How to Effectively Share a Job Posting On LinkedIn

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How to Effectively Share a Job Posting On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is engrossed in connecting professionals. It was founded in 2002 and has become the world’s immense professional network, with over 700 million members worldwide.

LinkedIn allows users to create a personal profile, connect with other professionals, join groups, and follow companies. It is a tool for job search and networking and a platform for companies to recruit and hire talent.

In addition to its networking features, LinkedIn also offers a variety of resources and tools for job seekers, including a job search function, a salary comparison tool, and a skills assessment tool. It is also a popular platform for content creation, with users sharing articles, posts, and updates on professional topics.

LinkedIn has become an essential tool for professionals looking to build and grow their careers and for companies looking to recruit top talent and build their brands.

An effective job posting attracts suitable candidates, provides them with the data required to decide whether to apply and inspires them to take action. Sharing a job posting on LinkedIn can be a considerable option to reach a large and professional audience. Here are some influential points to share in a job posting on LinkedIn:

1. Create A Strong Headline:

A strong headline is an essential part of a job posting as it can attract the attention of potential candidates and entice them to read more about the job. Here are some strategies for strong headlines for a job posting:

  • Be clear and concise: Use a clear and concise headline that accurately reflects the job title and its primary responsibilities.
  • Highlight the role and company: Make sure the headline mentions the job title and company name so potential candidates can quickly understand the job and location.
  • Make it attention-grabbing: Use active language and strong keywords to make the headline eye-catching and memorable.
  • Avoid jargon or abbreviations: Make sure the headline is in simple language that is easy for potential candidates to understand.
  • Customize the headline for each job posting: Avoid using the same headline for multiple job postings, as this can make the postings appear generic and unappealing to potential candidates.

Example of a strong headline for a job posting: “Marketing Manager Wanted: Join Our Growing Team at XYZ Company”

Remember, the headline is the first thing potential candidates will see, so it’s essential to make a good impression right from the start.

2. Compelling Job Description:

A compelling job description can help attract suitable candidates and increase the chances of finding the best person for the job. Start with an overview; Begin the narrative with an overview of the job and its primary responsibilities to give potential candidates a clear understanding of the role. Highlight the benefits of the job, such as opportunities for growth and development, company culture, and the compensation and benefits package. Be specific about the requirements and qualifications for the job, including the education, skills, and experience needed. Use active language and strong verbs to make the description engaging and memorable. Showcase the company; provide information about the company, including its history, mission, and values, to give potential candidates a better understanding of the company culture. Provide examples of the tasks and responsibilities involved in the job to give potential candidates a better experience of what they would be doing daily. Finally, highlight the team: Mention the group the candidate would be joining and any opportunities for collaboration and professional growth.

Let’s share an example of a Compelling Job Description:

We seek a driven and creative Marketing Manager to join our growing team at XYZ Company. As the Marketing Manager, you will develop and execute marketing strategies to drive brand cognizance and growth. You will work with cross-functional teams to create and launch innovative campaigns, measure and analyze their success, and continuously optimize for results.

3. Company Logo:

Adding a company logo to a job posting can make it more visually appealing and help establish its brand identity. Some suggestions for adding a company logo are:

  • Use a high-quality image: Use a high-resolution image of the company logo that is clear and easy to see.
  • Please place it in a prominent location: Place the logo in a central location, such as at the top of the job posting, to make it easily noticeable.
  • Use consistent branding: Use the company’s established colour palette and typography to create a consistent brand image.
  • Make it clickable: If the job posting is shared online, consider making the logo clickable so potential candidates can easily access the company’s website or social media accounts.
  • Ensure the logo is up-to-date: Ensure the most up-to-date version of the symbol accurately represents the company’s current branding.

4. Eye-Catching Visuals:

Using eye-catching visuals in a job posting can help make it more memorable and appealing to potential candidates. Here are some tips:

  • Use images or graphics: Use relevant images or pictures to illustrate the job responsibilities, the company culture, or the benefits of working for the company.
  • Make it visually appealing: Use colour, typography, and other design elements to make the job posting attractive and professional.
  • Highlight key information: Use visuals to highlight essential information, such as the location of the job, the salary range, or the benefits package.
  • Use infographics to present information in an easily digestible and visually appealing format.
  • Keep it relevant: Use visuals pertinent to the job and the company that helps communicate the opportunity effectively.

5. Posting To The Right Groups:

Posting a job listing to the right group on LinkedIn can help ensure that it reaches the right audience and increases your chances of finding the best candidate for the job. Some tips for posting to the right group on LinkedIn might be helpful:

  • Research relevant groups: Research and identify groups pertinent to your industry, location, or job function with a large and engaged member base.
  • Join the group: Join the group and actively participate in the discussions to establish yourself as a member and build relationships with other members.
  • Read the group guidelines: Read the group guidelines and ensure you understand what type of content is allowed and what is not to ensure that your job listing complies with the rules.
  • Target your posting: When posting your job listing, target it to the right audience, using keywords and phrases relevant to the job and the group.
  • Provide relevant information: Provide as much relevant information as possible, including the job title, location, job responsibilities, qualifications, and how to apply.

6. Encouraging Your Network To Share The Post:

Encouraging your network to share your job posting can help increase its visibility and reach a wider audience of potential candidates. Personalize your request to share the job posting by reaching out to your connections individually rather than sending a generic message to your entire network. Make it easy for your network to share your job posting by providing them with a pre-written letter or a link to the job listing they can share with their networks. Also, offering incentives, such as a referral bonus, to encourage your network to share the job posting and help you find the best candidate can be helpful. Also, keep your network informed of the job search progress and tell them when the position has been charged. And show appreciation for their help by sending a thank you message or gift to acknowledge their efforts and build stronger relationships.

7. Respond To Comments And Messages: 

Responding to comments and messages promptly and professionally can help create a positive image for your company and improve the candidate experience. Respond promptly to comments and messages, ideally within 24 hours, to show that you are engaged and interested in hearing from potential candidates. Use a professional tone to evade slang, emoticons, or other informal language. Provide relevant information in response to questions or concerns, and be transparent about the hiring process and timeline. Address any issues or concerns potential candidates raise, and provide a resolution if possible. Keep the conversation private and avoid discussing confidential information in public forums. By responding to comments and messages promptly and professionally, you can create a positive image for your company and improve the candidate experience, making it more likely that the best candidates will apply for the job.

8. Be Clear And Concise:

Provide a comprehensible and succinct description of the job responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications. Avoid using jargon or abbreviations that may be confusing to potential candidates.


Keeping some points clear and concise for an effective job posting might be helpful.

Also, use relevant keywords in the job description to help the posting appear in relevant job searches.

Provide information about the compensation and benefits package, including the salary range, insurance benefits, and other perks. Provide clear instructions on applying for the job, including the materials required and the application deadline. Use images, graphics, or videos to make the posting more visually appealing and memorable. Make sure the job posting complies with all relevant labour laws and employment regulations, and avoid including any information that could be considered discriminatory.