Top 10 Best PMP Exam Prep Books in 2021

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Best PMP Exam Prep Books

What is the PMP Exam?

PMP Exam refers to the Project Management Professional Examination designed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for professionals that fit particular requirements for educational and experience purposes. In obtaining the PMP certification, project management professionals must pass a comprehensive and extended examination which is known as PMP Exam that will make them eligible to be certified project managers. It provides the professionals with the PMP credentials to be acknowledged internationally.

Professionals may take the exam after demonstrating their eligibility. Certified professionals must retain their certificate through a Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) programme after obtaining it. PMP Certification that can be obtained by passing the PMP Exam is deemed as the most prestigious project management certification globally. Although most occupations and company roles do not mandatorily require this form of credential, it has a broad reputation that enhances reliability and encourages the project management professionals to be more appealing to the employers where they often are among the best-paid in the technology sector.

The Top 10 Best PMP Exam Prep Books

In passing the PMP Exam, experiences in project management work only may not be adequate for the examination candidates. PMP certification examination evaluates one’s theoretical expertise as well as practical experiences in implementing the project management techniques. It requires committed and thorough training even for ones that come from a project management background. Listed below are some of the best PMP Exam preparation books in 2021.

1.    The PMP Exam: How to Pass on Your First Try, Sixth Edition (Written by: Andy Crowe)

The PMP exam prep book’s sixth edition is the most recent edition, and it aligns with the most recent PMBOK Guide. The paperback, which was published in April 2018, has 752 pages and a selling price of $94.95. This PMP Exam book written by Andy Crowe covers all process classes and information fields, as well as methods and tips for passing the exam. It also includes a new chapter on the project manager’s position. There are also over 400 practice test questions, 60 video links, end-of-chapter quizzes, and a mock final exam included.

Andy Crowe’s PMP book is detailed and a perfect resource for studying for the PMP examination. With the aid of this PMP book, readers will be able to quickly follow the directions and grasp the concepts. This book’s PMP practice questions are very close to the ones readers may find on the PMP test. The questions in this book may be tougher compared to the real exam, but it will be helpful for the readers to practice and strive to pass the exam. At the end of each chapter in this book, there are tests with 20 questions about the topics. Readers will also get a 200-question full-length practice test. Many who already have a good understanding of the principles and expectations can use the PMP training book to test their knowledge and practice exam questions.

2.    Head First PMP: A Learner’s Companion to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam, 4th Edition (Written by: Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman)

Head First PMP, which was released in September 2018, is a fascinating PMP book since it ventures further than the usual question and answer format. The most recent paperback edition has 928 pages and costs $46.60. It uses a specific visual format to help readers understand project management principles and apply them in real-world situations. It’s more than a workbook of engaging and entertaining exercises; it binds readers directly with its peculiar yet highly successful writing style. It’s full of interesting illustrations, explanations, and self-assessment tests.

This book contains all of the appropriate materials for readers to study in preparing for the PMP exam. This is a significant benefit, especially for those who dislike dry materials. Visually, it has the appearance of a third-grade textbook but this book does a great job in explaining the process and theories that are useful when studying for the exam. It covers the entire PMBOK Guide and employs successful exam preparation techniques such as puzzles, games, problems, and exercises.

3.    All-in-One PMP Exam Prep Kit (Written by: Darron L. Clark)

All-in-One PMP Exam Prep Kit by Darron L. Clark is one of the comprehensive resources for readers who strive to pass the examination to obtain PMP certification. The paperback edition published in December 2020 has 780 pages and costs $49.97 per book. This book has chapters that go into all of the PMP processes and information fields. It also contains over 1300 questions, responses, and explanations, five full mock tests, hundreds of flashcards, and project models that are available to be used for working purposes. 

All-in-One PMP Exam Prep Kit employs visual, language, oral, texting, and memorization teaching methods to assist students in mastering the content and passing the exams on their first attempt. PMP Pamphlet with summaries of the key topics, chapters on all PMP processes, and all information areas that allow readers to use PMP language fluently are included in this detailed and up-to-date preparation aid. Over 1300 exam questions, responses, and explanations are included, as well as 240 flashcards for fast and easy analysis of terms and meanings.

4.    PMP Exam Prep Simplified (Written by: Andrew Ramdayal)

This PMP prep book was published in February 2018 where it consists of 480 pages at the price of $35.99. Andrew Ramdayal in his book covers all of the processes and information areas covered in the PMBOK Sixth Edition but focuses on the topics necessary to pass the PMP certification exams. The book focuses on project management processes’ inputs, outputs, and methods, and techniques in a way that will help readers to better understand the PMBOK.

There are over 500 test-style questions, a complete simulated exam, dedicated Critical Path and Earned Value Management sections, along a number of examination tips. This book gives the reader access to several online courses and lectures for free. The book has been revised to reflect the updates for the upcoming PMP exam in 2021. It presents ideas and subjects in a clear, succinct, and easy-to-understand manner.

5.    PMP Exam Prep book by Master of Project Academy (Written by: Resit Gulec)

The 585-page paperback PMP Exam prep book by Resit Gulec was published in August 2019 and costs $87 on Amazon. It is suitable for those preparing for the PMP and CAPM certification exams. When revising the PMP exam material, readers will be able to see the practical consequences of theoretical knowledge. This will assist in the comprehension of the PMP exam material’s complexities.

The content of the PMP Prep Book by Master of Project Academy has been structured like a real project, which sets it apart from other PMP books on the market. It includes real-world project illustrations, PMP flashcard mapping games, over 100 key Master Points for the PMP test, and 500 sample exam questions. The reader can quickly grasp and recall the concepts since the topic follows the order of the information areas over sample real-life scenarios.

6.    PMP Exam Prep- How to pass the PMP Exam on your First Attempt – Learn Faster, Retain More, and Pass the PMP Exam (Written by: John C. Nolan)

PMP Exam Prep by John Nolan is a must-have for anyone serious about acing their PMP Exams and becoming a qualified project management professional. This 199 pages PMP Exam Prep book costs $14.99 on Amazon and is designed to be simple to follow and apply. It is packed with lots of valuable tips, implementable guidance, and practical questions. This detailed PMP prep guide covers everything readers will need to pass the PMP exam. It covers any aspect of what it takes to be a Project Management Professional.

The details on what to expect on PMP exams, the three types of questions readers can expect on their PMP test, and how to conquer each type of information were given to help in staying ahead of the curve. This book also discusses how PMP Exams are assessed and how readers can use the knowledge to the advantage. There are also PMP Test practice questions available to assist in studying for the exam and honing the skills as a future PMP. There are also tested tips, tactics, and methods in improving readers’ management skills and becoming a highly sought-after project manager.

7.    PMP Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide (Written by: Kim Heldman)

This study guide is a detailed resource for those studying to take Project Management Professional (PMP) certification test. The book will continue to serve project managers as an on-the-job reference book as they study for the test. The 912 pages paperback PMP Exam prep book by Kim Heldman was published in October 2020 and costs $42 on Amazon. The PMP Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide, Tenth Edition is fully updated to include recent changes to the exam.

Agile and other iterative methods play an important role in project management, according to new content. The project manager’s critical responsibilities and the skill sets needed for this role are also addressed in the updates. The study guide was written to reflect the updated A Guide to the Project Management Body of Information — PMBOK’s Project Management Method and Procedures. This book provides in-depth coverage of subjects, definitions, and keywords to help readers to prepare for the test.

8.    PMP Exam Prep Book – PMBOK Study Guide for Project Management Certification with Practice Exams and Online Flashcards (Written by: Nathan PMP Prep)

Nathan PMP Prep’s efficient, easy-to-follow study guide paperback book costs $14.99 with 220 pages. PMP Exam Prep Book, closely compatible with PMBOK Sixth Edition, makes the most of the time you spend studying for the exam. The chapters of the PMP Exam Prep Book have undergone several rounds of revision to ensure that they cover all of the key information tested on the PMP exam thoroughly and quickly.

Every copy of this study guide includes ten practice exam questions at the end of each chapter with answers and explanations. There is also a full 200 question practice exam with answers and explanations as well as a full glossary of all tested terms included. Readers will be given access to a free app with online flashcards of all tested terms and detailed lessons on agile techniques which are beneficial in studying for the exam.

9.    PMP Exam Prep Book – PMP Study Guide 2020 and 2021 Secrets for the Project Management Professional Certification (Written by: Mometrix Test Prep)

The PMP Exam Prep Book: PMP Study Guide 2020 and 2021 Secrets from Mometrix Test Preparation is the way to prepare for the Project Management Professional Exam. The exam is extremely difficult, and rigorous test planning is necessary to succeed. This 207 pages PMP Exam Prep book costs $29.99 on Amazon where it includes practice test questions with detailed answer explanations, tips and strategies to help readers to reach the best test performance, as well as a complete review of all PMBOK sections.

The Mometrix guide contains all of the essential knowledge readers will need to ace the PMP exam, including the definitions, processes, values, and vocabulary that the Project Management Institute (PMI) wants candidates to know before taking the test. The Mometrix PMP study guide is arranged and laid out in such a way that each segment flows naturally from the one before it. Readers won’t get lost in complex scholarly jargon because it’s written with an eye for both technical precision and usability.

10. PMP Exam Prep – How to Pass on Your First Attempt (Written by: Rita Gladwell)

The paperback PMP Exam Prep book by Rita Gladwell, which was published in May 2020, has 283 pages and a selling price of $34.95 on Amazon. The all-new PMP Exam Prep is based on the PMBOK Guide 6th edition and will contain all of the knowledge project managers need to thoroughly prepare for and pass the exam.

Procurement management, cost management, schedule management, communication management, risk management, miscellaneous formulas, a cheat sheet on formulas, practice questions, 200 Questions with Solutions, over 30 real-life examples, exam Tips and Tricks, explanations for each question type, full-length practice test, and 10 Mock Exams are all included in this detailed study resource.