8 Best NFT Ideas and Examples

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NFT Ideas

One of the perks of the NFT scene is that it allows for creativity. Several digital creators have come up with individual art pieces, memes, and collections, making millions of dollars in return. Therefore, do you have an idea you would like to share with the world? Is it art, music, a video game, or a collection of memorable moments? Well, keep the dream alive, and you might be living your dream life soon.

This article will look at some NFT ideas and real-life examples to inspire you on your NFT journey. You will find some of the examples interesting while others are crazy. Take a look at the following:

1. Art

Art is one of the best ideas for an NFT enthusiast. You can either be a digital artist, making money off your creations, or a collector, buying art pieces and holding them for future profit. This would be a great idea if you have any designing, drawing, photography, or digital creation skills.

If you wonder why everybody seems to be talking about art whenever NFT is mentioned, we have the perfect example for you. One of the most expensive pieces of art sold in the modern error went out as an NFT collection. Renowned digital artist Beeple managed to auction one of his collections for 69 million dollars at Christie’s. Christened ‘Every day’s: The First 5000 Days’, this piece of art broke an NFT record and secured third place in the list of the most expensive artwork sold by living artists.

It was the first NFT to be sold in a fine art auction, thus paving the way for many more that followed. We should also mention The Merge, sold for a cool 98.1 million dollars in December 2021. However, unlike Beeple’s art, it was fragmented into masses, each costing $575 initially, with the price gradually increasing by $25 after every 6 hours.

2. Tweets

Who could have thought that someone could convert a Tweet into an NFT and sell it for millions of dollars? Well, no one. However, this was not the case for the Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, who took his chances and listed his first-ever tweet in an NFT marketplace. After two weeks, Jack received $2.9 million, a deal that left lots of people amazed.

The tweet was sold to Sina Estavi, the CEO of Bridge Oracle, a renowned Blockchain company. The trade was supported by the Valuable by Cent platform, a special type of platform which deals with signed tweets from original creators, creating a world where people can earn from viral tweets.

The Twitter founder and boss donated all the proceedings to humanitarian purposes, giving it to GiveDirectly, an African charitable organization. So, what happens when you sell a digital tweet? Simple, the buyer will be given a signed and verified digital certificate of the tweet. You will also pay a small percentage to the platform as a commission.

This is definitely a cool way to make money in the NFT world. You can come up with viral educational or creative tweets and sell them for some money. Even though this sounds like a crazy idea, it has been done before by one of the renowned entrepreneurs on earth.

Elon Musk also has an unsold NFT tweet which took the game to a new higher level. He created a techno song about non-fungible tokens, tweeted that he was open to selling it as an NFT, and turned down a million dollars for the tweet itself, which shows that practically anything can be reproduced in a digital form and sold as an NFT.

Closely related to tweets, Mark Cuban recently sold one of his quotes on dot-com bubbles for $1700. This is definitely one of the best ideas someone from the NFT world has ever thought of. He has also invested in Alethea iNFTs, which we will discuss. This is the best time to commit your resources to the NFT scene, judging from how people are making NFT moves.

3. Video Games

Are you a developer or creator intending to make some money off the NFT world? Well, play as you earn games founded on the Blockchain are some of the best money-making projects you can embark on now. We have seen brands such as Louis Vuitton create an entire game, Louis: The Game, which allows players to take up challenges to find hidden tokens, including some of the works by renowned digital artist Beeple, known for his iconic sale.

The NFT scene does not limit you, as you can try as many creative ideas as possible. We have also seen games such as The Sandbox and Decentraland make insane profits by benefitting from NFTs. These platforms have virtual land, which sells for as a high as a few million dollars. The land can be subdivided and later sold for profit or partitioned and used for business purposes, depending on the owner’s needs.

Artists such as Snoop Dog have started benefitting from these video games by buying and selling virtual property. Buyers are normally furnished with digital certificates of ownership falling under non-fungible tokens. Luckily, NFT Video games are becoming more popular since people are gearing for the metaverse. This creation promises to give users a beyond-the-universe feel thanks to augmented and virtual reality.

Therefore, you can easily join the bandwagon and either partner with a renowned brand to come up with an NFT oriented game or create one of you have the resources. However, note that it requires heavy funding, which the average investor does not have access to.

The best alternative, in this case, is to make money by playing these games. Platforms such as Decentraland allow you to earn its native token, popularly known as MANA, which you can use to buy digital assets and in-game tools. Therefore, if you are a gamer looking for a money-making opportunity, identify a game that will offer you good returns and invest your hard-earned money. Decentraland and The Sandbox would be a good start. You can read our previous articles to find out more.

4. Viral Videos

Do you have any video that went viral a while back? Well, guess what? You can make thousands of dollars by selling it on the right platform. Well, it has been done before, in case you are wondering. Charlie Bit My Finger, an iconic video created almost fifteen years ago, was taken off YouTube by the original creators and sold for roughly $760 000. Yes! You saw that right, $760 000!

At the time of sale, it had already amassed a YouTube viewership of 880 million. How much do you think ‘Baby Shark’, a video with over 10 billion, would bring in if the owners decided to sell it as an NFT? We are talking about millions of dollars.

Even though it is a relatively easy and lucrative way of making money, it has one major limitation. You have to ensure that the video is viral if you intend to make some money. Also, you can’t just pick a random video on the internet and sell it since ownership and authenticity are key in the NFT world.

Away from viral videos, you can also create your video series and sell it as an NFT, making a good profit. One of the most active artists in the NFT world, Paris Hilton, recently sold one of her short video series named Planet Paris for over $1 million. This indicates that NFTs have no limit, and once you can come up with something to impress potential buyers, you will profit off your craft.

This may be the right time to sell your virtual TikTok video for thousands and take an early trip to the Bahamas. You will be profiting off your craft without breaking a sweat.

5. Furniture

Do you know that you can get rich by making virtual furniture? Well, ask designer Reisinger from Argentina, who made a fortune after selling ten virtual pieces of furniture as non-fungible tokens (NFT). This iconic project features furniture that can be well described as impossible.

Reisinger’s design allows the pieces to be placed on any metaverse. However, he guaranteed to replace five of them in the physical world while the remainders were display-only, used in virtual homes, or as digital assets with an appreciating value.

Digital furniture is worth investing in since soon people will need them once the metaverse replaces the internet as intended. Most investors have already bought land in several metaverses such as Decentraland, where they are building their homes or offices. These spaces will have to be furnished, which means that pieces of furniture will be a necessity.

This would be the best time to bring to life some of the ideas you have. Remember, the NFT world rewards creativity, and if you can offer investors and collectors something they can use or sell when the metaverse becomes a reality, you may be set for life. However, make sure that your pieces are unique and rare, as scarcity positively impacts value.

Along with Reisinger, other famous furniture sellers in Nifty Gateway include Alexis Christodolou and Nicholas Baker. Note that you can also choose to be a furniture collector, acquiring pieces and making a profit off them in the future once the metaverse is fully formed. Lastly, you can display your virtual furniture in a digital frame, considered a middle ground between the virtual and physical worlds. There are several things that you can achieve with the right commitment. Think about something amazing or exquisite and let people admire and buy your work. You will always have the chance of settling for the highest bidder.

6. iNFTs

The NFT world has changed lately, incorporating more sophisticated technologies such as artificial intelligence. iNFTs are increasingly becoming popular with firms such as Alethea AI securing millions to fund the development of similar projects and building the infrastructure that will power artificially intelligent non-fungible tokens.

What exactly are these creations? Well, iNFTs are artificial intelligent tokens that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. They can work on their personality as you interact with them and learn different things based on your conversations, which is creepy for the average NFT investor. A good example is Alice, created by Alithea AI, the firm we’ve mentioned above. It believes that it is a digital goddess that can morph in any form it chooses. Whereas this sounds like an interesting concept, some people are still skeptical of these inventions due to the increasing worry about the possibility of AI colonization of humans soon.

All in all, it will be highly profitable to invest in these tokens once they come out, as people will be more willing to have them in the metaverse. An AI NFT will be more of a friend in the virtual world, something you can talk to and pastime with once fully immersed into your metaverse. However, prepare to spend an arm and a leg acquiring one as they may be quite rare from the look of things.

A good idea would be buying shares in AI companies responsible for these intelligent creations as their values and profitability are set to increase soon enough. For example, Alithea raised 16 million dollars in funding, meaning that donors and investors are set to profit once it brings several AI NFTs into the market. However, conduct proper research before throwing your hard-earned money.

7. Memes

Do you know that some people have made thousands of dollars selling meme NFTs on different marketplaces? These are humorous images or short videos that are often copied and spread throughout the internet. Would you like to benefit from your meme collection? Well, this is a chance.

Remember, even though the NFT space and the metaverse, in general, are often considered the future of the internet, their development and capabilities reflect the internet culture, highly benefitting from iconic and viral content, which in this case means memes. Therefore, if you are an internet sensation with a towering web dominance, this may be the chance to accumulate some coins.

Recently, a common meme christened Bad Luck Brian, an internet laughing stock for nearly a decade, was sold for $36000. The artist finally benefitted from years of being an internet sensation. Similarly, you can make thousands of dollars by creating or selling your meme collection as an NFT.

Renowned investors and entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk are some of the biggest proponents of the meme culture, meaning that you will most likely cash from your collection if you decide to put it on sale. Luckily, the meme culture is here to stay, and you still have time to come up with your collection and auction them on Open marketplaces. If Bad Luck Brian, known officially as Kyle Craven, could make thousands of his meme, why won’t you?

NFTs have made things different, allowing people to make money differently. However, note that you will have to verify the authenticity of the memes before since it is an important consideration in the non-fungible token world.

8. Self Destructing NFTs

Companies are pushing their creative limits with NFTs, and if you thought that iNFTs were the most creative creations of all time, you haven’t discovered self-destructing tokens. There have been several discussions regarding the effects of NFTs on the environment. Generally, crypto mining increases the carbon levels in the atmosphere, adding to the ranging discussions about global warming and carbon emissions.

Companies such as Terra0 have responded to these discussions by participating in the increasing wave of environmental activism surrounding the NFT world by coming up with self-destructing NFTs. Christened Two Degrees, this token is meant to self-destruct or burn itself once global warming crosses the average by 2°C.

What exactly are these Two Degrees NFT? Well, it is an NFT scan of a southern Germany forest, linked to a sophisticated system that checks the annual average report by NASA to detect if the global average temperature goes over a certain degree. What does this mean? These NFTs represent the impacts of climate change if we continue ignoring its impacts. It may serve as a warning or a way of advocating for environmental conservation. This is definitely a good idea.


These eight recommendations are some of the best NFT ideas you will ever come across. NFT investors and key industrial players have been increasingly creative in the past few months, introducing us to possibilities that no one could have thought of. Right now, you can even design, sell or create a furniture showroom, making money off your craft. How about self-destructing NFTs that respond to global warming and environmental change? The creativity in the NFT world knows no limit.

This might be the right time to come up with a unique non-fungible token, identify a good marketplace, and profit from it. Remember, the rarer the creation, the more lucrative it becomes. Other ideas that deserve mentioning include CryptoCrisps, pet rocks, and gourmet NFTs. Watch out for our future articles to learn more about these creations.