Top Management Tools That Will Help You and Your Team Members Meet Targets

Management Tools

Using the right team management tools is a guaranteed way to enhance your team’s communication and collaboration, ultimately ensuring that you meet your business goals.

But with so many different apps and platforms out there, how do you know which ones are right for you? 

We’ve taken a look at some of the best team management tools available right now and compiled a list below of ones we like and think you should try.


Spike is the world’s first conversational email app that turns your email threads into instant message-style chat conversations.

Email is an essential part of doing business for most professional teams, but the traditional format of email threads is outdated and clunky. 

With all the repetitive content in email threads, they quickly become cluttered and it’s easy to miss key information. Not only that, but people have so many emails to deal with that they often put it off and it takes a long time to get replies and resolve matters via email.

Spike’s conversational email feature solves this by removing stiff formalities and repetitive content and making emailing back and forth as simple as using instant messaging, streamlining your team’s communication and collaboration.

Besides conversational email, Spike has a full range of other team management tools built right into the email app, such as collaborative tasks and to-do lists, notes, video meetings, voice messages, group chats, and more.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one workspace to help you manage your team and meet business targets, we highly recommend you start with Spike.


Ganttic is a resource planning and management platform. Create visual schedules that tell people where they need to be and give managers a bird’s eye view of the project portfolio.
The online Gantt charts help build a roadmap of projects that make it easy to forecast – ensuring that you have the staff, space, or equipment to take on new work.
An easier way to do enterprise resource planning, Ganttic helps optimize any organization’s efficiency and smooth out project bottlenecks along the way. 


As the name implies, Clockify is a time management tool that allows you to see where you and your team are spending your time.

You can see who’s working on what, how much time they are spending on certain tasks, and how different projects are progressing over time.

Clockify lets you create unlimited numbers of projects and tasks, assign team members to them, set time estimates for how long they should take, and have your team log time as they work through them.

Clockify is also handy for keeping track of billable time for different projects, which is great if you and your team bill clients by the hour.


Trello is a Kanban-style project management platform that’s good for teams who like to organize information visually.

This tool lets you create multiple boards, such as ones for different teams, projects, or clients. 

Within each board you can make columns that represent different stages of progress — having three columns labeled something like “to do,” “in progress,” and “done” is a simple way to do this.

Finally, you create cards in your to-do column for specific tasks, fill them in with any relevant information or attachments needed to complete the tasks, set deadlines, and assign them to team members, who can then move them along into different columns to show progress.


Calendly is an app designed to eliminate all that back and forth with your team that so often occurs when you’re trying to find time to schedule meetings.

Calendly syncs with your existing work calendar and provides you with a unique link that shows what times you’re available to meet. 

Anyone who has this link can click on it and select an available time slot on your calendar to automatically schedule a meeting — no back and forth communication required.

You can send the link to people via chat, email, or by including it in your email signature.

For scheduling team meetings, Calendly even has a meeting poll feature that allows team members to vote on the best meeting time.


nTask is a piece of project management software designed specifically for teams that apply the Agile project management methodology.

Within nTask, you can create different workspaces and add team members, projects, tasks, issues, risks, and meeting management modules to them.

Because it’s designed for Agile teams, nTask is ideal for identifying and tracking issues to eliminate bottlenecks, improve workflows, and meet key business targets.


PerformYard is HR performance management software that helps you track and manage your team members’ individual goals.

Features of PerformYard include employee reviews and check ins, goal setting, continuous feedback, and more. 

PerformYard is a good tool for managing your team’s quarterly and annual performance goals (and everything in between), as it centralizes and automates many standard performance management practices.


GoalsOnTrack is a goal setting and goal management app that follows the SMART goal setting methodology.

The app helps you set SMART goals, break down long-term goals into smaller, more manageable sub-goals or milestones, and track your progress towards goals in one central location.

GoalsOnTrack can be used for both personal and business goals, and is perfect for helping your team create actionable plans for reaching targets. Users have the option to keep goals private or share them publicly, and there is even a separate version of the app for teams.

People who like to visualize their goals will especially appreciate the variety of aesthetically pleasing goal templates built into GoalsOnTrack, which can be customized to save time.