Things You Must Know Before Subscribing to Udemy

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Things You Must Know Before Subscribing to Udemy

One of the top online learning platforms today is Udemy. Eren Bali, Oklay Calgar, and Gagan Biyani established it in May 2010. Now, Udemy offers over 200,000 online courses taught by more than 70,000 instructors and with over 59 million learners.

Many of the learners at Udemy take courses to develop or hone job-related skills. Students can get technical certification from some of the courses. Businesses and companies can also create coursework in this platform for their employees and trainees.

If you want to know if it’s worth your time and money to subscribe to Udemy, read this Udemy review that tells you about the things you must know about this online learning platform.

What to Expect from Udemy?

Udemy is perfect for learners who want to learn something as they go. It doesn’t only have a vast content library but also the most diverse among its competitors. You can get a lifetime access to educational materials that you purchase, and some of the courses provide you with a certificate of completion.

Udemy courses include written content, video tutorials, modules, quizzes, and practice examinations. Learners who want to buy a course can preview it on its main page.

Among the excellent features of Udemy is that learners can choose from a variety of languages for some of the courses. For clarity of learning information, users have the option to activate  subtitles and closed captions. When looking for a learning material, the search filters are also a great help to learners.

Moreover, Udemy has a mobile app you can download using your Android or iOS devices. This mobile app allows users to listen to lessons while on the go.

Course Quality

When it comes to the quality of courses on this online learning platform, the answer is it depends. Udemy has professional and independent instructors. The lessons or the teachers can be good, bad, or average. Before buying an online course, always read the reviews and the course information to get an idea of the quality and how it will suit your educational needs.

Don’t worry if the course you purchased doesn’t meet your expectations because you can have your money back within 30 days since you bought it.

The top courses available on Udemy are about digital marketing, web development, IT and software development, office productivity, business, music, photography, among others.

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete a course at Udemy, you’ll be given a certificate of completion as proof of the time spent and the knowledge acquired from the course. However, for free courses and practice tests, you won’t get a certificate of completion.

The certificates you get at Udemy only have partial validity, which means you can use them as proof that you have completed certain areas of knowledge or skills. You can’t use it as a requirement for formal accreditation since this online learning platform isn’t an accredited institution.

If you’re applying for a job, you can include the certificates in your resume to boost your learning credentials. Your potential employer might hire you if he sees that you have taken an online course that’s relevant to the job.

Udemy Pricing

A learner can spend between $13 to $200 for a course, but you can avail some coupons or discounts from most of the courses.


Udemy’s Personal Plan is perfect for individual users. You can buy a monthly membership of this plan for $29.99. For an annual membership, you have to pay $199 every year (money-savings of $160).

You can have a free trial of the Personal Plan for seven days, which gives you access to more than 8,000 expertly selected courses. There’s an option to terminate the subscription anytime, and you’ll still have content access until the next billing date.

For Businesses

The Business Team Plan is designed for organizations and companies with 5 to 20 members. Team members can get access to over 8,300 expertly selected courses. The advantage of this plan is that the learning experience is customized for trainees or employees.

The team admin can choose specific content for the members to learn. This is why it’s advantageous to organizations and companies because of this capability of the admin. You can try the Business Team Plan 14-day free trial and upgrade it if you want. This plan has an annual subscription package of $360 per user.

Final Thoughts

Learning new knowledge and skills is now extremely convenient because of online educational platforms like Udemy. This website is perfect for individual learners and organizations that want to train their employees or members. The diverse library content of Udemy allows users to choose courses that interest them.

You can learn digital marketing, web development, software development, photography, music, crafts, and many more through this online learning platform.