Top 25 Steward Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Steward Interview Questions and Answers

This article provides you with the most commonly asked questions during a steward interview. Master how to answer them following the sample answers provided to help you increase your chances of getting a job.

1. Briefly, Introduce Yourself To This Panel.

I am Andrew and I’m very passionate about my steward career. I possess a high school diploma. Soon after finishing high school studies, I was employed by a local restaurant as a kitchen steward. Afterward, my skills and experience earned me a job at a 3-star hotel where I serve to date. I am a friendly and hardworking steward who enjoys performing duties such as washing dishes and wiping tables.I maintain high standards of cleanliness at my workplace. I’m also a customer-centric steward who takes delight in taking care of the needs of the customers.

2. Why Do You Want To Become A Steward?

I used to visit my auntie who owned a restaurant. During the day, I would go there to assist in cleaning dishes. My auntie realized that I was doing the role of a steward so well until she decided to take me as one of her employees. I have been serving as a steward at her restaurant for three years. During this time, I have gained a lot of experience and skills and this is why I am seeking a greater challenge to utilize them.After going through your job posting, I consider myself the best fit for this role.

3. What Are The Responsibilities Of A Steward?

The roles of a steward include but are not limited to the following:

  • Welcoming customers and serving them with water or other beverages
  • Ensuring the menus are clean as they present them to customers
  • Ensuring the tables are clean as well as setting the table by putting table cloths, decorations, candles
  • Removing the used utensils from the table as a way of preparing the table for the next client
  • Stocking the waiters serving stations with trays, condiments, utensils, and napkins
  • Helping in opening and closing tasks
  • Washing dirty dishes such as pans, plates, pots, glasses, and flatware
  • Help to mop, polish, sweep the restaurant kitchen, equipment, and bar
  • Helping in the housekeeping section
  • Helping to upload and store stock

4. What Are The Qualities Of A Good Steward?

A good steward must be committed to working hard, and possess excellent organizational, problem-solving, team working, customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills. Besides being reliable and responsible, he or she must have the ability to work well under pressure. He should also have the physical stamina to occasional pushing, lift, and pull heavy loads as well as ascend and descend stairs, ladders, and ramps. It is also very key to be attentive to details and remain calm and courteous always.

5. Do You Have Any Experience In This Role?

Yes, I have been holding a similar role for two years now at a restaurant. During this time, I have gained a lot of experience in ensuring that all restaurant sanitation standards are met, attending to customers’ needs, and assisting waiters by making sure that all stations are well stocked. I have also developed the necessary skills required to perform this role such as excellent organizational, problem-solving, team working, customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills. I have also become very responsible, flexible, and reliable. Given a chance, therefore, I will use all the skills, experience, and qualities that I have to make a success in this role.

6. Why Should We Hire You?

I am a hardworking and self-driven steward who can work efficiently under minimal or no supervision. I am committed to maintaining cleanliness standards in the restaurant, bar, and kitchen as well as any other area being used. Besides, I have a high school diploma and recently I have studied a course on serving beverages. My friendly, courteous, and polite nature allows me to relate well with other staff and customers. In addition, I have the physical stamina to stand for long hours and the necessary skills required to perform this role including customer care, communication, organization, interpersonal, and the ability to work under pressure.

Previously, I have been doing a similar role where I gained more experience in ensuring that all restaurant sanitation standards are met, attending to customers’ needs, and assisting waiters by making sure that all stations are well stocked. Should you offer me this job, I will use my strong traits, education, skills, qualities, and experience to ensure that your objective for this role is achieved.

7. Describe One Of Your Best Achievement Relating To The Role You Have Applied.

The proudest moment in my life is winning the steward of the year award last year.I felt that my service to my former restaurant was recognized. I believe that working hard pays and can open other doors beyond someone’s expectations. That is why I work with a self-driven attitude even if I am placed in a fast-paced environment. I am now working harder to retain this position. Should, you hire me for this role, I will utilize my strong qualities, skills, and experience to ensure that I also become the best employee of the year here.

8. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Steward.

When I get to work, I first report to my supervisor to find out if there is anything that requires my urgent intervention. Then I embark on my usual tasks including:

  • Assisting food and beverage servers to attending customers
  • Ensuring tables and rooms are clean and well set up
  • Helping guests with the items on the menu
  • Sweeping, mopping, and polishing the restaurant
  •  Washing bars, cleaning, and polishing equipment
  • Cleaning dishes, pots, pans, lights, tables, chairs, lights, etc
  • Helping barman to transport stock from departmental storerooms
  • Arranging food and beverage areas
  • Clearing the table and transporting used linen  to the laundry room

9. What Keep You Motivated In Your Work?

I have learned to be the best version of myself. I also get motivated by results and this makes me work hard and smart. My main aim is to ensure that my supervisor will not find anything to complain about my service. I have therefore set for myself a cleanliness standard that I  always work hard to achieve and maintain. I like when customers stream into the restaurant and they say that the restaurant is clean, the table is well set and they are clean too.

10. Which Is Your Favorite Working Environment?

I like working in an environment where teamwork is upheld and every employee treats each other with respect. This creates an environment where every employee feels that he or she is somebody hence working at their position to ensure that high productivity is achieved. I also love to work with supervisors who do not look down upon their juniors but instead help them to become the best version of themselves. I believe I can get such an environment at your restaurant.

11. Are You Available To Work Off Shift And on Weekends?

I would prefer to work during my shift and on weekdays. However, I am well aware that this is a demanding job and I would be flexible to work any other time as it may be required of me. This includes weekends, holidays, nights, and off shifts.

12. How Do You Cope With Pressures Related To Work?

I like keeping calm and organized to avoid getting stressed by work. However, I have realized that stress is inevitable at work. Whenever I feel stressed, I take a deep breath and this works magic for me. In the event I feel that work is overwhelming, I request my supervisor to provide reinforcement. In case there is no one to assist me, then I begin to perform the roles ahead in the order of their priority.

13. If You Pour Water On Your Customer While Serving, How Would Be Your Reaction?

I would first convey my apologies to the customer for pouring water on him or her. I would go ahead and explain that the incident was not intentional. Rather, it was by accident that I poured him or her water.I will also seek to respond to any concerns the customer may have regarding the mess. I will work with the customer to ensure all issues are settled.

14. If You Are Busy Setting Up And Cleaning The Table And A Customer Approach You Requesting You To Explain Something On The Menu, What Would You Do?

If a  customer approaches me seeking any kind of help, I would immediately pause what I’m doing and give them my full attention. I believe that customer service always should come first. I will listen to their needs, above all else. Once I get a grasp of what they need, I’ll offer my assistance appropriately even if it takes me away from the high-priority task for a moment. After I have the customer squared away, I’ll return and give that activity my full attention once more.

15. In Case You Discover That You Are Not Busy At The Restaurant, How Would You Spend Your Day?

I will take it as an opportunity to handle routine work that needs to be covered such as making sure that all the areas are clean and neat. I would also reach out to my coworkers and supervisor letting them know that I’m available to help in any way that could be beneficial to them.

16. The Roles Here Can Be Monotonous. Do You Have The Ability To Perform Repetitive Roles?

I am passionate about this role even though it is repetitive in nature. Over the years, I have realized that I work efficiently when I follow a particular routine since I can focus on every task at hand. In case I find myself losing focus, I normally change the order in which I am performing the tasks or even take periodic breaks.

17. Have You Ever Failed To Report For Work For Any Reason? If Yes, What Step Did You Take?

I have a record of always being punctual at work. However, one day it rained heavily, and getting to work was not easy since I could not get a ride. When I realized that I could not make it to attend my shift,  I called several team members requesting them to stand in for me. In a short while, I was able to find a colleague to cover my shift.

18. Our Restaurant Is Customer Centric. Why Do You Think We Value This?

Customer service is important because it enhances customer loyalty including increasing the number of times a customer buys from a restaurant. If customers realize that their needs are being met, they are likely to market someone’s business. This influence will make customers stream in large numbers. This will help in growing the amount of cash each customer spends every single visit and it can lead to an expansion of the restaurant.

19. If A Customer Calls You And Complains About An Unclean Table, How Would You React?

I would first calm down the customer by apologizing for the uncleanliness. Then, I would assure the customer that I will clean the table afresh immediately. Before I attend to the table, I would request the customer to move to another clean table. That way, I will be able to clean it effectively without spilling dirt to the customer.

20. What Would You Do If You Realize That A Table Has Been Double-Booked?

I would quickly look for another available table and reserve it. Then, I would allow the first customer to arrive to occupy the table they had booked. I would also notify them that the table had been double-booked and leave it at that, just to hear if the customer would be comfortable with occupying the other table. If they are, I would request them to use it. Otherwise, I would wait for the second customer and notify them about the double booking and also let them know that I had reserved another table for them.

21. How Would You Go About Satisfying A Guest Who Doesn’t Plan To Come Back To The Hotel Because Of A Bad Experience?

First, I would seek to understand what led to the bad experience. Once I know what made the customer feel bad, I will go ahead and convey my apologies. I would also make it up to the customer while remaining within the limits outlined by the hotel. I would also assure the customer that such an incident will not occur again.

22. Why Is Knowing More Than One Language Important For A Steward?

Hotels serve guests from different regions and countries who speak different languages. Thus, knowing two or more languages adds to excellent customer service. It becomes easier to build customer relationships when you communicate with guests in their own language. So, a steward makes customers more comfortable when he or she addresses them in the language they are most comfortable with. Recently, I enrolled to learn a third language.

23. What Work Do You Consider The Most Essential For A Steward?

All the duties and responsibilities performed by a steward are important. Stewards play a critical role in keeping a hotel, restaurant, bar, or lounge clean. This includes cleaning dishes while attending to customer needs. However, I feel that proper waste disposal is very essential in a kitchen setting. I believe that cleanliness should begin in the kitchen. If waste food is not disposed of properly, all the food prepared in the kitchen might be unsafe for consumption. Thus, a steward should ensure to dispose of ofall waste food appropriately so that it can then be hauled to disposal sites thereafter.

24. Relating To This Role, Describeof  A Time Looking Back Today You Wish You Would Have Done Things Differently.

During peak meal times, the restaurant can get incredibly busy. It was during peak meals when I was approached by a customer who wanted my assistance. I can attest that I did not have the best attitude while assisting her. My response was a bit curt though this is not my typical standard.  I could tell that she noticed my attitude towards her. When I realized this, I tried to adjust my attitude. Looking back, I regret that mistake. Today, I always take a beat before responding to a customer, and if I could go back, I’d use that technique now. Even a brief second allows me to check myself, ensuring I don’t let past frustrations influence the new interaction. It only takes a moment but allows me to refocus, enabling me to offer the customer the best experience possible.

25. Why Is It Important To Follow The Set Service Standards, Procedures, And Policies?

Policies, procedures, and standards help to work towards a common goal. They enable the workforce of a hotel, bar, or restaurant to act in a specific manner that seeks to achieve a common goal. Thus, following them is important to direct individual efforts towards achieving the set goals and objectives. Otherwise, employees who do not adhere to set rules will hardly achieve the set goal. In the end, the ultimate objective will not be achieved.


Having reviewed these questions and answers, you have insights that will make you shine during the interview. However, do not forget to research the company’s dress code to know how you will dress for the interview. If possible choose your outfit a night before the interview. This will help you to ensure that the outfit is clean and wrinkle-free.

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