11 Tips to Pass CISM Exam in 30 Days [updated 2021]

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11 Tips to Pass the CISM exam in 30 days

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is a certification organised by the Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA) to provide a specialization in information security governance. The certification is for security managers and IT consultants who support the security system in any organisation. To qualify in the exam the candidate must have five years of experience in the information security field.

The exam is computer-based with multiple-choice and multi-response questions with the time duration of 4hours. If you are a member of ISACA then the fee will be the US $575 and for non-member, it is the US $760. Certification is only valid for 5 years; you have to renew it by giving the exam again. 

The exam covered the following knowledge areas.

  • Information security governance 
  • Information risk management and compliance 
  • Information security program development and management
  • Information security incident management

A security administrator is capable to make a protected environment and to also have to manage the team in the way to avoid security risks. They have to deal with circumstances including risky or rescuing people. For example the situation the security manager may face like taking care of health-related crises and evacuating people because of a fire crisis. Security managers are responsible for maintaining the relationships between team members and staff to change the security process within an organisation.

Security is a top need in each organisation, whether it’s forestalling theft or being set up for crises. Security administrators ensure the wellbeing of representatives, offices, and the advantages of an association. They survey hazards and build-up approaches to forestall risks, for example, fires, bomb dangers, health-related crises, and interruptions.

The security experts create building designs to get ready for clearing, stowing away during an emergency. In a wide range of work environments, whether it’s a bank or a shopping center. If security is ruptured, security chiefs are responsible for keeping the area safe, resolving the issue with a perfect solution.

One of their key jobs is to structure security frameworks that track movement and set up shields at building passageways, exits, and other delicate regions. The certification provides you with new opportunities for career growth. You can schedule your exam according to your comfortable date. 

Prepare yourself to clear in the exam and get the CISM certification, this will add a new growth in your career. Follow the below tips to clear the CISM exam.

1.    Read The Updated Version Of ISACA Exam Candidate Guide

Every year ISACA publishes an updated version of the guide through which you can prepare for the CISM exam. The guide consists of a lot of study material for the exam. The latest version can be downloaded from the ISACA website. You must cover important topics from the guide.

ISACA guide covers all the information on the exam like duration, exam length, languages and so on. It is very important to follow this guide before appearing in the CISM exam. Download the application for CISM certification and fill it. Enhance your knowledge and skills for security system through this guide which consists of four phases: plan, review, practice and test.

2.    Plan Your 30-Day Exam Preparation Journey

Whenever you are planning to achieve your goals you must prepare a road map and follow it. You have to do the same for the 30-day exam preparation journey for CISM certification.

While making your study plan, be sensible about your work and life commitments. Try to study during your vacation. Plan your 30-day exam preparation journey in such a way that you cover all the topics and also have time to take rest.

Different elements to consider while making your examination plan includes:

  • How before the CISM exam do you to take the self-assessment?

Check the PSI site to discover the time that works for you.

  • What amount would you be able to spend on study material and training classes? Search online for study materials and make a study plan so that you have time to study every subject covered in the test.
  • What preparation plan best suits you?

A few people lean toward self-learning, while others think there is not a viable replacement for the classroom. Utilize your past learning encounters to assist you with picking the preparing plan to assist you with planning best.

  • How much you are familiar with the exam subject?

Your own experience in the security management field can help you lot in preparation, but you should also take some variables, for example, the test length and question rationale. Depending a lot on experience alone is a poor technique that will probably prompt bad outcomes.

3.    Read And Understand The CISM Review Manual (CRM) End-To-End

CISM review manual is designed to help you prepare for the CISM exam. It is easy to navigate manual consists of organised chapters that cover the knowledge areas. It is designed as a tool for the preparation of the CISM exam and can also be used as a reference for information security managers.

The book is updated in 2017, its 15th edition. It includes case-studies which helps you to understand the solution for the various security issues. The manual includes the two sections, the first section covers the basic concept that you will require to understand the key terms and logic of security. Whereas, the second section covers all knowledge areas which you must know before appearing in the exam.

You can also buy it online from amazon. CISM review manual helps you to test your knowledge from time to time about security management. It is available both in hard-copy and e-book you can choose whatever you need. You can read or buy the CISM review manual from the following websites.

4.    List Out All The Important Terminologies, Understand Each Of Them

Through this test, the candidate will be tested their ability to manage the security issues. There are various technologies used to secure the system in an organisation so it will be better to understand each technology in detail. You must know about some important security technology in details:

Security standards: Candidates will be required to show a general knowledge of essential security standards, for example, confidentiality, accessibility, confirmation, integrity, and consistency. These will permit the possibility to solve the issues that may happen if the proper safety efforts have not been executed effectively in an organisation.

Security vulnerabilities: Candidates must see how cyber-attacks are prevented in each equipment or programming innovation. Many cyber-attacks are done by outsiders to steal confidential information from your organisation. Common types of attacks are phishing, malicious code, malware, denial of service attack which are performed to steal the information.

Network security issues: Candidate must be aware of the security threats in an organisation and know-how to recover from them.

These all are important technologies that a security manager of an organisation must know in detail to save the information about the organisation.

5.    Subscribe To ISACA’s Online CISM Exam Prep Course

When you choose to do the self-study for an exam, basically it is a bold decision. But it is also advantageous to know the logic more clearly in detail. You can go through various online CISM exam prep courses running. Prepare yourself according to the online course will help you to score better in the exam.

You can register for online CISM courses to have better knowledge about the security system. The most important benefit of joining the CISM training course is to clear your doubts directly from the experts in security management. These courses are conducted by highly experienced security managers.

You can sign up on the online course on the popular website link given below just register yourself and start learning.

6.    Subscribe To ISACA’s Online CISM Review Question Database

When you register for the CISM certification then you can access the various training materials available online. You can sign up for the online CISM review question issued by the ISACA. It provides the manual with review questions and answers. These books are updated timely when new security techniques and strategies are introduced.

Review courses are varying in length, pricing and study material, the candidate can choose as per the choice. With the help of a review question paper, you can brush up your skills. It covers all the questions related to knowledge areas of security management.

ISACA also offers free self-assessment questions that you can give to know the weakness and strengths in your security management strategies. You can attempt various CISM review questions online from the below websites.

7.    Listen To Podcasts, Watch Informative Videos And Join Seminars And Training

Listening is something which is a very important input for the human mind and a learning tool since childhood. Most of the time students spend time reading textbooks which use visual part of the mind and when mind start listening then it helps to freshen up as it is something new. There are several podcasts available over the internet which can be utilized for the preparation of CISM exams. There are many advantages of using podcasts like you can listen to it while commuting or even while resting when you do not feel like going back to textbooks.

Videos also bring a different perspective to the understanding of matter. It can be a replacement for class, it can be stored in your mobile phone and can be seen anywhere.

There are several seminars which are being conducted by different authorities for CISM, when you attend these it helps you to broaden your knowledge also helps to network with people of the same industry which can be very helpful later.

Training also can help you a lot by giving you the experience of the real-world. You can listen to the podcasts online, join the training and seminars available on the internet. Follow the below links.

8.    Join Study Communities With Other Examinees, Expand Your Resources

It is hard to understand all the logic and topics while you are doing self-study. CISM exam study community is the best to join to clear your doubts from the expert. It provides the opportunity to ask your queries regarding CISM related topics. It is organised by the community leaders who are the passed top candidates of previously held CISM exam. Several candidates ask their queries and experts answered them. This is a very beneficial step to improve your skills.

It is true that when you are alone the percentage of procrastinating is higher rather than studying in the group. You will always postpone starting your studies. Joining various study communities on the internet will help you to be active during your exam preparation.

Community platform is open for all, you can join it online from anywhere. This is a smart way to make your study interesting instead of monotonous. You can not only ask the questions in which you have doubts but also answer the questions of others in which your logic is clear. You can argue till then you do not resolve your query.

Join the following community and expand your resources.

You can also join the Facebook groups for this.

9.    Do Not Rely On Memorising. Focus On Understanding

Memorising is a process of committing something to memory. This is the process of storing data that should be available for recall later in time. It is always better to understand something rather than just learning. When you understand something it stays in your mind for years or even lifetime but if mind memorises it can be forgotten in days itself.

Memorising is useful when you need to review data at a particular given time. Memorising helps you recollect ideas. While if you understand an idea you won’t just have the option to recall it for a long time in the mind

Thus it can be seen conceptual understanding is much better for every student in all types of exams rather than only memorising it.

10.  Use Flashcards Daily

Flashcard is a small handheld card and it is used to memorise. Our long term memory increases when we try to retrieve stored information as many times as possible. Flashcards are a very cost-effective way of retrieving stored data in mind. It is very portable as you cannot carry textbooks everywhere but flashcards can be kept in a pocket and whenever you have time you can take it out and start revising.

When learning material is simplified then it helps for a better understanding of matter as textbooks can be complicated but flashcards are simple and make study simpler. The following are a few links that can help while preparing flash cards.

11. Take Lots And Lots Of Practice Tests (Free Or Paid)

Allowing the candidate to give a practice test of the CISM exam just before the exam has huge benefits for all the candidates appearing in the exam. Practice tests help to build confidence.

With the practice test, you can see the format of questions that you have to face in the exam paper, and it also helps to know on which areas you need improvement. Knowing which subject areas are difficult to grasp in practice tests, will help you to prepare for them. For example, during practice tests you come to know that you are weak in maths question then you can prepare more for the maths section.

Candidate should feel positive about giving the practice exam as it is a beneficial step to evaluate your skills before the CISM exam. You all heard the popular saying that “Practice Makes a man perfect” same follows in the practice test. It will surely increase your grades and build stamina.

The other advantage of giving a practice test is that you will be familiarised with the layout and types of questions in the exam. You can check how much time you can complete the test. These tests are set by experienced security managers. The practice test is proven to one of the most effective ways to prepare for the certification.

Taking a test can be more advantageous to learning than investing a similar amount of energy and time in studying. The accuracy and decency of tests can be affected by some applicant’s fear or nervousness around the test procedure. Practice tests can decrease test tension. You can search for the online practice test on the internet and may appear in those to evaluate yourself. This will provide a chance to improve your skills in which you are weak. The practice test is available in both format free and paid.

Follow the below links to take the practice test