How to Pass the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam

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AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam

Since March 2020, the AZ-103 has been replaced with the 3-hour AZ-104 exam. It is a role-based Microsoft certification that will give you the particular abilities you require for the position, as well as serve as impartial proof of your knowledge to peers and employers so you may receive the recognition and opportunities you deserve!

The AZ-104 exam is the sole requirement for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification.

After passing the Associate-level AZ-104 certification and the Microsoft Certified Azure Developer exam (AZ-204), you can take the Expert-level AZ-400 exam for Azure DevOps Solutions. You may view a comprehensive roadmap of Microsoft Certifications with connections to training programs here to learn more about the role-based learning paths.

You must pass the AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification exam to start working as a certified Azure administrator. Your ability to manage, implement, and monitor workloads in Azure settings will be evaluated by the exam. To succeed on the exam, you must first be aware of the abilities it tests, the prerequisites you must possess, and the most effective methods of practice.

What is covered by the AZ-104 exam?

An AZ-104 certification exam measures the following abilities, with each skill receiving a different weight in determining the final score.

Deploying and controlling computing resources in Azure

Weight: 25%–30%

This module assesses your proficiency in managing and deploying Azure compute resources, setting up containers, and configuring virtual machines (VMs) for scalability.

Governing and managing Azure IDs

Weight: 15% to 20%

Microsoft’s identity and access management (IAM) solution is called Azure AD (Active Directory). The module investigates the use of multi-factor authentication to restrict access to essential resources using AD (MFA).

Putting in place and overseeing storage

Weight: 10-15%

Your ability to configure file shares and manage them using Azure File Sync is being tested here. The Recovery Services vault should also be usable for implementing data backups.

Azure resource monitoring and backup

Weight: 10% to 15%

You must be skilled at resource consumption optimization as an administrator. You should also be knowledgeable about role-based access control (RBAC), which allows you to guarantee that users only have access to resources they need.

Virtual network configuration and management Weight: 30–35%

The Azure cloud’s management and configuration of virtual networks is essential. Designing DNS, utilizing network gateways, and safeguarding Azure Virtual Networks are all part of the program (VNets). Scaling and managing VM infrastructure as well as troubleshooting when necessary are additional abilities.

Practice exams

First we recommend learning the basic free information that microsoft offer in their exam page

The secret to passing any cloud certification is to do this. Even though you may be very knowledgeable with Azure, you still need to be confident that you can anticipate the questions they will ask, the specifics they will use to attempt to trip you up, and the specific nuances of Azure that you might not have given much thought to.

Considering the solutions they offer for each question if you take the time to review them, I believe the practice exams teach you just as much as the courses themselves.

I found that examsdocs offered a pretty decent selection of the questions that I saw on my exam. You should start by taking the az 104 practice test. Work your way through three or four of these to at least receive a passing grade.

AZ-104 Azure Administrator certification prerequisites

The following are the prerequisites for earning the AZ-104 certification:

  • a good understanding of the fundamental Azure services and workloads and at least six months of relevant experience working in an Azure environment
  • A fundamental knowledge of Microsoft as well as practical expertise using tools like PowerShell, Office 365, Command-Line Interface, and ARM templates
  • a practical understanding of virtual machines, virtual networking, and other IT infrastructure ideas
  • a fundamental understanding of Active Directory concepts.
  • knowledge of programming languages like SQL and JavaScript.
  • working knowledge of ASP.NET.

Once you are ready for the exam go ahead to the certification page and schedule your exam

What justifies obtaining an Azure certification?

The potential for a higher wage is among the most significant motivators for people to pursue an Azure certificate. In the US, the average yearly wage for an Azure Administrator is roughly $121,000.

An Azure certification also validates your abilities and demonstrates your dedication to keeping up with the newest developments in the cloud computing industry. You can negotiate the challenging employment market and distinguish yourself from other candidates if you have an industry-recognized Azure Administrator certification.