role.
  • Techniques: Give the techniques that are used by the analyst to enhance the business strategies and achieve the goal for growth.
  • Perspectives: This part describes the perception of the expert handling various situations to perform best.

The most important part of the guide is knowledge areas. There are six knowledge areas of the expert, they are:

  • Planning and monitoring of business analysis
  • Collaboration and communication with the stakeholders
  • Life cycle management requirements
  • Strategy analysis
  • Structure and organise requirements
  • Evaluation of solution

The candidate who is preparing for the exam must read the book and collect all key points which are important for both the exam and the role of a business analyst. Business analysis is a wide profession in which business analyst performs for different types of challenges in an organisation. This guide is a common framework describing the role of a business analyst.

You can read the guide with the following link:

5.    Know All The Knowledge Areas, Tasks, Inputs, Outputs, And Techniques

The CBAP exam needs to gather appropriate material for every paper. This material must include all notes, diagrams, slides, etc. These notes should be as per topic of course. These resources also include recorded lectures. Recorded lectures can be of great help for self-study. You can borrow lecture notes from students who have been regular at classes. Read about all the knowledge areas of the BABOK guide and techniques used to do the business analysis. 

The IIBA BABOK Guide is an assortment of information from the Business Analysis profession and reflects current by and large acknowledged practices. It portrays the BA subject matters, their related exercises and the assignments and abilities important to be viable in their execution. The BABOK Guide has been made to quicken the Business Analysis profession. BABOK guide makes an open and deliberate vehicle for the BA people to share, screen and make new information.

6.    Get A CBAP Simulator. Practice, Practice, And Practice!

Business simulation allows the expert to communicate with a realistic version of the work. Strategy analysis is a step to researching and mapping the abilities of an organisation to achieve the goals. It would be better to do the complete analysis simulations for the role of business analysts. Get a CBAP simulator from the following links and practice for your exam.

CBAP simulator has four-level exams and has a question bank that you have to solve and test your skills. It has questions related to all the knowledge areas. 

7.    List Out And Understand All BABOK Terms And Concepts

As discussed above there are six knowledge areas of a business analyst. Read in-depth while preparing for the exam. The IIBA BABOK Guide is an assortment of information from the Business Analysis responsibilities and reflects current practices. BABOK guide depicts the BA areas of knowledge, their related activities.

 The BABOK Guide has been made to quicken the Business Analysis roles. It makes an open and systematic way for the BA group to share, screen and make new knowledge areas. With the help of these knowledge areas, you can solve and make the strategy for your business. It would be beneficial to review all the knowledge areas mentioned in the BABOK guide for the CBAP exam. 

8.    Interact With Study Groups, Join Online Forums With Other Examinees 

Study groups and online forums help to clarify the questions and doubts that you have regarding the subject. When you have read the guide then it is the perfect time to join the review classes. One biggest advantage of this is that you can find where you are standing in terms of knowledge.

Group study can help to have different perspectives as in the whole group every individual brings something different on the table. This approach helps you to widen your approach and understand topics deeply.

Group study helps you to assess the knowledge you have. What do you remember? Do you recognize all the techniques? These types of answers you will get in your review class. In the review class, you will come to know if any topic was missed. 

This will help you to increase your confidence in your CBAP exam. Use these links to join online forums and study groups.

There is various test paper available on the internet which can help you in your preparation. These tests are designed to analyze what you know and what you do not about business analyst roles and responsibilities. Taking a pretest will help you to know how much is left to study and the saying goes practice makes a man perfect.

This approach will help you to determine which part of the business analysis you are strong and on which you have to study more. Tracking your progress is the best way to analyze yourself for the exam. Pretest measure your growth over time. These study groups and online forums help you to understand the topic which you need to study more.

9.     Prepare For Case Studies By Figuring Out The Essence Of Questions When Taking Practice Exams.

While solving a case study in CBAP exams you need to approach it like a consultant who wants to help your client. The following are some steps that can help to do so.

  • Developing an exhaustive approach which can help you to guide through case very efficiently. This approach itself will help you to understand where you need to look for the solution.
  • You need to develop a hypothesis and prioritize all information and data which have been gathered. 
  • The Pareto principle can be applied to understand which question will have the highest impact on the given case. 

10.  Read Preparation Books And Join Certification Training, Communicate And Interact.

Books are the best way to know more and are the CBAP exam ready. If you are someone who can do self-study then start to find good CBAP books and stay ahead in preparation for the exam. Several books can help you prepare for the same and some of them are listed below.

  • CBAP Certification Study Guide v3.0
  • CBAP Certification and BABOK Study Guide 
  • CBAP/CCBA Certified Business Analysis Study Guide

Just like books, your self-study habits can take you to CBAP certification training. These trainings are very flexible as you can choose one of classroom training or training by a teacher as per your time and convenience. IIBA is one of the best training providers and you can go ahead with any training facility which is near to your place. These training provide Professional development hours which can make you eligible for the CBAP exam.

11.  Use Flashcards Daily

Flashcards carry numerous advantages to the learning procedure that every individual should use and include in their ordinary preparation for the CBAP exam. Flashcards can be made on small hard paper where on one side you can write questions and on other side answers.

 At first, they are valuable since they are very compact. They give the chance to survey the subject in practically any condition and on any topic. They can be pulled out at lunch, while looking out for the transport, between classes, whenever there are two minutes or more to save.

 They are likewise incredible for utilizing during ordinary examination times and inside study groups. You can write the terms, topics in which you have doubts and clear than in online training and seminar. You can use the flashcard for CBAP exam preparation online from the following links.

Making a flashcard is an extraordinary method to learn complex topics. You ought to keep in touch with one query on the front and condense your answer on the back. Make certain to cover the idea you are adapting completely, yet not all that altogether that you get hindered while studying.

The certification has its importance in the industry. Today, an enormous number of associations, especially the MNCs, are expecting the competitors applying for significant jobs in the association, for example, Project Manager and Business Analyst, to be CBAP qualified.

 The associations, for the most part, offer jobs to the CBAP certified professionals as compared to normal applicants. As a CBAP confirmation approves the BA aptitudes of the candidate and demonstrates the way that the person is focused on his/her picked career field. Along these lines, a CBAP certification gives you high acknowledgment in the business without a doubt.

A business expert overcomes any issues among partners and the development group. Business expert deciphers business necessities into reasonable development tasks to coordinate a software project with the normal business esteem. CBAP is a trendy certification that you can do to open new opportunities in the field of a business analyst.


These tips will help you to clear the CBAP exam and will open more opportunities for the growth of your career. Good preparation gives good results. Hence if you are planning for CBAP exam the first thing that comes in mind is that how would you prepare. So you can follow the above tips and focus on the study. These tips will help you to pass this exam and start your career as a business analyst.