SEO Project Management – Tools, Frameworks & Best Practices

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SEO Project Management - Tools, Frameworks & Best Practices

Coordinating and overseeing any project related to Search engine optimization is what entails the framework of SEO project management. Search Engine Optimization is a tangled web but with the right organizational tools, you can bring some sanity to the hullabaloo.

This piece will be highlighting some of the best practices to achieve a seamless SEO project management campaign using the right tools and framework.

Enlisting an SEO Expert

Considering the many moving parts involved in an SEO project, chances are that you’ll have a lot on your plate, making it difficult to manage the project using conventional ways alone. Getting organized will be instrumental in ensuring that you are focused on the demanding tasks at hand.

This is why the in-house Online Marketing Gurus team insists on enlisting an SEO agency to provide you with SEO project management solutions. Whether it’s for your eCommerce site, local SEO, content marketing, or anything in between, a reputed digital marketing agency can have just the solutions you need to improve your online visibility enough to skyrocket your ROI in not so long. Better yet, they help you save a decent amount of time and resources that could be injected into other areas of your business.

SEO Project Management Tools

There are plenty of resources out there to help you effortlessly take care of client requests while at the same time, managing your business needs. When it comes to SEO project management, below are some tools you might consider giving a try.


If you are running a company or business that outsources its manpower, then you’ll need a platform that connects your teams. Slack is an all-rounded and easily accessible platform that helps make communication flawless.

The platform also comes as an app, meaning that it can be utilized from the desktop as well as mobile devices. It’s an amazing tool to keep projects on track and ensure everyone involved in the different tasks of the project is up to speed on the progress.


Most project management software options are geared toward helping remote workers get their projects done They are also designed to streamline communication and enhance collaboration.

Now, Trello acts as both. The platform mainly focuses on task automation and team collaboration. It helps you stay organized using various features, including lists, boards, and cards, among others.


If you want a platform that does it all, then you’ve guessed it right. ProofHub makes it easy to dispatch a variety of assignments to remote workers, helping them deliver their projects in time, and it’s also a great planning and communication tool.

Other notable mentions include Asana, Teamwork, Zoho, and Smartsheet, just to name a few.

SEO Project Management Frameworks

When managing an SEO project, you’ll need a systematic approach that helps not only manage the available resources but also ensure that all processes run smoothly. The structured guidelines will also help in the project planning phase, in gaining control over specific projects, and in the termination of unproductive projects.

Best Practices for SEO Project Management

SEO project management tools are an integral part of any business or company running multiple SEO projects or campaigns. Having these tools will greatly help in the planning, management, execution, and termination of your various projects.

Nevertheless, you need to educate yourself and have an in-depth understanding of not only the application frameworks but also the best SEO project management practices. Such might entail:

  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Analytics and Reporting

Unlike in yesteryears, SEO is becoming more integrated. It’s no longer the means to acquire more traffic but it’s become a vehicle that amplifies brand awareness, improves public relations, and protects the reputation of brands.

If you are still using outdated systems, then you have the above pointers to convince you of the importance of going with trends. Hey, if your competitors are doing it, why not you?