Top 50 Housekeeping Interview Questions and Answers 2024

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Housekeeping Interview Questions and Answers

Working as a housekeeper requires regular interaction on a one-to-one basis with the customers in a hotel setting or the employer if it is a house. Since housekeeping involves performing physical tasks to make the house habitable, you must have the physical capability to perform.

Before hiring you, the employer needs to determine that you are the perfect fit for the job and can jell in well. This article discusses 50 of the common questions asked for a housekeeping position and will help you prepare for the interview.

8 Tips to Prepare for a Housekeeping Interview

Here are eight items that a candidate should prepare for a Housekeeping interview, including focus areas, details, and tips:

Housekeeping Interview Preparation

Focus AreaDetailsTips
Knowledge of Cleaning Techniques and SuppliesUnderstanding of various cleaning methods and products.Highlight any specialized training or certifications in cleaning. Emphasize your ability to choose the right cleaning products for specific tasks.
Attention to DetailThoroughness in cleaning tasks and spotting potential issues.Showcase experiences where your attention to detail made a difference in maintaining a clean and organized space.
Time ManagementEfficient allocation of time for different cleaning tasks.Discuss your ability to manage time effectively, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines.
Communication SkillsInteraction with clients, supervisors, and team members.Emphasize clear communication in reporting issues, coordinating with colleagues, and understanding client preferences.
Handling Cleaning EquipmentCompetence in using various cleaning tools and machinery.Mention any safety protocols you follow while using cleaning equipment and any maintenance knowledge you have.
Understanding of Health and Safety RegulationsKnowledge of safety standards and procedures.Demonstrate awareness of safety protocols related to cleaning chemicals, equipment, and general workspace safety.
Customer Service SkillsInteracting with residents, guests, or clients.Share experiences that demonstrate your ability to provide excellent customer service in a housekeeping role.
Adaptability to Different EnvironmentsAbility to work in diverse settings.Showcase your flexibility in adapting your cleaning approach to different environments and specific client needs.
Remember to tailor your responses to align with the specific requirements of the job you are interviewing for.

Top 50 Housekeeping Interview Questions and Answers

Here are the top 50 Housekeeping interview questions, along with a sample answer for each question.

1. Briefly Describe Yourself

Sample Answer

I am a passionate and dedicated housekeeper with years of experience in both hotel and household housekeeping. However, I have worked in households longer than hotels. I am excellent at cleaning the floors, dusting and wiping surfaces, and changing linen. I can also scrub bathroom floors very well and clear snow from the outdoor areas.

2. How Did You Know About this Opening in Our House?

Sample Answer

I was interested in a job with a similar position and was, therefore, on the lookout for advertisements in newspapers or malls. I came upon the notice you had put up in Junction Mall looking for a housekeeper, and decided to get in touch with you.

3. What are Some of the Duties and Responsibilities of a Housekeeper?

Sample Answer

A housekeeper’s duties include cleaning allocated areas, dusting and wiping surfaces, changing linens, removing trash, scrubbing bathrooms and sinks, vacuuming carpets, and cleaning windows. Depending on the employer, there may be other additional duties and responsibilities. Let me also mention that I am willing to perform tasks outside the defined job scope if my employer calls upon me to help them out.

4.  Why Do You Think You Are the Best Choice Out of All the Candidates?

Sample Answer

I do not know much about the other candidates, but I believe that my skills and competence levels match the qualifications you are looking for. If given a chance, I will help make things easier in your household and you will get to enjoy a cleaner and fresher house all the time. You do not have to push me around to get things done, which makes me a valuable asset to your home instead of a liability. 

5. What Made You Choose to Work as a Housekeeper?

Sample Answer

My cleaning skills are exceptional, and I derive joy in making people comfortable in their surroundings by offering a cleaner and fresher environment. The fact that I can perform different maintenance tasks makes me excellent at housekeeping. Since I love cleaning, this is the best job to maximize my skills.

6. Mention Some of Your Strongholds that Keep You Going as a Housekeeper

Sample Answer

Organization and patience are my strengths, and they come in handy when engaging with my employers, guests, and clients. My organization skills have enabled me to be better and proficient in housekeeping.

7. How Do You Ensure That You Complete All Assigned Tasks in a Single Day?

Sample Answer

With the experience I have gained over the years working as a housekeeper, I have mastered the art of multitasking. I am excellent at prioritizing my workload, ensuring that everything is done at the right time.  Whenever I have many tasks lined up for the day, I ensure that I get started as soon as possible. For small jobs that can be done simultaneously, I make sure that I perform them excellently.

8. How Do You Handle Chemical Cleaners?

Sample Answer

I am familiar with chemical cleaners and have vast experience using them. To avoid any hazards or accidents, I adhere to all the necessary precautions. Following instructions has never been a problem for me, which has helped me avoid any accidents this far. One of the chemical cleaners that I have used before are ice cleaners.

9. What Would Your Reaction be If You Were Assigned a Task Outside Your Job Description?

Sample Answer

I believe that I am a helpful and resourceful person. I gladly fill in for my co-workers whenever they are unable to attend work on that day. Similarly, I willingly help my employer even when the task they require falls outside my scope of work as long as I can deliver.

10. How Do You Handle Criticism from Your Employer? Tell Me About a Time You Got Criticized

Sample Answer

I take criticisms positively and see them as an opportunity to learn and get better at my job. During my first month of work as a housekeeper, my supervisor criticized me for dusting the surfaces but leaving them stained. I took that as positive feedback and learned how to polish the surfaces after wiping, leaving them even cleaner.

11. Do You Perform Better Alone or as a Team?

Sample Answer

I believe I am an excellent communicator and bond with people pretty fast. These interpersonal skills help me whenever I need to work with a team making me a great and productive team player. On the other hand, I have also mastered the art of working alone, with minimal supervision. I am responsible and take accountability for my actions.

12. How Do You Deal with an Employer Who is Displeased and Dissatisfied with Your Work?

Sample Answer

When a client or employer is unhappy with my work, I apologize for the letdown. I then find out what I did wrong and how I can do better to improve my work standards. However, before getting started on the job, I always take time to understand my employer/client and their requirements so that I meet their expectations while working. Therefore, employers are generally pleased with my work.

13. How Will You be Able to Perform Simultaneous Tasks and Ensure That Both are Done Well?

Sample Answer

Even though multitasking is my forte, I have to admit that it requires a clear head while working. Therefore, I ensure that I get enough rest before work. This allows me to be present while working, enabling me to multitask mentally as well. This way, I can get even the most demanding tasks done in good time.

14. How Do You Deal with Demanding Clients?

Sample Answer

I believe that I am an excellent listener. When I notice that a client is demanding, I do not argue with him/ her. I take time to listen to them first and what their issue might be. Once I have established what makes them unhappy or uncomfortable, I go out of my way to find a way to address that, provided that it is within the policy guidelines and acceptable workplace procedures. However, I have also learnt to avoid demeaning clients over the years.

15. How Do You Handle a Co-Worker with an Inappropriate Behavior?

Sample Answer

As part of a bigger team or an organization, I aim to ensure that my team performs well and prospers. I will correct my fellow coworker but if the damage is already done, I will report his/ her behavior from my co-worker to the supervisor to ensure that the organization does not suffer and lose clients. Also, if it is a tiny error, I will correct him/ her and observe if there is any noticeable change.

16. What Do You Consider Your Greatest Weakness?

Sample Answer

I am a perfectionist to the core, and while this may be a good thing for a housekeeper, sometimes it’s not. I find myself creating an extreme level of expectation where everything has to be done at the right time and exactly how I want it, which may not be the case all the time, since every job comes with its fair share of challenges. However, I am working on that to ensure that my work is done well but also be easy on myself.

17. What is Your Biggest Strength?

Sample Answer

I believe that my biggest strength as a person and housekeeper is my ability to prioritize my workload. This way, I know what should be done first and get to complete every task good time. Multitasking is also an art that I have mastered, and getting better at every day.

18. Why Should We Consider Your Application Out of All the Competent Applicants?

Sample Answer

My qualification and skills speak for themselves. I am great at cleaning, dusting, sanitizing, and other household tasks. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience throughout the years that I have worked in this field, making me a perfect fit.

19. Do You Clash Often with Your Co-Workers or Clients? Tell Me an Incident When one Got Angry with You.

Sample Answer

I work harmoniously with others, and rarely have any altercations. However, we are all humans, and sometimes we err. This one time, I was servicing a room for a guest, who later accused me of stealing her jewelry. Later on, the management found out that she had left them near the pool when she went for a swim. The client apologized and even tipped me for the trouble.

20. What Made You Leave Your Former Workplace?

Sample Answer

I loved my former workplace since it helped me grow as a person and in my career. However, I felt like I had outgrown the place as it was no longer challenging. I left looking for a place that would offer me new challenges and learning experiences.

21. Do You Think You Have a Keen Eye?

Sample Answer

As a housekeeper, having a keen eye is crucial. I pay very close attention to detail and ensure that every corner is cleaned and all surfaces are sparkling. Even the smallest of things need to be cleaned thoroughly to ensure the cleanliness of the whole place in general.

22. What Are the Essential Skills for A Housekeeper?

Sample Answer

An excellent housekeeper needs to be a good communicator and possess excellent customer service skills. This job requires one to frequently engage with clients and employees. Communication is vital in revealing the expectations of the clients/employers and ensuring that they are met. Similarly, proper customer service skills ensure that the clients are satisfied with the offerings.

23. Where Do You See Yourself in the Next Two Years?

Sample Answer

In the next two years, I will hopefully be working as a supervisor. I intend to work on my leadership skills to equip myself for a more significant role and more responsibilities. I will continue working hard to slowly climb the ladder and get to that position of supervisor or housekeeping manager, which I hope will happen here at your home.

24. What Has Been Your Biggest Achievement So Far in Your Career?

Sample Answer

I have had may achievements over the years. However, I once worked in a hotel, and during the peak season, my supervisor asked me to service 12 rooms for a delegation that was arriving in a few hours. I had less rime to get everything done and get ready to receive the guests. I managed to get everything done within a limited time without sourcing for help. It was a bit challenging, but with my multitasking skills, I did it, and our guests checked in to serviced rooms. This warmed my supervisor’s heart, and saw me get rewarded.

25. How Would You React When Required to Work on Your Off Day?

Sample Answer

If my services are required on my off day, I would willingly report to work if I had not made any other serious engagements. This is because it is my pleasure to see the workplace prospering with my services. However, we will have to arrange with my employer or supervisor to have push my off day to a future date so that I am not overworked and the number of rest days are met.

26. What are The Roles of a Housekeeper?

Sample Answer

A housekeeper dusts and polishes fixes and furniture. He/she cleans and sanitizes the sinks, countertops, bathtubs/showers, and the toilets. After that ensure the kitchen area is clean, makes the beds, and changes the linens. The housekeeper additionally does all the laundry work, washes the windows and doors, and lastly vacuums and cleans the rugs and carpets.

27. What Are the Qualities That a Housekeeper Should Possess to Be Effective?

Sample Answer

An excellent housekeeper must be attentive to details. He/she should also be flexible to meet the needs of their employer. Being attentive to details helps them to perform any tasks they are assigned and do it excellently. Also, the housekeeper should have great interpersonal communication skills to communicate effectively with his/her co-workers and the customers in general.

28. Why are You Interested in This Role?

Sample Answer

I have over ten years of experience as a housekeeper, and I enjoy doing housekeeper’s roles. I am keen to details and follow every instruction given, and adhere to all the rules and regulations. I also have excellent knowledge and skills in cleaning appliances, doing laundry, and have the physical strength to work even extra time. I have great interpersonal and communicational skills to talk to customers. I therefore want to use my skills to ensure success of this organization.

29. Describe The Daily Routine as a Housekeeper

Sample Answer

A housekeeper starts his/her day by cleaning the toilet and bathroom area. In the bathroom and toilet, he/she cleans and sanitizes the toilet, shower, bathtub, shower door, counters, sinks, and cleans the mirrors. After that cleans the kitchen area and all the rooms, the main reason for begging with the toilets is that they tend to get dirtier and require a lot of effort, and when a housekeeper cleans the toilets last, he will be so tired and won’t clean it effectively.

30. What is Your Favorite Housekeeping Task?

Sample Answer

I love performing the laundry tasks especially folding towels, blankets and spreading the beds. Laundry was my field of specialization in my previous job, and it made me learn how to fold towels and blankets. I do these tasks with all my heart, and the result usually amazes me a lot. Also, I enjoy arranging the rooms and ensuring everything is in its position, clean and shiny.

31. What Does a Conducive Work Environment Look Like to You?

A good environment is where everyone is respected and appreciated. The employer should recognize the efforts of each employee and applaud them. The co-workers also need to work as a team and help each other where necessary. In case of disagreements, the disagreeing parties should solve their issues peacefully and live in harmony.

32. How Do You Stay Motivated at Work?

Sample Answer

At one particular time, I had a task to clean a large family suite that they stayed in then left. I had longed to see my family, and I knew I would take at most two hours to complete the work. However, this wasn’t the case when I entered the room. It was very dirty and messy.

I knew I wouldn’t go home as per my expectations, nonetheless I always ensure I perform my duties excellently. Thus I thoroughly cleaned the room, and within no time, I finished the work. The next morning, my employer appreciated my efforts and even awarded me and this really motivated me.

33. What Type of Environment Do You Find the Easiest to Clean?

Sample Answer

The easiest place to clean is the kitchen. The tasks that are involved in the kitchen are cleaning and sanitizing sinks, countertops, and around the kitchen areas. Additionally, you need to sweep, vacuum, mop, and polish the floor, which is easy. The kitchen rarely gets a lot of dirt since the guests don’t have access to it.

34. How Familiar Are You with The OSHA regulations?

Sample Answer

The Occupational Health and Safety Act(OSHA) ensures that employees’ health, welfare, and safety are adhered to by the employer. It offers training, outreach, assistance, and education to housekeepers to ensure their working conditions are safe and healthful. It additionally outlines the rules the employers use to protect their employees from any hazard.

35. Have you Ever Been Asked to Do a Job Outside Your Job Description? How Did You Handle This Situation?

Sample Answer

During my previous role as a housekeeper, one of the chefs got sick and could attend to their duties. I happily stepped in and prepared all the meals that he was to prepare. The food I prepared was so delicious, and the manager was really happy with what I did. She appreciated all my efforts, and that year, she awarded me as the best employee of the year.

35. What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role? How Did You Handle It?

Sample Answer

In the previous company, there was little teamwork between my co-workers. Most of them would argue about the roles the manager had assigned them. The intense argument led to inefficiencies, and most work could be left undone. I thought about the whole situation and held a meeting with all the workers. We discussed the roles and gave each worker the role they were comfortable doing. Hence they performed their tasks excellently.

37. Describe Briefly About Your Housekeeping Experience

Sample Answer

I have over ten years of experience as a housekeeper, and I have so far worked with two companies. I have acquired all the skills that a housekeeper needs to be effective from the two companies.

I can work with little or no supervision, maintain great performance levels and work very fast without compromising quality. I am always friendly and customer-oriented. I additionally have the skills to do laundry, clean the bathroom, toilets and arrange the rooms perfectly.

38. What Kind of Mindset and Strategies Is Required for This Role?

Sample Answer

A housekeeper needs to have excellent time management skills to execute all her duties effectively. He/she should have great customer service skills and be attentive to every detail. The housekeeper additionally needs to be loyal, trustworthy, and caring. He/she should care for everyone in the company and know how to deal with customers respectfully.

39. What Is the Biggest Challenge You Foresee in This Job?

Sample Answer

The greatest challenge in housekeeping is high levels of job stress and rude customers. The employer expects much from a housekeeper. Therefore, the housekeeper has to go the extra mile and strain to achieve it, leading to burnout.

Some customers also tend to be rude and even insult you for no appropriate reason. This is very common in housekeeping, and I always serve them with all the respect and happily without minding their insults.

40. Describe a Time You Failed in This Role and The Lessons You Learned

Sample Answer

I once encountered an insulting customer who kept insulting and degrading me. I tried to ignore his insults and focused on serving him, but all he did was talk rudely and demean me. He got into my nerves and I couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up leaving him unserved, of which he reported my action to the manager.

The manager was so furious and almost sucked me, but he gave me a second chance since he knew how excellently I perform my tasks. I learned never to get emotional and never allow the customers’ words to prevent me from fulfilling my duties.

41. How Would You Calm Down an Irate Customer?

Sample Answer

According to the rules of housekeeping, I am not supposed to argue with a customer. Thus I will keenly listen to his/her complaints. After that, I apologize and ensure I deliver to him want he wants. I will then confirm the customer is satisfied with the services I have provided.

42. What are The Health and Safety Procedures Applied in Housekeeping?

Sample Answer

The housekeeper should clean any spill that may cause slipping and falling and ensure the exits and aisles are free from any items. He/ she should also alert the manager in case of worn out, damaged, or ripped floor. The housekeeper should additionally ensure all the kitchen appliances, the rooms, and the surfaces are clean and free from dirt.

43. What Has Been Your Greatest Accomplishment at Work?

Sample Answer

In both companies that I worked, I was crowned as the most diligent and hardworking housekeeper. These achievements came due to my hard work, time management, and excellent customer care skills. I managed to create teamwork among the employees, and they worked peacefully, which led to the company’s success.

44. What are The Key Elements of Housekeeping?

Sample Answer

The primary elements in housekeeping are accurate layout and equipment. Ensuring proper handling of materials, storage, and the rooms are in order and clean. It also aims to give guests exceptional services and ensure a serene and relaxed environment for their stay. Housekeeping also aims to provide excellent customer care to customers and ensure they are comfortable and enjoy the place.

45. Which Chemical Safety Procedure Are You Familiar with in Housekeeping?

Sample Answer

All the chemicals must be placed in their exact containers and shouldn’t be mixed even if they are similar. They should also be kept in a well-ventilated place away from HVAC intake vents. The main aim is to prevent the chemicals’ fumes from spreading throughout the whole building and disrupt the guests.

46.What Is Your Experience With Cleaning And Maintaining Outdoor Areas?

Sample Answer

 I have extensive experience in cleaning and maintaining outdoor areas. I am familiar with the use of power washers, leaf blowers, and other outdoor cleaning equipment. I am also knowledgeable about the different types of surfaces and materials that are commonly found outdoors, such as concrete, wood, and stone.

47. How Do You Handle Cleaning Tasks That Require Special Attention To Detail?

Sample Answer

 I approach cleaning tasks that require special attention to detail with a methodical and thorough approach. I take the time to carefully inspect the area to be cleaned, and I use the appropriate cleaning products and tools to ensure that every nook and cranny is cleaned to the highest standard.

48. What Is Your Experience With Cleaning And Maintaining Carpets And Upholstery?

Sample Answer

I have extensive experience in cleaning and maintaining carpets and upholstery. I am familiar with the different types of fabrics and materials that are commonly used in carpets and upholstery, and I know how to clean them effectively without causing any damage.

49. How Do You Handle Cleaning Tasks That Require The Use Of Hazardous Chemicals?

Sample Answer

 I take all necessary precautions when handling hazardous chemicals, including wearing protective gear such as gloves and goggles. I am also familiar with the proper disposal procedures for hazardous chemicals, and I always follow these procedures to ensure that the environment is not harmed.

50. What Is Your Experience With Cleaning And Maintaining High-End Furniture?

Sample Answer

I have extensive experience in cleaning and maintaining high-end furniture. I am familiar with the different types of materials that are commonly used in high-end furniture, such as leather, suede, and velvet. I know how to clean these materials effectively without causing any damage, and I am also knowledgeable about the different types of finishes that are commonly used on high-end furniture.


Housekeeping is a very demanding job that requires one to be fully involved and present. It also calls for someone who is passionate about what they are doing and are willing to get everything done, which calls for organization, multitasking, and the ability to prioritize workload.

Employers need to determine that you are the best fit and get the job and can deliver without being pushed around. I hope that these questions have been insightful and helped you get ready for your interview.