Unique Benefits Of Using QuickBooks Online

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Unique Benefits Of Using QuickBooks Online

The market is overwhelmed with accounting applications as of today. QuickBooks is one of the most recommended accounting applications as it has been used by businesses across the globe for several years. It has a user base of more than 7 million users worldwide with years of experience. QuickBooks comes in two offerings known as QuickBooks Desktop and the newest offering QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Desktop is installed on a local system of the businesses, on the other hand, QuickBooks Online works on secured cloud servers which are owned and maintained by Intuit. It is accessible from any smart device such as a tablet, computer, or smartphone with an active internet connection. The online version is suitable for businesses looking for a remote working environment and needs real-time collaboration. While for the business that needs the industry-specific features and remote accessibility at the same time, can host QuickBooks Desktop through QuickBooks Hosting Providers as they would offer them similar features and security like QuickBooks Online. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of QuickBooks Online.

Support Is Available When Needed

If the business gets stuck with their accounting process or faces any glitch in the software, they can contact the QuickBooks Online support center through the help desk and get their issue resolved. As long as the business is paying for the QuickBooks license, they can access the support line for uninterrupted usage.

Electronic Payments

Electronic payments make all the business processes easier. Users won’t have to go to the bank to process checks and there won’t be a need to manually log the transaction in QuickBooks. Once the customer gets the invoices, they can make the payment through the link sent to them along with it. Once the payment is done, QuickBooks will automatically log the payment as soon as it is received.


QuickBooks Online provides businesses with a lot of options for reports. As the software provides remote accessibility, reports can be run and checked from anywhere across the globe. Users can access or request these reports from their mobile phones, Windows 10 Virtual Desktop, tablets, and so on at any given time. This makes the reporting process efficient for the businesses as they won’t have to wait to go to the office location and generate the reports.

No Local Backups

With QuickBooks Desktop, businesses had to regularly back up their program as if they would not it would result in data loss. This changes with QuickBooks Online, as all the process is carried out on Intuit’s cloud servers, and the data is automatically stored and backed up and on it. So, the fear of losing all the crucial data is eliminated, thanks to QuickBooks Online.

Inventory Tracking

QuickBooks Online is not only known for its accounting features but also the capability to track the business inventory. With built-in integrations, businesses can track their inventory especially their warehouses. This helps businesses a lot as they can easily restock their inventory with the help of these tools.

As you see, these were some of the unique benefits of QuickBooks Online. Apps4Rent provides secured services for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online with round-the-clock support and maintenance. They also have expertise in migration services such as Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration with great end-user support.