The Ultimate Guide to Private Registration on Online Services

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Guide to Private Registration on Online Services

Using a personal mobile phone number to create or verify an account on the internet can be risky these days. Even well-known online services with strong security systems regularly have hacking incidents, not to mention that some of them sell the private information of their customers to marketing companies. The biggest issue with this is that most people don’t know how to protect themselves from this. But the solution is simple. You just need to buy an online phone number, which can be used to privately sign up for any website or app.

Online numbers as a technical feature

Comparing such numbers to other currently available solutions, they can be fairly called a relatively new product on the technological market. Due to this, many people are still confused about how they work. Nevertheless, there is nothing complicated about them, although it may seem that way at first glance.

Online phone numbers are essentially the same as regular mobile numbers. They are very similar, except for one thing. This thing is online usage. You can use online numbers when located in any country around the world through appropriate platforms on the web without going anywhere. Such an approach is possible since these numbers belong to physical SIM cards from well-known cellular providers and are connected to servers of platforms that provide them with equipment like GSM modems and GoIP gateways or via API. Thanks to various websites and apps, everyone has the chance to take advantage of online numbers.

Most often they are provided for a single use only. However, there are also options to use them to receive unlimited text messages for a few hours, weeks, or even months. Therefore, even though usually they come as disposable, there is no problem with using them more than once if required.

Universally available

What worries newcomers most is the opportunity to use online numbers. Luckily, there are no requirements for potential users. Such numbers are available to everyone, irrespective of social status or financial capacity. Everything that is needed to operate them is any modern device with an internet connection to proceed to the appropriate platform.

Moreover, online phone numbers are pretty universal. Their universality lies in the fact that they can be used for registration on service of any kind. To be precise, online numbers are suitable for use with:

  • Social networking platforms;
  • Online stores;
  • Discussion forums;
  • Cab and food delivery services;
  • Other websites and apps.

They work in the same way as regular numbers, so, there is no issue with using them for the same purposes. Every website and app that has a mobile phone number verification feature accepts them.

Service to get online phone number

Nowadays, online numbers are provided by many different companies. Most of them offer their solutions as websites, which, however, doesn’t mean that this is the only option. There are also some that work as mobile or desktop apps and even bots on Telegram. But the choice should be carefully considered to find a convenient platform and get high-quality service at a fair price.

SMS-Man is one of the companies that meet these criteria. They have been providing appropriate tools for more than five years and during that time have proven their worth to more than a million users. It can be used in the following way to get the number:

1. Create an account on

2. Select a convenient payment method on the appropriate page and use it to recharge your profile.

3. Go to the main page where it is necessary to configure settings for the online phone number. Firstly, choose the country of issue. Then scroll the page to the tab with supported services and find one for which you are going to sign up. Once both steps mentioned above are done, click “Buy SMS”.

You will get an online number right after that. It can be found on the main page under tabs for number configuration. All that remains is to copy this number and use it to sign up for the associated service in the same way as a regular mobile phone number.