Top 25 Hertz Interview Questions And Answers in 2024

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Hertz Interview Questions And Answers

Hertz is a corporation that provides car rental services and has locations at airports all around the globe. In 1918, Walter L. Jacobs founded the company. Hertz is the largest airport general-use automobile rental company in the world. The company has more than 1,700 airport locations in the United States and more than 1,300 airport locations worldwide. Additionally, the company is the owner of Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation (HERC), considered one of the world’s most successful equipment rental companies. HERC has over 355 locations worldwide and offers various equipment and tools for purchase and rental. As of the end of the year 2021, the company’s assets are valued at $19.7 billion, and its sales total $7.3 billion. You must go through an interview process before starting to work for Hertz. During this interview, you could be asked questions about everything from your prior work experience to why you want to work for Hertz. In this post, we will aid you in preparing for your interview with Hertz by providing 25 examples of interview questions and answers that they may ask you.

1. Do You Have Any Prior Airport Experience?

For two years, I was employed in the airport valet parking service. It was my job to retrieve customer automobiles from the parking lots they were parked in and transport them to the terminal entrance. I gained a lot of knowledge about providing good customer service and operating efficiently when working in that environment.

2. Why Are You Interested In Working At Hertz?

My fascination with automobiles and the mechanics underlying their operation began at a young age. When I was 16 years old, my first job was at a local repair shop, and I quickly learned that I enjoyed learning about the numerous ways in which people’s automobiles could develop problems. After completing high school, I decided to pursue a profession in the automotive repair industry. Working for Hertz would combine my passion for people with my interest in autos and transportation.

3. Have You Previously Managed Budgets And Met Deadlines?

Because I have been responsible for handling the family budget in my home, I understand the importance of creating a budget in advance and saving money whenever possible. Utilizing an online calendar, I could stay organized and on schedule when working for my previous workplace. For example, if I anticipated a deadline shortly, I would put the assignment on my calendar to prepare in advance. It made it possible for me to meet my deadlines and finish my work on time.

4. How Would You Manage A Customer Who Wants To Hire A Car Over Their Rental Range?

If a customer wishes to rent a car that is more expensive than they can afford, I will first attempt to locate an alternate vehicle within their price range so that they may fulfill their rental requirements. I will provide a free upgrade to a more expensive model if no alternative cars are available. It shows the customer that our company values their business and will do everything possible to ensure they have a good experience with us.

5. How Do You Stay Current With Technology Advancement In The Automobile Industry?

I consider myself a major enthusiast of modern technology, so I make it a point to stay current on my profession’s most recent technological developments. For example, I have recently read about self-driving cars and how they have the potential to transform airport car rental practices. I believe all Hertz employees must be informed of what is occurring inside our organization.

6. How Well Do You Know The Traffic Rules And Regulations In Your Area?

As a former company employee renting cars to vacationers, I know the rules and regulations regulating driving in this area. Due to our customers’ inexperience in driving on the roads in this region, we had to make extra efforts to ensure that they were aware of all applicable laws and regulations. For example, if the police stopped a person, they needed to know what to do next. I ensured all of my employees were up-to-date on the local traffic regulations.

7. What Distinguishes You From The Other Applicants Seeking For This Position?

Because I am a very organized person, I have always been able to stay on top of my work in various positions I have held in the past. I have earned a reputation in my job as the person to turn to for assistance with file systems. It sets me apart from other candidates because many people only understand the significance of being organized once they are put in a position where they are forced to do it.

8. How Frequently Do You Believe A Car Should Be Cleaned?

Every time a vehicle is rented, it should be thoroughly cleaned. I believe in providing each customer with the finest experience possible. If they travel in a filthy car, their experience will be less enjoyable. However, if the vehicle is clean, they will enjoy the ride more than they would. I am glad to wash cars by myself, but if assistance is required, I will ask other employees or supervisors for help.

9. How Do You Verify A Customer Identify And Payment Card Information?

I always conduct a thorough identity check, which includes glancing at the back of a customer’s license or passport. I also examined the credit card expiration date and questioned whether I should note down the last four numbers. If I discover that the two pieces of information contradict one another in any manner, I will notify management so that they can resolve the issue.

10. Have You Worked In A Fast-Pace Environment Before?

Although I have experience working in a fast-paced job, I like to perform my duties in a calm atmosphere. When I worked as a customer service representative for a telecommunications business in the past, one of my key responsibilities involved receiving calls from customers with account-related questions. Some calls were simple inquiries, while others were about billing difficulties or other issues. It was my task to listen to the caller’s concerns, collect relevant information, and then handle the matter.

11. When Is The Ideal Time To Return A Rental Car To The Lot?

Because I have engaged with multiple car rental businesses, I know the busiest times of day for returning vehicles. As most people leave town on Friday afternoons for the weekend, this is often one of the busiest times of the week to return a rental car. Additional instances include: During my previous shift, I saw a larger-than-usual number of clients entering our parking lot at this hour. I approached my manager to provide support and inquired about adding a Friday shift. After receiving her clearance, I began working on Fridays from 3 to 7 p.m. I was able to better serve some of our frequent clients by gaining a deeper understanding of them and providing them with exceptional customer service.

12. Are You Proficient With Computer Applications Such As Excel And Outlook?

Even though I used Microsoft Excel and Outlook in my former position as a project manager, I am more proficient with Google Sheets and Microsoft Word than Excel. My previous job required me to utilize both of these applications. Before starting employment at Hertz, I would be open to attending an Excel refresher course.

13. Describe The Procedure You Use To Check A Car Before A Customer Picks It Up.

I always begin by inspecting the vehicle’s exterior for scratches and scuffs. I also ensure that the tires are not wearing evenly and that all vehicle lights are operational. I advise them beforehand if any damage could compromise the driver’s safety, and they can decide whether or not to rent the vehicle based on this information. After completing my outside examination, I go to the car’s interior to confirm that the mirrors and seatbelts are in perfect working order.

14. How Would You Manage A Conflict Between Two Coworkers?

When I worked at my former job, I had an employee who routinely arrived late. As a result, other employees were required to cover their shifts, making some of those employees tardy. As soon as I became aware of the problem, I approached the employee stealthily and talked with them. He apologized and pledged to improve his punctuality in the future. Due to his repeated delay, I held a meeting with him and the entire staff filling in for him. We addressed the necessity for everyone to arrive at the same time and devised a plan in which everyone would alternate locations once per week.

15. How Would You Handle A Situation In Which A Car Needed To Be Fixed, But There Were No Other Cars Available?

When I worked as the manager of a car rental company, I was put in a situation like this when one of our vehicles needed servicing. I began by providing the customer with an explanation of the problem and apologizing for any inconvenience caused. After that, I offered them a complimentary upgrade or free rental time until their vehicle was fixed. The customers could wait for their cars in more comfort as a result.

16. What Would You Say Your Work Ethic Is?

Because I have always been the type of person who finds motivation in adversity, I always endeavor to do my absolute best whenever I am given a new project or assignment. As a former assistant manager at a retail business, I taught new employees how our inventory system functioned. I had never done anything similar, so I decided to accept it as a challenge and learn as much as possible about the system. After two weeks of training, I could train other employees better.

17. What Are Some Ways You Might Contribute To Our Company If Hired?

I have observed that Hertz is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, and as a result, I am happy to work with the firm. In my previous position, I was responsible for training new workers on our organization’s rules and processes for providing excellent customer service. I want to keep helping the team members improve their customer service skills.

18. How Do You Know Whether A Customer’s Request To Prolong Their Rental Is A Smart Idea?

When a customer asks me to extend their rental period, I always put myself in their shoes and try to see things from their perspective. If I were to rent a car, one of the first questions I would ask is whether or not an extension could be purchased at no extra cost. I am also aware that particular extension regulations apply to enterprises. When a customer requests an extension of the deadline, I ensure they are aware of potential fines or penalties. After that, I discussed our company’s rental extension policy with my supervisor. I let the customer know whether we can provide them with an extension at no additional cost if that option is available. If this is not possible, I offer my assistance in locating a place where they can rent a vehicle for a lower fee than the one they originally paid.

19. How Would You Identify Who Was At Fault If A Customer Returned A Car With Extra Damage While Claiming They Did Not Cause It?

Before I replace a car returned to me by a customer who asserts they were not responsible for any additional damage, I will take photographs of the vehicle in question. After that, I would talk with the customer about the situation and review their account for any inconsistencies. If I can’t prove or disprove the claim, I have to put the car back into inventory and charge the customer for any damage that happened.

20. Are You Comfortable Managing The Day-To-Day Operations Of A Rental Car Company With A Team Of People?

When I worked at my former job as the manager of a rental vehicle firm, I was part of a group of five other employees who aided me in managing the day-to-day operations of our business. For instance, we held weekly meetings to review issues that needed to be addressed and worked together to develop potential solutions. We also worked together on projects like getting our customer service department to use new software.

21. How Would You React If A Client Was Being Impolite?

When working at my last job, I was responsible for handling situations like these. During this time; I was helping a customer who was upset because their vehicle had been damaged. They were yelling at the other people working in the office and me. I maintained my composure and calmly explained that we would be happy to help them buy a new car if they provided us with the necessary documentation. After we explained our policies to them, they regained their composure and apologized for their behavior.

22. Which Vehicles Do You Enjoy Renting The Most?

When the weather is great, I enjoy driving around in a convertible with the top down; therefore, renting one is a pleasure of mine. Another reason I enjoy driving an SUV is that their roomy interiors make it easier to accommodate many passengers and their things. In conclusion, I prefer riding in luxury automobiles because they are aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable.

23. What Do You Believe Is The Most Vital Skill A Vehicle Rental Salesperson Should Possess?

Customer service is the most vital skill for salespeople in the car rental industry. This area of work demands that we deal with customers who are typically concerned about their travel preparations. To make them feel at ease and instill confidence in their decision to rent from our company, we must be courteous and helpful while talking with these clients.

24. Customers Are Queuing To Hire Cars. How Would You Decide Who Should Receive A Car First?

Customers who have reserved their vehicles in advance would be my priority. After that, I would proceed to the line of individuals waiting. If numerous people need a car simultaneously, I will make it a point to find out why each person needs a car so that I can get them to their destination as quickly as possible.

25. What Drives You To Put Your Maximum Effort?

My desire to give outstanding service to my clients is a source of inspiration. When a customer rents from us, they should have a fantastic experience in general. Knowing that I am assisting someone else in achieving their goals is an additional source of inspiration. If I witness a customer trying to carry their luggage into their vehicle, I will offer to assist them.


Hertz provides numerous career options, provided that applicants meet the requirements. This car rental company encourages applicants with the relevant qualifications and product knowledge to submit applications. Training programs and other skill-based initiatives offered by Hertz provide employees with the opportunity to grow professionally and advance further than possible within a predetermined career ladder. Background checks also help Hertz weed out dishonest and unreliable people who wouldn’t make good hires. In addition, candidates can benefit from this example interview to prepare for the Hertz interview.