5 Best Paraphrasing Tools To Polish Your Content

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Best Paraphrasing Tools

To ensure the visibility of content writers must create and publish improved and high-quality content but, this often gets difficult for writers as they have to juggle multiple tasks daily.

Publishing content that is not original can attempt badly in visibility and even act as a factor for low ranking and site penalizing.

A paraphrasing tool online can help writers and bloggers to polish their content within just a few clicks and make it able to rank, all thanks to the three pillars of advanced technologies AI, NLP, and ML.

Getting your hand on the right paraphrasing tool plays a vital part in improving or destroying the content quality therefore, you should not pick and use any random writing tool, be picky!

To help you all, we list down the 5 best paraphrasing tools that can help every writer, blogger, and student to polish their content quality.

So, without any further ado let’s get started!

What are Paraphrasing Tools and How Do They Polish Content Quality?

Paraphrasing tools are rewriters that are designed to rewrite any piece of content whether it is academic, journal, or a website article, the tool automatically rewrites the content by using synonyms, different narratives, different sentence structures, styles, and tones.

To polish the content quality, a paraphrasing tool rewrites text by eliminating redundant words and phrases and by fixing all the grammatical, spelling, and other writing errors because such mistakes badly affect content quality.

Furthermore, the paraphrasing tool rewrites content to make it free of plagiarism which is an important search engine ranking factor.

5 Best Paraphrasing Tools to Polish Your Content

1.    Paraphrasing Tool Online by Prepostseo

A Prepostseo paraphrasing tool is an all-rounder tool for every content problem, whether you want to fix the sentence structure of the content, improve its tone, or remove the plagiarism this tool can help you with everything.

This paraphrasing tool online comes in both free and premium versions, the free version allows users to access three paraphrasing modes ‘Simple,’ ‘Advanced,’ and ‘Fluency’ whereas, the premium version allows access to all four modes of paraphrasing.

How does this tool polish content quality?

This paraphrasing tool analyzes each line and word of the source text before starting the paraphrasing process and after understanding the meaning of the entire source text the tool uses different sets of words to generate unique paraphrases.

The tool improves the content quality by replacing complex words and phrases with simple alternative vocabulary and phrases that sound natural to readers.


All four modes of this tool are designed to rewrite content in different styles and tones to improve the content quality and boost its readability.

This tool can rewrite sentences or even an entire article by doing little or more variations to the content, all the variations depend on the paraphrasing mode user selected to rewrite content.

2.    Paraphraser.io

Paraphraser.io use advanced AI algorithms to rewrite any content within a few seconds and each paraphrase generated by this tool is extremely high in quality.

If you want to improve the quality of your existing content then this tool can be a great option as it is completely free to use, you can copy/paste any lengthy article or blog and the tool will rewrite it by maintaining its originality and credibility.

How does this tool polish content quality?

To improve any content quality this paraphrasing tool shortens the sentences by removing unnecessary and repeated words and phrases.

The tool follows a clear and concise writing style so that the paraphrased text does not sound fluffy to readers and they can understand things without getting bored or furious.


As readers do not appreciate lengthy paragraphs that are repeating the same ideas without any different narrative.

This paraphrasing tool offers multiple modes of paraphrasing and each mode generates paraphrases as if they are written by a human being.

3.    Rephrase.info

Rephrase.info does not just rewrite content with a few variations to make content plagiarism-free but also improves the entire content quality to make the content engaging and relevant to readers.

This rephrasing tool works in five modes, each mode uses a sophisticated AI algorithm and NLP technology to generate unique and high-quality paraphrases.

This paraphrasing tool can be used to create blog posts, social media content, academic content, and business content at absolutely no cost.

How does this tool polish content quality?

This paraphrasing tool excludes every inch of extra and irrelevant information from the given content that can make the content sounds dull and risk its ranking on a search engine.

The tool generates content by optimizing the content body, improving its structure, and fixing writing errors that are hard to find manually.


This tool also cuts down complex information to simplify the content and its meaning so that multiple readers can engage.

4.    Paraphraz.it

Paraphraz.it is a multi-lingual paraphrasing tool that can rewrite content in multiple languages without ruining the quality of the content.

This paraphrasing tool has the ability to rewrite the content of even a 10-year-old, making it enough engaging and credible for the current audience.

With this AI paraphrasing tool users can make custom changes to the content like choosing different content tones and writing styles.

The only drawback of this tool is it works pretty slowly which means you have to be patient to get your results.

How does this tool polish content quality?

This paraphrasing tool improves the content quality by reconstructing sentences that are not arranged in the correct order.

The tool focuses on content flow therefore, it rewrites sentences in a way that they connect to each other to provide complete understanding to readers.


This tool is great for beginners who don’t have enough writing skills as this tool can polish their content writing skills by showing them how to write clear and concise paragraphs.

5.    Paraphraser.co

Last but not least, Paraphraser.co can be a great addition to the list as this paraphrasing tool allow users to rewrite sentences to remove plagiarism and improve the quality.

This paraphrasing tool currently works in two languages English and Filipino and allows users to enter only 5,000 characters at a time, which means if your content is lengthy you have to break it into multiple paragraphs to run through this tool.

How does this tool polish content quality?

This paraphrasing tool focuses on reconstructing sentences, cutting down irrelevant information, providing clarity, and optimizing the content body to make to maintain and polish its quality.


This tool has a vast library of synonyms to replace complex words but first, it understands the words to decide whether or not they are easily understood by humans.

Grammar errors play a huge role in demolishing the content’s quality, this paraphrasing tool checks for all the grammatical errors before generating the results.

Wind Up

Paraphrasing tools are beneficial for writers in many ways they can improve the content quality and help writers improve their content writing skills by showing the perfect strategies to write high-quality content.

In the above sections, we discussed the 5 best paraphrasing tools that can help maintain and polish content quality and the writer’s content writing skills.

You can check out all the above five paraphrasing tools before you decide to use any random paraphrasing tool from the internet.