How To Buy A Citroen Food Truck As A Startup Business

Editorial Team

Citroen vans are built to last, and seeing as they are considered the workhorses of the French automotive industry, it’s no surprise that they make fantastic food trucks! Many startup businesses choose vintage Citroen vans to cater to the needs of their consumers as these vans are easily refurbished and transformed into food trucks. Any of the original vans manufactured after 1962 will have versatility and durability on their side. When these vans are professionally repaired and restored, they make fantastic conversation pieces as well as serviceable startup business food trucks.

What Options Are Available For Purchasing Citroen Vans?

Most catering food trucks are Step Vans, and though not as spacious as these options, many Citroen vans offer at least 20 feet of space in length. For those seeking additional space or modern amenities, it is possible to purchase food trucks that are modern and have them outfitted to look like their classic vintage counterparts.

Step 1: Sourcing The Citroen Van

Depending on location, it’s crucial to bear in mind that Citroen vans are not readily available in the US. As such, it’s usually much easier to find them for sale in Europe. There are companies that are able to help with sourcing by doing all of the necessary legwork and scouring online marketplaces and classified ads to find the perfect unit.

It is possible to arrange for the transportation of a vintage Citroen food truck. Usually, select companies are able to handle the shipping and import paperwork to get the van to its new home.

Step 2: Mechanical Overhaul

As most reliable Citroen food trucks are vintage, that means their engines require a bit of elbow grease and effort to ensure they remain in operational condition. The right experts in the automotive industry or even a motivated hobbyist can remove and adequately clean all mechanical parts.

It can help cut costs to simply preserve the original engine along with its parts. However, food trucks that will be driven longer distances could benefit from a brand new engine installation. A replacement engine can provide the necessary horsepower to keep the van going for many more years to come.

Step 3: Body Restoration

Oftentimes, the older the food truck, the more dents, rust, and other common damages it has suffered. It’s always advisable to have the body completely repaired through sandblasting and recoating for added protection.

Some parts of a vintage van may prove beyond repair and require complete sheet metal fabrication. Usually, these replacement parts are fabricated by experts to match the original aesthetics of the vehicle while keeping with modern weight regulations and requirements.

Step 4: The Conversion

The sky’s the limit when it comes to converting Citroen vans into food trucks. From raising the roofline to adding a 3-sink installation, there are many options for customization. Working with a reputable company allows entrepreneurs to get the kitchen of their dreams with a practical and stylish layout.

How Much Does A Citroen Food Truck Really Cost?

As Citroen food trucks almost always require extensive bodywork and restoration by professionals, the conservative pricing may run anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. However, highly technical makeovers that require heavy metal fabrication and chassis work can cost upwards of $100,000.

It is possible to find bargains for Citroen vans, even in a saturated industry. However, it’s important to understand that the price of the conversion as well as the custom work varies widely based on many factors.

Why Are People Buying A Citroen Food Truck As A Startup Business?

Though somewhat costly at first glance, Citroen food trucks are a great source of income for startup businesses in the food industry. They offer a number of advantages unsurpassed by other food truck varieties:

*Reliable– Citroens are by nature built to last a long time. Even the vans that have been around for decades are often a much better investment than modern counterparts. They are built with quality craftsmanship and reliability in mind.

*Cost Effective– Though costly as a startup investment, Citroen food trucks are cost effective when looking at long-term operational costs. They last a long time and require very minimal maintenance, therefore, this eclipses the price of startup costs.

*Perfect Mobility– It’s easy to move Citroen vans to virtually any worldwide location. That means they’re highly mobile units and can easily accommodate virtually any city or business model. Those looking to get started within the food industry highly prize these food trucks because they’re mobile and easily moved to the perfect locality.

*Attractive Design– The vintage authenticity of Citroen vans makes them a solid focal point and a great source of advertising for food truck businesses. Their attractive designs will draw in the crowds from curious passersby to automotive enthusiasts wanting to get a closer look. The vans are a great ice-breaker into the industry that’s oversaturated with many businesses that don’t bring anything unique to the table.

*Spacious– Depending on the model of the chosen van, it’s possible to increase the usability of the internal space through clever design. Professionals can also help tweak the layout of the van to accommodate virtually any type of a food business from fast food to catering.

Citroen food trucks are a rising star in the mobile food industry. They offer comfort, unique design, and a solid construction that will provide many years of faithful service. Regardless of the buyer’s location, Citroen vans are easily transported worldwide to meet the rising demand.