Organizational Process Assets Template [Free Download]

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1          Introduction

The purpose of gathering organizational process assets from the enterprise is to ensure that current standards in use are continued throughout any new initiatives and any governance standards used are continued into the development of a new solution.

2          Description

Organizational process assets include the elements of existing business analysis approaches in use by the organization. Organizational process assets that may be useful in defining the business analysis approach include methodologies for process change or software development, tools or techniques that are in use or understood by stakeholders, corporate governance standards (such as COBIT™, Sarbanes-Oxley, and Basel II), and templates for deliverables. In addition to these general standards, the organization may have guidelines in place for tailoring the process to fit a specific initiative. The following table is a checklist to use to gather the information at the beginning of a project to ensure current standards are followed.

Asset TypeDescriptionStill In UseLocation
Process Change Methodology   
Software Development Methodology   
Software Development Tools   
BA Technique(those known to be understood)  
BA Technique   
Corporate Governance   

Table 1:  Checklist

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