9 Tips To Pass AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner in 30 Days

A certified Cloud Practitioner is a person who has the knowledge and expertise to demonstrate an understanding of the Amazon Web Services. It demonstrates that you have an overall understanding of all the processes in the AWS platform. It also includes key terms and concepts. Along with that, you will also be able to learn how you can explain the value proposition of AWS. Through acquiring this certification, you will also identify the use cases for AWS. This certificate also is of benefit for the non-technical professionals and not just the IT experts. 

To be able to appear in the exam of this certification, you must have at least six months of experience with the AWS cloud in any of the roles that also include the technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial. The exam of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner will require you to be aware of the environment and the surrounding in the Amazon Web Services. This exam will cost you $100, and this exam will also act as a prerequisite in the AWS specialty certificates.

This exam is also considered as the launching point in the associate-level certification exams. If you have acquired the Certified Solutions Architect- Associate level, then you will have to spend a total of $250, which is not that bad for having two certificates in the meteoric fields. 

People who are at the roles of CEO, account executive, program manager, senior consultant, data engineer, and sales manager have all got this certificate. To need to prepare for this exam, you will have to prepare using some of the official resources that include the exam guide, free self-paced digital course, and also the practice tests to let you assess your knowledge. 

The AWS is the global leader in the world of cloud computing, AWS has to offer over 100 services that are patented and other courses through the marketplace that is accessible for people belonging from around the world. AWS is a reliable and credible cloud computing platform that has its operations and business in digital areas such as Silicon Valley, Seattle, and New York. If you are just new in the world of cloud, getting the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam will be a good start. You are having it will make you a person with an overall understanding of the AWS platform.

Cloud Computing Practitioner Exam is one of the most basic platforms that have to offer cloud certifications, including the ones like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. It is an accessible exam for anyone who has an interest in technology and IT. This certification will have an exam bearing passing criteria of 700 scores ranging between 100 to 1000. There are 65 multiple choice questions in the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. You will have to perform all of them in a time of 90 minutes. This exam is considered as the easiest one in all the AWS certification track. But to pass it in the first attempt, you will have to prepare accordingly as, without preparation, you can not clear any AWS exam. The following are some tips to clear the exam.

1. Get The know-how Of The Subject Areas

The subjects included in the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner must be understood well before you start preparing for the exam. Four subject areas are the domains of AWS

  • Cloud Concepts It constitutes 28% of the certification of the exam. 
  • Security This constitutes 24% of the entire content of the exam.
  • Technology This domain constitutes 36% of the entire contents of the exam
  • Billing & Pricing The concepts of business make up 12% of the entire exam content.

These domains will give you a better understanding of what the exam will be about and what you must be preparing for in the preparation session. All these four domains constitute the entire area of the AWS exam syllabus. 

2. Read The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide

You must start preparing for the exam through this guide if you want to have complete knowledge of the exam content. This guide will help you have a sound understanding of the key concepts and the objectives of the exam. This guide will allow you to concentrate on the main areas of the coursebook. Following all the instructions in the guide will help you pass the exam with a good score. This guide will provide you with all the requirements of the exam and will help you know what you appear for. 

3. Begin With Getting AWS Training Classes

The training classes for the AWS will allow you to have a grip on the following topics

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials 

This training course is for those who are in search of getting a complete understanding of the AWS Cloud. The key concepts about the cloud, AWS services, architecture. Pricing and support are discussed in this training course.

AWS Technical Essentials 

This AWS course will inform you about the AWS services, its products, and some of the other ordinary solutions. You become more efficient in analyzing AWS services so that you can become able to solve all of the IT issues. You will be able to acquire new skills from this course and will implement them in your business. 

AWS Business Essentials

AWS Business essentials will help you understand the benefits of cloud computing, which includes financial profits and how the cloud approaches help you to achieve business goals. This course will also inform you about the concepts of security and compliance and also assists you in understanding the AWS cloud computing approach. 

4. Get Familiar With The Subject Areas

The subject area is very important for getting able to clear any exam. The objectives of this certification exam help you begin your preparation by studying the course materials and the subject areas of each of the concepts. The subject areas let you see through what you are going to study and which of the subjects you have a good grip over. 

5. Go through The AWS Whitepapers

The whitepapers are released and are created by the officials to educate the viewers about certain issues and also to accelerate the specific methodologies. AWS whitepapers can prove to be a great source of information and knowledge to cover basic topics like security, architecture, and economics. 

Some of the popular AWS Whitepapers that can most probably help you in getting a proper preparation of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam are as given below

  • Overview of AWS
  • How AWS pricing works
  • Maximizing Value with AWS
  • AWS Security best practices
  • An overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework
  • The business Value of AWS
  • Succeeding at Twenty-First Century Business Infrastructure

Going through these whitepapers will allow you to be clear about what the certification will include and what you must be looking out to prepare. You must be quite centered on the ideas of the main concepts and topics in the AWS cloud world. 

6. Join Online Preparation Groups

Online preparation groups are always a great source of preparation for the certification exam. They allow you to be surrounded by people who are also appearing for the same exam. You can get ideas and concepts that might be helping other candidates to grab the information in the coursebook more easily. You may find such groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and they can help you find people who have already cleared the exam and have their own set of best practices. In such groups, you get to find additional preparation course materials that can help you get a complete understanding of the concepts in the exam. There are many people in such groups whose success stories can prove to be a source of inspiration for the candidates to help clear the exam with a boosted morale.

7. Appear In The Practice Tests

These tests can help you know what areas of the course subjects you need to go more deeply about. You need to be aware of the fact that these practice tests must be cleared with 95% marks to be determined that you will also clear the real exam with good scores. You can find many such practice exams online and also in course books. Getting online practice tests for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam will allow you to know which of the topics you need to study more deeply to get a better grip over them. You must not solely rely on the pre-made tests and should get your custom tests made that will allow you to get tests that are based on the topics you need more revision on.

8. Do Self-Study

As stated earlier AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam is not that hard to pass, and it is an easy exam to pass. You will not need to have an extensive preparation for the exam if you know the basic concepts of the AWS cloud. If you already have an experience of working on the AWS Cloud platform, then self-studying would be enough to pass this exam. You can also take online courses and some training to grab the concepts even better. Online courses and training will give you a better understanding of the key concepts and will allow you to pass the certification exam more easily. There is a bulk of content online about the topics you need to study. The AWS cloud, services, and applications are all there on the internet that can be divided into questions and simple definitions to let you read and memorize them more easily.

9. Know How You Are Studying

Making a plan will help you clear the exam more easily as it will allow you to divide the time you have and course subjects into easy sections that you can memorize with simple steps. If you are already working in an organization, then you must make a plan for studying during the off times. You must also know how much information can you absorb per day. Divide the domains into equal sections and know when you will be taking the exam. Appear in the exam once you have completely cleared and covered the subjects and domains of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam. By doing so, you will not have to hurry in any of the steps and will have enough time to prepare for the exam.


These were some of the tips to clear the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam that will give you a solid basis of clearing the exam and will also make you eligible for other certifications. Getting this certificate is not that hard and is considered as the first step in getting more AWS certifications. You must have to prepare better for this certificate so that you can pass in the first attempt. This certificate will be your way out into the world of cloud and will make you eligible for getting on several different designations. Many people appear in this exam as it costs only $100 and it isn’t that hard to clear it as well.

If you are already aware of the basic concepts of the cloud and the AWS framework, then clearing it will be an easy task. Following the above-given steps and also being honest with your preparations will help you clear the exam for sure. You can get a validation of your knowledge about the industry by appearing in this certification exam and can understand where you stand in the world of the cloud. The main four domains of the exam that are cloud concepts, security, technology, and billing and pricing will all be the concepts that you will need in your career of cloud and AWS. Apart from this, you will also be listed in top paid professionals in the industry. You will be hired for all the right positions in the AWS cloud framework.