4 Best Practices For Consumer-Centric Packaging

Editorial Team

Consumer-Centric Packaging

When you first think about it, it seems as if consumer-centric packaging is all-too-obvious to the end that there isn’t any need to expound any further about it. As its name implies, consumer-centric packaging is born out of the desire to please the brand’s target consumers.

It may sound simple, yet the truth is it also wasn’t too long ago when consumers had to learn to accept products as they were packaged – even if it meant that they were bulky or difficult to open, for instance. The more consumer-centric your packaging is, the better. This means your products become even more attractive to your potential buyers, all because of packaging that seeks to please.

Are you looking to improve your packaging to make it more consumer-centric? Here are some best practices for professional packaging you may want to consider applying:

1.    Actively Solicit Customer Feedback

The only way for you to decipher whether or not your past packaging designs sat well with your customers is to actively solicit feedback from them. That way, you can have input on what their pain areas were, or if they were completely satisfied with the packaging of your products.

Without customer feedback, you may have been unknowingly producing your products in packaging that’s too hard to open. Or, you’ve had complaints from customers who didn’t find it necessary for you to use so many bubble wraps.

Take customer feedback constructively, especially those which are negative. It’s an inherent part of developing customer-centric packaging to listen to what they have to say. When their concerns are brought to the table, you can be certain to develop better packaging which they’ll surely appreciate, the next time around.

2.      Focus On What’s Important To Your Customers

Focusing on what’s important to your customers entails being present in the moment. Their needs and whims can change at any time, so it’s important to be up-to-date.

For example, right now, the majority of your customers have switched to an eco-friendlier lifestyle. So, it matters to them that they’re also supporting eco-friendly brands. To please them, think about sustainability with your packaging. This is what’s important to them at the moment, so aim to please them.

Sweating the small stuff by noticing what’s important to your customers is a good sign that you care enough about your consumers to make them happy. It’s not just about making sales, even if at the end of the day, that’s the goal. Rather, it shows that you’re a brand who cares about nurturing pleasant relationships with your customers.

3.      Keep Your Brand’s Message And Image Consistent

Customers are going to stay happy and engaged with your brand when your message is consistent. This means that even if your wrappers may have changed, your boxes may have gone a major overhaul, and your loyal customers will still be able to recognize that it’s from your brand. It’s just what’s on the outside that’s changed – everything else is still from the same old brand they’ve trusted.

A good example of showing this through your packaging is to keep your logo consistent. Avoid changing your logos regularly. Be sure to incorporate your logo all the time on your packaging. Have you always gone the extra mile to include a list of ingredients in your bottle packaging? Do the same, even if you’ve changed from plastic to glass bottles.

By keeping your brand’s image consistent, you’re keeping your customers’ experience with your products memorable. There’s no confusion as to whether or not this is still the same product they’ve loved.

4.      Play With Color

Sure, receiving a parcel in a brown box is fine. It’s what’s inside that matters anyway. But, why not consider elevating your boxes for the holiday season, for instance? Rather than having a plain brown box, play with Christmas colors.

Chances are, you’ll have customers smiling more in delight when they receive your parcels. There’s that added surprise value that’ll make them even happier with your brand. This makes for a more pleasant unboxing experience – one which business, particularly eCommerce brands, should strive for.

Color evokes emotions, particularly joy. And, happy customers are always good for business.


Consumers are the lifeblood of your products. This fact is all-too-true and can’t be denied. From developing good quality products to getting the packaging done right, taking note of what’s pleasing to your customers can make all the difference. When your brand has achieved customer-centric products and packaging, it’s easier to get them off your shelves, a signifying notion that sales are good. When successfully applied, the tips above may just make all the difference between a good packaging and a bad one.