Top 25 Housekeeping Manager Interview Questions and Answers in 2022

Housekeeping Manager

In this article, we will be sharing some of the questions with answers that you might be asked in your interview as a housekeeping manager. If you have already received your interview call for the job, you have a good time to prepare for the interview and ace it with your knowledge and skillset.  Despite being in the field already, it is always good to prepare yourself for an interview for your next career move.  Remember, career growth for every individual is important and a candidate should be well prepared for the interviews. You are lucky that you have gotten an opportunity to prove your skillset and knowledge. Let’s see what are the Top 25 Housekeeping Manager Interview Questions and Answers will be will helpful.

As a manager, your job description will revolve around overseeing the housekeeping department at a hotel and you will be responsible for a team that ensures it’s a safe and clean environment. You will be supervising and training the housekeeping team so that all safety and sanitation standards are met for a public space like a hotel. More tasks will be handed over to you that will include budget allocation inventory management of housekeeping supplies. Your role will contribute to the overall satisfaction of guests staying at the hotel.  As per hierarchy, you will be reporting to the general manager of the hotel full time. Let’s dig into questions with answers that you need to go through before you go for an interview for the job.

1. Why Do You Want To Work As A Housekeeper?

Since my childhood, I always liked a tidy room, mine or my parents. During college, I took a part-time job in an office where I had to clean the office after office hours. I would always make sure that I am spending my time cleaning and organizing the rooms and bathrooms. Before leaving, I would make sure that all supplies are restocked and all bins are emptied so that when the next day, employees come. They do not have to worry about the environment and they can start their work easily. A spotless room makes me happy!

2. How Do You Stay Motivated In This Role?

I always start my day at housekeeping with the most difficult tasks. The feeling of relief when you tick off a difficult task from the list is one of the biggest motivations. Once I know that the weight is off my shoulder now and I can have an easier day ahead by doing other miscellaneous tasks. I also had a great team who would share the burden of responsibilities with each other. Bi-weekly we would all go out for a coffee or a lunch together and enjoy ourselves outside the workplace and do team-building activities.

3. Why Are You Interested In This Role?

With the skills and qualities I have developed in my junior role, I believe that I am a great fit to become a manager now. I have great attention to detail and enjoy completing tasks that directly affect a customer’s mood. I have developed great communication skills that are needed in a managerial role in housekeeping.

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4. What Are The Challenges That You Faced In Your Last Role? How Did You Overcome Them?

Ever since the pandemic, Hotel housekeeping is being scanned thoroughly.  With so many safety regulations, the challenges at housekeeping aren’t going anywhere even after vaccines. Going hand-in-hand with an increased sanitized environment, guests are also coming with a lot of attention to detail that wasn’t there before.  Due to the global pandemic, mostly we are understaffed due to Covid. This created a lot of operational challenges in the area where targets are high and manpower is very less. The housekeeping staff gets stressed every day when there is a shortage of staff.  One of the ways to solve this is to multitask between the teams so that no other member is burdened.

5. What You Would Do If A Client Were Dissatisfied With Your Work.

I always believe that critiques always bring improvement. My suggestion to all my team members was never to take such comments to heart. I always remain calm during this situation and listen to the complaint carefully first before passing any judgment. I remember that one of the guests complained that coffee pods were not being emptied. The next day,  I not only refilled the pod in the tray and threw the used one but also deep cleaned the coffee machine. The guest left a thank you note for me at his checkout the next day!

6. Describe Your Daily Routine At Work.

My daily routine involves cleaning the rooms, changing linens, and dusting the surfaces including vents. After that trash is removed and bin liners are added to the dustbins. In the washroom, cleaning of sinks and mopping the floor and in the room, I vacuum the carpets and clean the door frames.

7. What Is Your Greatest Strength In This Role?

I can multitask at a speed! Previously, I used it at a hotel where the check-in was fast. I always made sure my cleaning supplies are organized and I don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out which bottle carries which chemical. I make sure that I am not distracted while using those chemicals so that safety is ensured. I used to time my tasks so that I not only complete tasks on time but I am available for my team members too who might need help in their housekeeping duties.

8. What Is Your Favourite Housekeeping Task?

As a housekeeper, I always enjoy doing the laundry. In my initial career, I was always on this duty and I would spend hours in the laundry room. I believe that doing laundry is therapeutic especially when you are folding. I always used to learn ways from YouTube how to make new things from clothes that would add a little personalized touch in any guest room. After so many rounds of laundry, I am quite a pro in making beds and folding towels and sheets.

9. How Do You Stay Positive And Motivated During Especially Challenging Tasks?

I still remember that when I first joined as a housekeeper, I had to clean a large suite in a hotel at the end of the day. A large group of people had stayed in the place and the room was really dirty. My shift was supposed to be ending in the next twenty minutes and the situation of the room was quite bad. I knew that I would be spending more time completing this task before signing out. I calmed myself and took one task by task to clean the complete room. I was able to make the room back to normal in some time. I knew that since I was working after hours, I would be getting extra pay and this would help me in the next pay. I completed the task and went home and the next day, I was praised by my line manager in front of the whole staff. It did make me happy.

10. What Does A good Work Environment Look Like To You?

I believe that for an employee at a hotel, it’s a good working environment when you are respected. A little appreciation from your team lead is always motivating and knowing that my time and effort are valued at this place. If teams are encouraged together, the tasks become easier to achieve. No doubt, it’s better to work as a team rather than working as an individual. I still remember that I had a great manager in my early who was always reminding us that work and personal life balance is an improvement.

11. What Cleaning Chemicals Are You, Familiar, With?

From detergents to ammonia solutions, I am well aware of which cleaning chemicals to use on which surface. There is always risk in using such chemicals but I always ensure that I put them separately and use them in their nature so that no damage is done. As a protection of my own, I wear masks and glasses so that there is no damage while cleaning. Mostly when I am done cleaning, I take around the place to make sure that there are no residues left behind that will be harmful to bare human skin.

12. What Are The Few Qualities That A Housekeeping Team Should Have?

Complete training of not only using cleaning chemicals but also making sure that all the items are organized in the inventory. There are very few members who can communicate well with the guests. I believe that if they are properly trained, there is a lot to learn in the housekeeping field.

13. How Do You Respond To A Conflict Between Two Members Of The Housekeeping Team?

I believe in listening to both sides. In my experience, I have learned that no guest should be affected due to any conflict between the team or with the management. Guests should be served with utmost responsibility and respect.

14. If A Guest Is Angry At Housekeeping, How Will You Calm Down The Guest?

Housekeeping staff should never argue! Calmly listen to the customer and their complaint first. If I know the solution, I would immediately have it done at the earliest so that it satisfies the customer. It is important to maintain your cool with someone who is arguing. If still, the situation is getting out of control, I would inform my line manager and maybe add a complimentary item that is within the policy of the workplace.

15. What Is SHS And What Are A Few Important Ones For A Manager?

SHS stands for Situation handling skills. As a manager, one should have a few of these skills to run a team.

  • Information Gathering
  • Being Prepared to Negotiate
  • Using Appropriate Verbal and Non-Verbal Language and
  • Being Empathic

16. Apart From Management Skills, What Sort Of Other Skills A Manager Should Have In Housekeeping?

In my opinion,  a manager should have basic accounting skills along with purchasing and inventory skills. This helps a lot in keeping a check on the budget and inventory management so that one is never in a difficult position.

17. How Can A Manager Improve The Housekeeping Skills Of His Team?

Well, there are a few aspects that need to be catered to when you have to improve the housekeeping skills of your team. First of all, the organization of the items and tasks is very important. The staff must be properly trained from time to time via high-profile trainers and seminars. There are several online programs available for housekeeping training. As a manager, one must communicate with the guests who are staying at the hotel. This helps in ensuring their feedback is being incorporated from time to time.

18. Do You Perform Better Alone Or As A Team?

Communication is one of the skills that I excel in. I easily bond with people and this helps in getting work done with my team. In my career, I have also worked under minimal supervision where I was only responsible for my own task. I work well in both situations.

19. How Do You Deal With Demanding Clients?

With all sorts of clients, the key to dealing with them is being a good listener and being patient. If I see that any of the guests are demanding, I listen and I do not argue. After listening to them, I offer them possible solutions to make them comfortable during their stay.

My tip to housekeeping staff is to always smile!

20. What Type Of Environment Do You Find The Easiest And Hardest To Clean?

The kitchen is the easiest place to clean! Since the kitchen does not get guests, only certain people are allowed to visit inside the kitchen premises, there is less dust in that area. Major cleaning in the kitchen involves sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floor with sanitizing the sinks and countertops. The countertops are mostly cleaned by the kitchen staff who is using them for their cooking purpose.

The hardest place to clean is a bathroom! People tend to flush a lot of unnecessary items down the drain that clogs the sewage. Since the bathroom is a humid environment, the stains are very hard to clean and a few strong chemicals are used to make the bathroom presentable for the next guest.

21. How Familiar Are You With The OSHA Regulations?

Yes! With Occupational Health and Safety Act ensures employees’ health and welfare with safety by the employer. It covers education, training, and assistance to ensure that the housekeeping staff is working in a safe and healthy environment.

22. What Is The Biggest Challenge You Foresee In This Job?

One of the biggest challenges in housekeeping is the rude customer! There will be days when we come across patient guests at the hotel while some days are just bad. The only way to deal with them is to never take anything to your heart. If their feedback is right, incorporate it in front of them and they will surely leave a good review at their checkout.

23. What Are The Health And Safety Procedures Applied In Housekeeping?

The housekeeper should inform the manager if he witnesses any damages or worn-out floors because it can cause slipping and falling. All appliances present and used by the guests should be checked for electricity so that there are no emergency situations. Safety and emergency exits and aisles should be well maintained in all sorts of places at a hotel.

24. Which Chemical Safety Procedure Are You Familiar With Housekeeping?

Safety should be ensured when dealing with chemicals. Housekeeping staff is trained to placed chemicals in their labeled containers and containers should not be mixed if they are not the same. Such containers should be kept in a well-ventilated area that is away from HVAC intake. If not ensured, the chemical fumes can enter the whole building via vents and causes distress amongst the guests.

25. Lastly, What Are The Types Of Floors Or Marbles You Know?

Marbles come in a variety of colors and qualities. At housekeeping, you should be aware of which marble is used so that you used the right chemical for cleaning and mopping the counters and floors. To my knowledge, the type includes Calacatta Marble, Carrara Marble, Emperador Marble, and Statuary Marble. Also, all hotels do not use marble flooring throughout their floor plan. Another type of floor includes tile flooring, wood flooring, cork flooring, and vinyl flooring.

I always suggest my team members be trained on a variety of floors so that there is no damage to the hotel building.


The above-mentioned questions will surely help ace your interview! Remember, the Housekeeping Manager needs to have good interpersonal skills! Overall, housekeeping is a demanding job that needs the presence of mind and full involvement from the team members. If you are passionate about organization, prioritizing the workload, and multitasking, this position is for you! Don’t forget to wear a nice dress to your interview and carry it with a smile! Good luck

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