9 Tips To Pass CompTIA Security+ in 30 Days

Editorial Team

The CompTIA Security+ certification is a globally recognized certificate exam that validates the most basic skills that you need to carry out the core security functions and pursue an IT security career. This is the exam that focuses on the hands-on practical skills, that makes sure that the security professional is better prepared to solve the problems a wider range of issues. It is the basic certification IT professionals should have and establishes the core knowledge required of any role of Cybersecurity to provide a springboard to intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs. The professionals with a CompTIA Security+ have the knowledge to address security incidents and not only identify.

Professionals that can perform this exam include the following roles:

  • Systems administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Security administrator
  • Junior IT auditor/penetration tester
  • Security specialist
  • Security consultant
  • Security engineer

Having this certification, these roles can make a salary between $62,619 to $96,359 on an average. The cybersecurity jobs need professionals who bear the skills covered in CompTIA Security+. The newer version of this certification course has also made clear how the cybersecurity jobs are becoming more specified, and specials take, for example, the security analysts. Because of this reason, there is a high demand for CompTIA Security+, and many organizations are hiring people for this role.

Professionals who will acquire the CompTIA Security+ will have the skills that involve being able to identify strategies that are developed by the cyber adversaries to attack the hosts and networks and also the countermeasures deployed to secure them. The CompTIA Security+ professionals will e able to understand the principles of Security of organizational and the elements that are involved in the effective security policies. Other skills, like knowing the technologies and uses of cryptographic standards and products, are also achieved by getting this certification.

The domains covered in the CompTIA Security+ certification are as follows:

Threats, Vulnerabilities, And Attacks

The first domain is to analyze the indicators of compromise and determine different types of malware and compare the types of attacks. 

Identify And Access Management

The implementation of identity and access management controls

Technologies And Tools

Troubleshoot some of the common issues of Security

Risk Management

Explain why policies are important and why plans, procedures that are related to organizational Security are vital.

Cryptography And PKI

The comparison and contrast of basic concepts of cryptography or bring in use of the public key infrastructure.

CompTIA Security+ is the provider of vendor-neutral IT certificates that are leading around the world. There are more than 2 million certifications issued around the globe, and the CompTIA is highly dedicated to helping IT professionals to have the charge of our digitally connected world. CompTIA has developed certain training and certification exams for networking, computing support, cloud, and mobility. They are constantly addressing the needs of modern world technology needs.

 There are a total of 90 questions in the CompTIA Security+ exam that must be solved within 90 minutes. There is a bulk of information to absorb, but the exam is not that complex, but it is quite straight forward. You must acquire 94% marks in this exam to be eligible to get this certification. You can have a preparation strategy to help you pass the v exam in the first try. That strategy is divided into the following 9 tips:

1. Understand The Domains Of The Exam

There are six domains in the CompTIA Security+ exam that are:

· Domain 1 – Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities (21%)

· Domain 2 – Technologies and Tools (22%)

· Domain 3 – Architecture and Design (15%)

· Domain 4 – Identity and Access Management (16%)

· Domain 5 – Risk Management (14%)

· Domain 6 – Cryptography and PKI (12%)

Creating a list of all of these domains and all the items in them will help you review them easily within each domain. Take an example of the network security, list some of the points in bullets for IDSs, bullets, and routers, etc. that collect all the study materials that best match your study needs. If you feel that you are weak in some of the items, then start studying them first. You should always start preparing for the most challenging items. Once you have a grip over them, it will set the tone for the rest of the subjects and topics, and you will memorize each one of them at the same pace. Make sure you do not move to the next domain until and unless you have mastered the first one. Moving through the domains will repeat many of the concepts that will speed up your study process. 

2. Have A Study Plan

After knowing and listing down what you are required to study know you can devise a study plan. You must never be unrealistic about your plan of studying as that will only put you in a situation of haste, and nothing will be the result or benefit. You should try scheduling your study during the downtime or in the conjunction of times when you are using some of the materials for studying. Take an example that if you are using a technical seminar or a brief to prepare for the exam, then you can study the topic that is going to be discussed in the seminar before, after, and during teat seminar. 

Some other factors that you must keep in a note while making the study plan are as follows:

How Soon Are You Taking The Exam?

You can check the Pearson VUE website to adjust a time that suits your timeline the best.

How Much Time Can You Spend On The Preparation Courses And Materials?

You should look for the official materials and training to ensure that you acquire a thorough understanding of every topic that is covered in the exam.

Which Preparation Methods Suit You Best?

Some people like having self-study periods where they can study all alone in peace. While some people like being a part of a classroom or being under the supervision of a tutor. It is up to you to decide which methods are better for you. 

How Much Grip Do You Have Over The Exam Subjects?

You can save your studying time if you have some experience with the course subjects. But you still should prepare for the question logic and exam length. 

3. The Study From Official Coursebook

You must always rely on the official coursebook and official materials provided by the authorities to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam. This course books will contain all the information that you need to pass the exam. You will have a clear understanding of any topic and questions that can appear in the exam, and you will be able to tackle it better. People who prepare form official course books always pass the exam with good grades.

4. Take Practice Tests

As this exam is an entry-level one and many of the candidates taking the exam might not be familiar with the test strategies for the timed test. You must take multiple practice tests so that you can have an idea of how much time you require to solve each question and also to assess your knowledge about each topic. As a first step, you can take a test based on a single domain each. Once you have a strong grip on each of the domains, you can keep moving forward on to the next domain. And once you are done with all of the domains, you can take a full-length practice exam that includes all of the domains.

You can get started with the CompTIA’s practice tests and then can access the practice exams. Practice tests are only for you to prepare better, and getting low scores on them is not a source of discouragement; they can tell you better about what subjects need more attention. You can take as many practice tests as you feel enough to prepare fully for the exam. After every test, you should assess yourself about which domains felt difficult for you to tackle the questions and hence can focus on those domains to appear again in the tests. 

5. Understand Your Exam

The website of CompTIA gives all the necessary information on the Security+ exam. Through this source, you can also get many links to more useful information that includes official training providers, exam topics, practice tests, and additional study materials. You will also be able to get an overview of the certification from this guide about the exam and will find all the prerequisites and what type of questions you will find in the exam. The time allotted for the exam and the passing criteria is also mentioned.

6. Join Preparation Groups Online

 Joining online groups for the preparation of CompTIA Security+ exam will help you get a sound understanding of all the topics that you felt rather difficult. This is because, through these groups, you will be surrounded by people who are also performing for this exam or those that have already cleared the CompTIA Security+ exam. These people can provide you with the best advice on the topic and can solve your problems with their solutions. You can find such groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. People on these groups also post their success stories about how they cleared their CompTIA Security+ exam that are enough to boost the morale of candidates who are appearing at the moment. 

7. Get Into An Exam Prep Course

Doing a self-study to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam might seem okay to you, but this is not the best strategy. Taking the exam prep courses will involve you with an instructor who has been in the field for many years and has the due experience to teach you what you lack. The tutor has actual knowledge that will be useful for you to know how to clear the exam. This in-person training will allow you to share your questions with the tutor and share experiences and strategies. This conjuncture can result in greater success rates then studying individually. 

8. Take An Online Security+ Training Boot Camp

Infosec’s Security+ Training Boot Camp SYO- 501 is an amazing place to get started. The Security+ Boot Camp will teach you about the information security theories and will reinforce the theory with hands-on experience and exercises that will help you in learning by doing. 

9. Leverage Free Exam Prep Materials

CompTIA Security+ exam objectives and many of the practice exams are all available for free online. You can use them as a starting point for you to check your level of understanding about the topics in CompTIA Security+ exam. These materials can help you in reviewing the concepts in the exam and also building your idea about your preparation. 


CompTIA Security+ exam is the first certification of Security that the professionals must take. It gives the basic knowledge of the required domains in the cybersecurity role and also provides a springboard to the intermediate levels of cybersecurity jobs. It helps the candidates to be able to implement secure network architecture concepts and also the design of the system. People who are thinking of carrying out a career in the Cybersecurity or a related career can get this certification to add up to their skills in the field and also get a high rank in their job positions. This certificate can also be achieved in hopes of learning the network security that is a part of cybersecurity officers’ jobs. You can prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam, and it can be acquired in 45 days. This exam will be the first step to break into the industry of Cybersecurity. This certification will be the first step into the career for the candidate, but the CV will require some more certifications to be of more value. This certificate has an exam that has too much knowledge to cover but is a straight forward question- based exam.