The Only 3 Things You Need To Know About Digital Business Cards

Editorial Team

3 Things You Need To Know About Digital Business Cards

Digital Business Cards are paving the way to a more economical, seamless, and efficient way to share your personal information amongst your clients, business partners, or anyone you may come across! Here are three reasons to switch to a Digital Business Card today.

Reason 1: We now live in a smartphone-dominant era and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t own one. The first reason to switch over is simply due to the fact that the entire process is simple, fast, and doesn’t require any third party apps.

 With NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, we are now able to transfer data from one device to another without having to do anything but simply hold one phone to another. You might know this process as you may already be using it! All contactless payments are done using this method. Digital Business Cards feature this tech so that you can just tap the card on the recipient’s phone and the contact information is sent over where the recipient can now save all that info for future use. The card also includes a QR code that also sends a link to the recipient’s phone when scanned! This further adds to the ease-of-access that Digital Business Cards offer.

Reason 2: Now let’s go back to the time where we didn’t have these capabilities. When someone changed position at their place of work, or got promoted, or perhaps even left their company, they were forced to scrap their old business cards and re-print brand new ones with entirely new contact information.

With Digital Business Cards, this is a thing of the past! So why keep your old single-use business card? Use one digital card and your information can be changed at any time. Using our companion App (Covve Card), you are able to edit your contact info whenever you wish. This means that you and everyone you come into contact with is updated and adds to the seamless integration that comes with this service.

Reason 3: Returning to the present, thankfully we as a civilization have moved on from our old monochromatic and factory-like aesthetics when it comes to branding and company image. We are seeing a return to flashy and eye-catching logos. Images and promotional material that can almost be called ‘art’. With Digital Business Cards, you too can now custom design your image and branding that will leave an impression. With digital art, the possibilities are endless. You can either submit your own design that you would like printed on your personalized card, or your company logo or any other visual materials you want incorporated into a design and a professional design team will prepare a proposal for your choosing.

I think that after reading this you can see why moving forward with a Digital Business Card is the right move. You have one card that’s always on you. Your information can be transferred over and saved in a matter of seconds. The custom branding on the card paired with the quick transfer of info makes the process of exchanging information feel a little more than just an interaction. And lastly, your information can be changed on the fly!

Are you ready to impress your contacts? Share your business card via QR code or with the tap of a phone using NFC with the Covve Digital Business Card.  Get yours now