8 Best Applications for NFT Enthusiasts

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Best Applications for NFT Enthusiasts2

There is seemingly everything for everyone in the crypt and NFT world. Developers have created a range of platforms to serve diverse functions, which is a step in the right direction. Ensure that you know the best applications, platforms, wallets, and marketplaces that serve your interests before trying NFTs. This article will look at several applications that can come in handy in your NFT journey. Take a look at the following:

1. OpenSea

Are you an NFT enthusiast looking for an application where you discover new tokens? Or do you need a marketplace for some of your digital artwork? OpenSea is one of the best NFT applications that crypto enthusiasts can install. It is the first NFT marketplace globally and has managed to register an impressive performance. Most creators and digital artists make their first sales on this application, which shows just how beginner and enthusiast-friendly it is. Well, OpenSea is also the largest marketplace for these tokens, meaning that you will access several creations and reach diverse buyers.

OpenSea was made for beginners and experts alike. Therefore, if you are learning about NFTs or have already acquired and sold several collectibles, this application has something you need. All you have to do is create a profile and start your journey. You can browse for non-fungible tokens and favorite them. The app also allows you to access popular NFT offerings if you don’t want to spend lots of time fishing for a digital asset or have nothing particular in mind.

Note that this application is available to both Android and IoS users. You will easily access the NFTs your previous purchases fast when the need arises, which is crucial for investors. It boasts of a good reputation, making it a perfect option for someone not adequately knowledgeable of the market. Most people term it a powerful, seamless, and executive application for anyone in NFTs.

It has different NFT categories such as music, domain names, virtual worlds, collectibles, sports, utility NFTs, and trading cards, which you can explore. Thanks to adequate development funding from the onset, you won’t experience any hardship navigating the app. This is definitely worth downloading when venturing into NFTs.


  • It has a large variety of collectibles
  • It has an active and growing community
  • It severs both the experienced and beginners.


  • It attracts high transaction fees due to the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • You cannot make purchases from the app. You can only schedule them for later.

2. Curate

Are you looking for an application that will allow you to mint NFTs without spending a dime? Well, Curate is here. It is the first major NFT mobile application to be introduced on Apple Store, which is usually more selective than Android’s Play Store. It is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, a popular foundation for several NFT platforms and applications.

This option supports gasless operation, so you don’t have to pay minting fees when creating tokens intended for your select marketplace. It allows you to save money and benefit more from NFT transactions. Most people Curate because of its excellent cross-chain compatibility and carbon-neutral framework. It may not be as popular as most of its counterparts, but that doesn’t prevent it from being one of the best NFT minting applications for any digital creator or artist.

It is also worth noting that this application doesn’t have any serious negative reputation. Most of its users have no significant complaints, maybe just that it does not have a more expansive NFT collection compared to its counterparts and may therefore limit you. Luckily, that will change soon to allow NFT enthusiasts to explore and venture deeper into the NFT world.

We hope that Curate will gain more popularity as time goes by when existing and beginner NFT lovers get to know more about it.


  • It is simple to use
  • It supports gasless operation, hence free minting.
  • It has cross-chain compatibility.


  • It is not as popular as others.
  • It doesn’t have many offerings.

3.  8bit Paint

Have you ever heard of 8bit Paint? Well, this is the perfect time to know about it if you haven’t. This application allows you to make NFTs right from your phone and sell them later. It is the perfect platform if you are always on the go and may not have enough time to settle and mint non-fungible tokens.

The 8bit painter was perfectly designed to turn your images into a digital pixel in an easy and fast process. It also allows you to develop new and independent creations right from the application. You have to pick the correct canvas size, ranging from 16 × 16 to 160 × 160. A good advice you should stick to is using smaller canvas sizes if your artwork is based on pixels. However, use a large-sized canvas if you intend to import your images and turn them into pixel artwork.

Every beginner should know that the best way to develop NFTs is to take unique photos and convert them instead of downloading random images online. 8bit painter will serve you well if you stick to uniqueness and independence. We realize that there are many applications for creating or minting NFTs, which might make you wonder why we have chosen this application. Well, it is easy to use and offers you ready-to-go creations.

Most people term it an excellent application from the reviews we have found online. It is a decent option with robust capabilities for beginners and those with experience. Get it from your play store or app store and create some magic.


  • It has several essential features.
  • The zoom option is fluid and can be easily accessed.
  • It offers you different canvas sizes to choose from.


  • Lacks a crop option
  • You can’t name your canvas.

4. Enjin

Like OpenSea, Enjin enjoys a good reputation and a steady number of users. This wallet allows you to buy NFTs and receive payment for your creations. It has been around for quite some time, being one of the first wallets designed explicitly for NFT enthusiasts, investors, and traders. It is different from other applications, which added NFT support after these tokens’ growing popularity. Enjin came with a pre-installed digital collection ability and framework.

This app has grown in popularity partly because it supports several blockchains, unlike other blockchain-specific apps, supporting only Ethereum or Cordano. It gets even better given that it has its coin, known as the Enjin Coin, and an in-built crypto swap, which will give you an easier time hence more convenience. You can also import a different crypto wallet if you already have one.

However, you may find the design rigid or ‘too traditional’ at first glance, partly because this application has existed for a while now, or the developers may not have found reasons to upgrade it. All in all, it is one of the best options for an NFT lover. You can hold different cryptocurrencies and sell or buy as many tokens as you want. Note that you will get a free collectible when you are new to this application, available for both iPhone and Android users.

Anyone venturing in crypto should consider a few things when picking a wallet, mainly its

security. Fortunately, this app’s developers have security in mind when creating it. Your crypto balance and transactions are safe with Enjin, which you should always look out for.


  • It has two encryption layers, assuring you of secure transactions.
  • It has a simple user interface
  • It comes with a secure keyboard


  • Has an ‘outdated’ design.
  • It is not open-source.

5. MetaMask

Are you looking for a versatile and multi-function wallet? Well, MetaMask is here for you. It is the best wallet application for anyone who needs an option that can handle any DeFi integration. Like OpenSea, MetaMask has gained popularity among NFT die-hards and investors. Most people consider it the best platform for any NFT-related purchases.

It has several benefits, including a user-friendly interface. This is entirely unexpected as it is considered complex as it is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. All in all, users enjoy a simple and easy-to-understand interface, which is one of the critical points of consideration when choosing a wallet or platform. MetaMask also gives users a seed phrase that can be used as an account backup. It will allow you to reinstate a lost account automatically, saving you stress and anxiety. This previous point should answer you if you are worried about the application’s safety.

Users can use any ERC-20 cryptocurrency of their choice right from the application, which explains why most people are fond of this option. You will also enjoy direct support when converting your tokens between most Ethereum based Blockchain coins. All the transactions carried out on your application are synced with the platform’s web version, giving you the convenience you need.

MetaMask allows you more control since you can quickly obtain all the public and private keys stored on the web browser and not the servers. It is the best application if you are scared or skeptical. Lastly, MetaMask boasts of increased connectivity as it can connect with several dApps, given its versatility.

However, note that this application has its fair share of cons. First, it is purely based on the Ethereum blockchain, denying you the same experience when using coins based on other blockchain technologies. This limits it to Ethereum based platforms and currencies. There have also been suspicions of data collection by unauthorized agencies, which is worrying for an application of its calibers. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons, which is a good thing. However, that shouldn’t absolve the company from any responsibility as we advance.


  • It has a user-friendly metaverse.
  • It gives users more control.
  • It can connect with several decentralized applications


  • You won’t probably get the same convenience or experience when using non-ETH coins.

6. token. art

Developers are becoming more creative as the number of NFT lovers keeps increasing. A good example is this NFT application that allows you to showcase and maybe brag about your digital assets. Token. art is the perfect solution if you need a platform that can allow you to show off your NFTs collection. It allows you to put your digital collections on display, just like people do in the ordinary world.

However, you will first have to import a wallet from either Ethereum, Cardano, or WAX address to showcase your NFTs. It will then allow you to view them in card format. Remember, you also get to swipe your tokens as much as you want and let anyone interested see them. You can also arrange or sort your tokens based on their traits and rareness. You can use this platform as your primary asset viewer as it also accounts for staked assets.

It promises to bring all your assets in one place, accounting for every collection and also offers you the much-needed clarity on what you should buy, sell or trade for a complete collection. This application also supports more than thirty fiat currencies, allowing you to arrange your assets based on their estimated value.

This application has great potential. Soon, it will support the metaverse, allowing you to showcase your collection in this virtual world. It can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and the Apple store for IOS users. Therefore, this may be the best time to obtain this app and enjoy its offerings.


  • It supports different blockchains.
  • Allows users to sort their collections based on different parameters.
  • Works exceedingly well with WAX.


  • It should include other popular blockchains.
  • It only has one function

7. Reddit

This may have been the last application on your mind when talking about NFTs. Well, Reddit is as important as the other apps, just that you can’t buy, sell or mint NFTs from it. Why then is it on this list? Reddit is the perfect place for NFT enthusiasts looking for important indicators, deals, and information regarding NFTs. How does it work?

Reddit has several communities talking about different things. You can ask questions and get help from several users, which is a huge plus. It is more of a social media and networking platform to obtain helpful information on different things. However, for the purposes of NFTs, we urge you to join the NFT subreddit, made up of NFT enthusiasts like you. Unlike the main application where people talk about anything and everything, the subreddit is made of purely NFT investors, traders, creators, collectors, and enthusiasts. You can obtain helpful information on NFTs, find incredible deals, track different NFT network activities, and communicate with other members who share the same interest.

This specific platform doesn’t have as many users as Reddit itself, as it is mainly driven by one main topic. Most of these subreddits have independent discord servers that support real-time chatting. You don’t have to break a sweat talking to people who share a similar interest. Also, note that there are several third-party Reddit applications on the Google play store.

Unfortunately, you will have to pay to be part of this select group. You will either part with $3.99 a month or $29.9 yearly.


  • It allows you to connect with other crypto enthusiasts
  • It is a large community, which also contains experienced people.
  • You can obtain valuable insights on NFTs.


  • It is not free.
  • There is the probability of misinformation

8. Talken

Our last recommendation is a multi-purpose application that works as a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet and an NFT app. It, therefore, qualifies as a decentralized application, saving you from the inconvenience of downloading several applications and using up your phone’s space. It supports several blockchains but primarily targets Ethereum.

Even though this application also functions as a crypto wallet, most of its features are NFT oriented, meaning that you can easily mint non-fungible tokens from a number of blockchains and present them to buyers. You also get to buy NFTs and build a portfolio if you are a collector. This is, therefore, a unique application since, unlike most crypto apps, it focuses more on the NFT side. You may end up using it more for NFT purposes and less for your daily crypto undertakings. Even though we don’t intend to burst your bubble, we have to mention that you will have tu spend some money to access some premium features. This is not a course for alarm as it only costs a dollar a month.

Thanks to its multi-purpose ability, this is one of the best platforms for any NFT lover or enthusiast. Imagine having an application that allows you to buy and sell non-fungible tokens without needing an external wallet. Impressive, isn’t it?


  • Acts both as a wallet and NFT app.
  • It has a large community.
  • It offers a seamless browsing feature.


  • It is not free
  • It is not as popular.


These eight recommendations sum up some of the applications NFT enthusiasts can use. We have detailed their best functions to help you make the best decision. All the best in your NFT journey!