Top Vital Questions to Ask During Your Next Truck Driver Interview

Truck Driver Interview

Truck drivers are an essential part of your fleet. Meeting your client’s needs depends on their skillset, so be sure to pick accordingly. With the current shortage of truck drivers, the industry is looking for the best ones. If you wish to see how successful trucking companies do it, you can find more here.

During the interview process, there are a few questions to ask to determine if they are the right fit for the company. In this post, we share the critical questions to ask.

Work history

As with every other interview, asking about the work history of a truck driver is essential. With this, you allow the driver to represent themselves. They will disclose their credentials, and you can learn more about their work history. 

Career goals

Asking the driver about their career goals will give you a glimpse of their motivation. With this, you will also know if they are committed to this industry.

Stress management

The truck driving job can get quite stressful at specific points. With traffic jams and meeting deadlines, a person should know how to handle stressful situations. Ask them how they would handle a particular scenario to learn more.

Knowledge of the protocols

With the FMCSA in place, truck drivers need to follow them for enhanced safety. If a driver doesn’t comply, this brings risks to the company. And you don’t want to lose the reputation you have built with hard work.

Accident history

Accidents can happen on the road. Therefore, you should ask potential employees about their accident history. Maybe the issue wasn’t their fault. However, you can still assess how they reacted to it. This displays their skills and past knowledge. Not all interviewees will have a spotless driving record. However, they should be open and honest about it. Mind how they answer this and follow their reactions to learn if they are transparent about their work experiences.

Communication skills

Assessing the driver’s communication skills is essential. The position involves communicating with the fleet manager and clients, so they should have excellent communication skills. Also, be sure to assess their customer service skills. The driver will represent you in front of your clients, so you want to leave the best impression. Ask them if clients have filed a complaint against them and how they handled the situation.

Managing deadlines

In the trucking industry, companies are strict with their deadlines. If your truck driver fails to meet the set time, your client will complain. Therefore you need to ask your potential employee how they manage the deadlines. It takes excellent time management skills to avoid late arrivals, so ask how they ensure the freight arrives on time.

Asking about their late deliveries can be part of this question as well. In some cases, late delivery isn’t the driver’s fault. For example, there might be a mechanical problem with the vehicle. However, you will learn more about how they handle the situations. 

Simple truck maintenance

A truck driver should know how to fix minor issues with the vehicle and maintain it. Frequent maintenance will keep the vehicle in excellent shape while preventing costly repairs in the future. On the other hand, no minor issue should interfere with the schedule. The ideal driver will know essential maintenance to avoid delays. 

Strengths and weakness

Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will give you insight into how they identify their capabilities. They should explain how they will contribute to your company with their skillset.