Top 20 Linkedin Interview Questions and Answers 2024

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Linkedin Interview Questions and Answers

LinkedIn is currently the most prominent professional network in the world. It connects job seekers to lots of potential employers. This article will look at some of the questions you should expect when interviewing for a position with the entity.

1. What Do You Know About Us?

This usually is one of the first questions when interviewing for a position with a renowned establishment. Make sure that you find out as much information about LinkedIn before your interview.

Sample Answer

You are an American professional network that was created in 2003. You operate via websites and mobile apps and allow job seekers to connect to employers after posting their CVs. You currently boast of over 700 million members from more than 200 countries in the world. You allow both workers and employees to connect in an online social network similar to real-world professional relationships. Other activities that people can do with LinkedIn include publishing job postings, organizing offline events, and posting photos and videos.

2. Mention Some of Our Competitors

The interviewer wants to know if you can mention a few companies giving this entity a run for its money. Make sure that you only say those that are flourishing.

Sample Answer

Linkedin has done an excellent job ever since its formation, which explains why it is the biggest professional network in the world. However, a few companies have also been serving a considerable share of the market. These include, ZipRecruiter, Monster, and Facebook.  All these allow people to post jobs and meet several potential employees with different skillsets and capabilities.

3. We Highly Value Research. Do You Think That One Should Always Research about a Project Before Commencement?

The interviewer wants to know about your work habit and how you prefer going about your projects. Please find out more about how this company works and convince the interviewer that you have excellent research skills.

Sample Answer

I believe that one should conduct extensive research before the commencement of a project. It allows people to identify important details and save time once the project starts. I usually research extensively before every undertaking since it helps me plan and identify the possible challenges. However, I also understand that some instances require going right into the project. I will still try as much as possible to find out some information about it.

4. Why Do You Believe You Will be a Good Fit at LinkedIn?

The interviewer wants you to convince them that you will be of value to the entity if employed. Mention some of your skills or attributes that the company will benefit from.

Sample Answer

I believe that I have all the skills and attributes required for someone working here. I am an excellent researcher, thanks to my love for finding out new information. I know how to organize myself, prioritize my work and get things done on time. I am also a good team worker, owing to my experience in different group settings. I understand and respect your values, and I am also willing to abide by them if given a chance to work here.

5. What is Your Biggest Strength?

The interviewer wants you to mention an outstanding quality about you. Please look at the job description, find out what the entity needs, and link them with some of your abilities. The strength you mention should convince the interviewer that you are a good choice for the role you are interviewing for.

Sample Answer

I have several strengths that I believe will benefit this workplace. However, the main one is my passion for learning new things and acquiring further information. I usually spend a lot of time online or in the library reading and browsing to find new information. I believe that this is an important attribute, especially when working for a professional network. I will go out of my way to research extensively on different topics and find new ways to improve this workplace.

6. Why are You Leaving Your Last Job?

This is a common question that helps interviewers learn more about you as an employee. Do not talk negatively about your former workplace. Badmouthing your former employer means that you have a terrible personality, and nobody should associate with you.

Sample Answer

I left my last job to look for new challenges and a chance for career progression, which I believe I will find in this workplace. It allowed me to learn more about this field and horn my research skills, which have helped me in my career. However, after serving the company for over eight years, I knew that it was time to leave and find a new environment where I could progress and get exposed to new challenges.

7. Can You Mention Our Values?

The interviewer is assessing just how much you know about the interviewing company. It would be best if you always took some time to research the organization before the interview extensively.

Sample Answer

LinkedIn has several values that guide its operations and that of its users. These are excellence which refers to the quality of work services and output; openness, honesty, and constructiveness, which relates to feedback; taking intelligent risks to yield high returns and minimize loss; prioritizing relationships, which is pretty crucial given that this online network links employers to job seekers and lastly, acting like an owner.

8. What’s Your Stance on Teamwork?

The interviewer wants to know what you think about working as a team. This is a chance to convince them that you highly value teamwork. Remember, entities are switching into collaborative working owing to the advantages it poses.

Sample Answer

I highly value teamwork. I have been part of several teams in my career and therefore understand the advantages of collaborative work. Even though I can also work independently, I prefer being paired with other employees on projects. Teamwork saves time, offers more room for constructive feedback and lesser room for mistakes, enhances accuracy, and makes work easier. It also allows employees to get along well.

9. Tell Me About a Time You Proved that You are a Leader

It would help if you convinced the hiring manager that you can step up and manage others or handle challenging situations that may arise in the workplace. Give a credible experience.

Sample Answer

While working at a fast-food restaurant immediately after school, my shift manager called in sick, and therefore, we had nobody to supervise us. Since I was the one who had stayed the longest in the establishment, I assumed his roles, coordinating other employees and ensuring that everything was in order in the store while also going through my regular duties. Even though it was tiresome, I managed well and was successful in the end.

10. What Would Your Former Co-workers Say about You?

This question will help the interviewer know whether you will fit in with the existing team. You should highlight your strengths without bragging.

Sample Answer

I blended in well with my former co-workers and learned a lot about teamwork. They would say that I am a hardworking, intelligent, and diligent worker. At one point, a colleague told me that I inspired them to be at their best and give their all in their jobs, given the passion I exuded in the workplace. Additionally, I am a good timekeeper and a highly organized individual.

11. If You Had a Chance to Begin Your Career, What Would You Do Differently?

The hiring manager wants to know who you are and your personality based on your answer. What are your career interests? Be honest.

Sample Answer

I do not regret anything about my career. Even though I have had several shortcomings over the years, I am satisfied with how it has turned out. However, if I got a chance to start over, I would pursue my Master’s in Business Administration earlier to unlock most of these opportunities I managed to scoop after working for quite some time.

12. How Do You Stay Updated on Industry Trends?

The interviewer can ask you this question to determine if you are passionate about this particular industry. Be honest.

Sample Answer

I love being on top of things. I have lots of sources that keep me up to date with new technologies and trends. I love reading and therefore follow several blogs by industry leaders. I also read lots of online journals and some of the verified articles I come across. I also attend workshops and mentorship programs.

13. In Your Opinion, Who Do You Think is the Smartest Person on Earth?

This is one of the most straightforward questions you can expect in a LinkedIn Interview. You can mention your family member, author, celebrity, tech genius, or friend. Please explain why you believe they are brilliant.

Sample Answer

As someone interested in tech, I believe that the most intelligent person on earth at the moment is Elon Musk.  He is always thinking about the future and coming up with designs that the average person deems impossible. He has done an outstanding job with Tesla and most of the companies he is involved with. I also love how he is respected in the cryptocurrency world.

14. Will You Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

You should know that this professional network highly values privacy and confidentiality. You should therefore convince the interviewer that you are willing to do anything possible to uphold these two.

Sample Answer

I understand just how much you value confidentiality and privacy in your engagements. I am willing to abide by that by signing a non-disclosure agreement. I will also do everything possible to ensure that every confidential information or invention is protected. I know that these trade secrets help you stay ahead of your competitors and shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

15. How Will You Help Us Stay Ahead of Our Competitors?

The interviewer wants to know if you will add value to the workplace by helping LinkedIn stay ahead of its competitors. You can mention a few creative ideas that you have.

Sample Answer

I am interested in helping you maintain being an industry leader. I will extensively research some of the things the network can do to widen the gap between it and its competitors. I also intend to monitor our competitors, identify their weaknesses, and know how to benefit from them. The best way of maintaining the number one position is to constantly strive to be better, which I am willing to help you achieve if given a chance.

16. What is the Riskiest Decision that You Have Ever Made in the Workplace?

The interviewer wants to know if you are a risk-taker. However, make sure that whatever you mention was a calculated risk. Sell yourself without feeling that you are bragging.

Sample Answer

During my first year of management, I decided to pursue a strategy that promised huge returns to the organization but had a 70% failure rate. We were lagging in revenue and were at the brink of closing our doors when such an opportunity came up. Seeing that we had nothing to lose, I decided to pursue it, which turned out to be successful. Most of the senior managers who had warned me couldn’t believe that the venture turned out to be a success.

17. Can You Work in a Diverse Setting?

You need to understand that LinkedIn appreciates diversity. You must therefore be ready to respect and work with those different from you. Mention how you will successfully get along with those from diverse backgrounds.

Sample Answer

I have worked in diverse settings before and therefore understand how to flourish in such work environments. I usually see the good in people regardless of their origin. I don’t stereotype others based on what I have heard or watched, given that we are all humans. I also know how to respect boundaries and other people’s beliefs or ways of life. All these have helped me work in diverse settings.

18. What are Some of the Things that You Will Gain Working With Us?

How will working at LinkedIn benefit you? This is a chance to praise the company and mention anything working here will do to your career. Do not mention anything material.

Sample Answer

Working with the world’s largest professional network will help me advance in my career and build my CV. I will be exposed to new challenges that will prepare some for future roles such as management. I also stand to gain valuable insights from some of the best managers and mentors globally, which will increase my understanding of the industry.

19. Can You Describe Your Personality

Your personality will tell whether you will seamlessly fit into the organization’s culture. Make sure that whatever you mention relates to this entity’s culture.

Sample Answer

I am an easy-going person who loves interacting with others, making new friends, and working as a team. I believe that this is made possible by my extensive people skills that help me create good relationships with those around me and help in team settings. I know that I will work well with employees from diverse backgrounds. I believe that I am also clever, given that I am good at learning new things and obtaining hidden information.

20. What is Your Biggest Weakness?

The interviewer wants you to highlight your most significant shortcoming. You know your inadequacies better than everyone else. Do not shy away from admitting that you have a weakness. Everybody does.

Sample Answer

Even though most people believe that it is not a weakness, my excessive desire for success is my shortcoming. Even though it pushes me to do my best at all times, I usually get heartbroken and even sick when I fail. It began during childhood and followed me into adulthood. However, I am working on it, convincing myself to go easy on myself since failure is part of life. If you are wondering, it won’t be a problem once I get this job.


We have exhausted some of the questions that you should expect in a LinkedIn Interview. Ensure that you sharpen your answering skills and work on your first impression. Speak clearly and properly articulate your words during the interview.