How To Choose The Right Garage Door For Your Warehouse

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Picking a garage door for a commercial property, like a warehouse, may seem complicated. However, it’s among the most important decisions you can make for your business. Essentially, your choice could mean keeping the garage and everything in it safe or compromising its security. 

The right door should meet the day-to-day needs of your warehouse in the most practical way. Such a door can prevent energy wastage by insulating the building and protecting assets and goods against theft or damage. Furthermore, it can improve team members’ safety and productivity by reducing workplace accidents and keeping away pests and pollutants.

If you’re looking to get a garage door for your warehouse, here’s how to ensure you pick the right one: 

1.      Pay Attention To Durability

When choosing a garage door for a warehouse, the first thing you need to do is consider durability. To determine how sturdy a garage door is, check its material. Opt for a door made from high-quality materials and be ready to pay more. 

Avoid compromising your warehouse security by buying a cheap garage door. A lot of low-cost alternatives are made from weak materials that don’t last. Such doors may be cheap initially, but they can cost you much more than a high-quality door later on due to the need for repairs and replacements. 

One of the best ways to ensure you get a durable overhead garage door for your warehouse is to conduct thorough research before purchasing. 

2.      Prioritize Functionality 

The other crucial thing you must consider when picking a garage door for your warehouse is functionality. Warehouse garage doors vary in style and design. The way to find the right one is to go for a design that matches your work tasks or the services your business offers. This could mean considering the level of workload the garage door will be handling every day. Most warehouses opt for fireproof doors that can open and close fast due to constant traffic.

3.      Check Out Security Features  

There are various security considerations that you must make when shopping for a warehouse garage door, depending on where you plan to install it.

Checking the security features that a garage door offers is critical to ensure sufficient protection of your warehouse. For instance, if you have employees working in the warehouse, you must ensure the one you’ll pick complies with health and safety requirements, like fire resistance. Your insurance company may also require your external door to have extra safety features, like radars, key switches, and automated control systems. 

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4.      Choose A Door That Uses A Powered Opener 

Commercial garage doors operate differently from residential ones. They can use powered or hand-operated openers.

Hand-operated openers can be challenging to deal with because they increase the risk of team member injuries. Their slow opening speed makes them unsuitable for use in high-traffic areas, like loading docks. So, one with a powered opener may be an overall better option for your needs to ensure greater efficiency and safety. 

5.      Consider The Cost

Of course, you need to think about the cost when choosing a warehouse garage door. Knowing how much you need to pay will hugely determine the product you’ll ultimately be going for.

An excellent place to start is to prepare a budget showing costs related to the garage door’s purchase, installation, and maintenance. While doing this, avoid compromising on the quality of materials. Remember, a high-quality door can secure your assets better and last longer. Don’t just automatically go the cheap way. Instead, settle for the most cost-effective garage door; then, find a contractor who offers the best installation rates in your area. 

6.      Take Frequency Of Use Into Account

The level of traffic that your warehouse handles daily can determine the kind of garage door you pick. If the warehouse experiences high traffic regularly, the garage door should be one that can be opened and closed relatively fast.

The design of the garage door also depends on the kind of traffic. If the traffic predominantly consists of vehicles, the speed of operating the door must be fast. On the other hand, a warehouse that experiences high foot traffic may only require a sturdy but manageable garage door that people can pass through with ease, while still offering them safety and security.

Final Thoughts 

Commercial garage doors play an essential role in securing warehouse goods or assets. However, finding the right door for your warehouse can be stressful because of the numerous available options. Considering the six things discussed above can help you find the right one for your business needs.