Top 20 Reading Teacher Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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Reading Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

In a world that greatly embraces education, reading is a fundamental skill. Reading teachers help students learn how to read and build their literacy skills. This article will look at some of the questions that you should expect in a reading teacher’s interview to increase your chances of success.

1. Why are You Interested in this Role?

This is by far the most common question in interviews. You are expected to mention some things you find appealing about the role you are interviewing for or the particular institution or establishment. Convince the interviewer that you have good intentions.

Sample Answer

I started learning late and therefore struggled with reading. I chose to pursue this career to help students undergoing the same problem. I know how demotivating it can be to lag, especially in reading. I want to interact with those students, work with them and impart these essential literacy skills. As for this establishment, I love your policies and non-discriminatory work environment. You have ensured that everybody who steps in here feels welcomed. I believe in your values and missions as they resonate with mine. I, therefore, know that I will have a good working experience. I am ready to apply everything I have learned over time and my diverse skills for the benefit of this institution. I’d be honored if given a chance.

2. What are the Roles of a Reading Teacher?

The interviewer wants to know if you are sure about your mandates. Take a look at the job description or mention some of the roles you played in your former workplace.

Sample Answer

A reading teacher’s primary role is to help students improve their literacy skills. They help them read fluently and understand what they are reading. These teachers work in classroom settings and offer instruction and assistance to a range of students. Part of their work also includes conducting assessments and screening, creating lesson plans that take care of the students’ capabilities, monitoring them, and preparing reports. Additionally, they advise and encourage students every step of the way as well as liaise with parents to help students learn at home.

3. What are the Qualities that a Reading Teacher Needs to be Successful?

Do you know what it takes to be an excellent reading teacher? Mention the skills, attributes, and abilities that are necessary for this job. Make sure that all those are job-specific.

Sample Answer

A good reading teacher should believe in their students and have high expectations for each of them. This pushes the student to work harder. They must be able to constantly monitor their students to know which areas require special attention and develop a good relationship with the students and parents to help the former. Other qualities include patience, approachability, enthusiasm, excellent communication skills, and professionalism.

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4. What are the Challenges that You Faced in Your Last Role? How Did You Overcome Them?

Can you solve the challenges that you will face in this role? The interviewer wants to know your capability based on your past experiences. Do not badmouth your former employer.

Sample Answer

My last job was fantastic. I believe that it propelled me to where I am today. However, at first, I was paired with an uncooperative colleague who almost cost me my job. I talked to him, but on seeing that he wasn’t making any improvement, I contacted my supervisor, who arranged for a disciplined and more cooperative workmate hence solving the problem.

5. Describe Your Daily Routine

What do you do on a daily basis in this profession? Ensure that whatever you mention is job-related.

Sample Answer

My daily routine involves coming up with reading plans that consider the students’ abilities and learning styles, helping them in their reading and writing, and consulting with teachers and parents to recommend strategies that will improve their reading skills. I also monitor progress and report.

6. Briefly Describe Your Experience

Your experience is detailed in your work resume and CV, and therefore, be as brief as this question needs.

Sample Answer

 I have been a reading teacher for seven years. I have worked in schools, children’s homes, and centers for disabled kids. I have learned several teaching techniques that have helped me teach even autistic children how to read. I am also a counselor and have helped several students go through their home issues.

7. Mention a Strategy and Mindset Required for this Job

A strategy is a way of doing things that guarantees good results, whereas the mindset is a perspective that allows you to be productive. Whatever you mention must be job-specific.

Sample Answer

The best strategy for any reading teacher is to create a bond with the students before the screening stage. This can be made possible by being friendly and charming. You experience an easier time if the students are free and can trust you. As for the right mindset, a reading teacher should be cheerful to inspire and work well with the students.

8. What is the Main Challenge that You Foresee in this Role?

This is a straightforward question. Be honest with the interview and mention any obstacles that you may face in the institution. Just make sure that you don’t look incompetent.

Sample Answer

I have learned that this is a general interview for all of your institutions, and therefore, you may post one far away from their home. My biggest challenge would be relocating to another place after we have been assigned roles. I may need a week or two to get my things in order and arrange for my family to join me if I get this chance. Any other challenge will be easy to deal with.

9. How Do You Stay Motivated in this Role?

Where do you get the strength to help students learn daily? What gets you out of the house every day? Ensure that whatever you mention doesn’t make you look materialistic.

Sample Answer

My greatest motivation comes from my love for working with kids. Our responsibility as teachers and mothers is to mold and help them chart a course in life. I, therefore, treat these kids like mine and can’t give up on them. I also love working with others for the greater good. Knowing that I am working with my colleagues to help impart essential skills to students gives me the strength to do this every day.

10. Mention a Time that You Failed in this Role. What Lesson Did You Learn?

Can you admit your mistakes? Do you usually learn from your downfalls? This is a test of your accountability and ability to learn from your mistakes.

Sample Answer

I once failed to conduct repetitive screening on students after the initial one and therefore could not capture some weakness until it was too late. Even though I worked twice as hard to counter these impediments, this experience taught me to screen students thoroughly for their reading prowess before beginning any teaching process.

11. Why Do You Believe that You Deserve this Position Out of all the Candidates?

This is the best chance of selling yourself. The interviewer wants you to talk about some of the things that make you different or more qualified than all the other specialists.

Sample Answer

After working in this field for over ten years, I have managed to amass a great deal of experience that I will use to better this institution. I have worked with a range of kids, including autistic ones and those with ADHD. I can also bond exceedingly well with the kids, given that I am a mother and a professional. I am optimistic that I will impact the lives of your students.

12. Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

The interviewer has given you a chance to mention some of your most rewarding experiences as a reading teacher. If possible, talk about how you impacted the life of someone, be it a student or a parent.

Sample Answer

My most outstanding achievement in this field was helping an autistic child learn how to read. It was my first experience dealing with a disabled kid as a reading teacher. It was one of the most demanding yet most satisfying occurrences in my career. Seeing her mother tear up when she heard her kid read on an impromptu visit to the school warmed my heart. I knew that I had impacted the life of someone.

13. Do You Believe that Technology is Important in Your Job?

The interviewer wants to know the role that technology plays in your job as a reading specialist. Even though you are not required to depend on it when doing your job wholly, it is still pretty significant. You can talk about the software programs or mobile apps that help you work with children.

Sample Answer

Even though I do not entirely rely on technology in this job, it still plays a massive role in my work as a reading teacher. I can’t ignore its impact in helping children horn their reading skills. I usually use a range of software programs and mobile apps such as Epic that helps kids learn how to read. I also use WhatsApp to stay connected to their parents and monitor them while they are at home. Technology, therefore, plays a vital role in my work.

14. How Will You Identify Kids Who Need Help?

Part of your job as a reading teacher is to identify children who can’t read well and help them nurture their reading skills. Therefore, it would help if you had a clear strategy for identifying children who may struggle with reading.

Sample Answer

After screening them for letter knowledge, word identification fluency, and phonological awareness, I usually separate students into two groups. It helps me identify those who need help and those who don’t. After the general screening, I work with individual students to see how to help them. Part of this includes meeting with their parents, knowing more about their learning and family background, and identifying what impedes their education. All in all, I usually ensure that every student gets the necessary help.

15. You Will Definitely be Working with Other Teachers and Parents? How Will You Ensure Success?

The interviewer wants to know if you are capable of working in team settings. As a reading teacher, you will need to collaborate with other stakeholders to benefit the students. Convince the interviewer that you will work well with other teachers and parents to help different students.

Sample Answer

I understand how important it is to work with other teachers and parents for the benefit of the students. I will involve fellow teachers in identifying students who need help by urging them to forward to me for screening purposes any students struggling to read. I will also monitor some of those students in their respective class settings for performance purposes. I will work closely with parents to understand the student’s background, come up with ways of helping them learn at home, and monitor performance.

16. Do You Believe that Monitoring and Reporting are Important in Your Job?

Monitoring and reporting are essential for a reading teacher. Therefore, your answer must be positive. All you need to do is explain to the interviewer why these two are crucial.

Sample Answer

Monitoring and reporting are essential in helping children learn how to read. I usually monitor the progress of every student to assess whether they have attained the goals and milestones that we set after the initial screening. It also helps me learn about their limitations. Reporting comes after monitoring. It lets me know where every child stands and makes it easier for the teacher to take over after me. I can also share such reports easily with other professionals.

17. What Do You Expect from People Around Here?

The interviewer wants to know what you expect from your colleagues, school administrators, and teachers. Be honest. However, ensure that you have and only mention realistic expectations.

Sample Answer

To be honest, I only expect a lot from myself. I always strive to do my best and register impressive results in any institution that trusts in my ability. I will also ensure that I build a good relationship with the students. From my colleagues and the school administrators, I only expect cooperation. I hope that they will give me an easy time to help the students learn how to read.

18. What Don’t We Know About You?

The interviewer wants you to tell them something about yourself that hasn’t come up in the interview yet. You can give them a story about your life, education, extra degrees, and any personal story.

Sample Answer

Most people don’t know that I grew up an orphan and didn’t get any education till I was ten years old. I, therefore, struggled with reading and writing at a time when my fellow students were flourishing and doing well in their education. It took the efforts of one particular teacher, Ms. Rouane, to know how to read and sharpen my literacy skills. Thankfully, I was a fast learner and managed to improve my literacy skills quite fast.

19. What Do You Understand by Quality?

Your definition of quality will tell the interviewer if you can deliver excellent results when given a chance. Be wise.

Sample Answer

Quality to me means excellent results or something that exceeds the set standards. In this field, it means giving the students something that will help them throughout their lives and not just at that stage of learning. Whenever I help students sharpen their literacy skills, I am sure that I am giving them a lifelong gift. That’s quality for me.

20. What Do You Know About Our School?

The interviewer wants to know if you took some time to research about the contracting institution. Mention any basic information that comes to mind.

Sample Answer

I know quite a lot about this school, given that I attended it growing up. It is one of the oldest institutions in this area, started in 1960, over 50 decades ago. It performs exceedingly well and is currently ranked the best school in the district. It has a population of seven hundred students, over 30 workers, 25 teachers, and two principals.


These twenty questions should help you perform exceedingly well in your upcoming interview. Ensure that you dress well, maintain a good posture during the interview and give the interviewer a good first impression to increase your chances of landing the job.