Top 25 Custodian Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Custodian Interview Questions and Answers

Custodians, often known as janitors, are in charge of keeping public or private areas, including offices, businesses, and schools. In addition to maintaining the equipment by themselves or in groups, custodians clean these areas. When other workers are not present, some custodians work mainly. However, some custodians may regularly engage with employees and public members. You should try demonstrating your attention to detail and custodial expertise while preparing for a custodian interview. You may anticipate being questioned about how you maintained equipment, cleaned, and handled past issues. Look at this list of commonly requested custodian interview questions while you are ready, and then practice your responses.

1. What Attracted You To This Position?

I believed I had what I needed to exceed your expectations when I saw your job description for this position. After finishing my high school degree, I performed various janitorial duties, such as routine maintenance, cleaning, and building repairs. As a result, I have a ton of expertise in cleaning and stocking toilets and vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors. I constantly ensure doors are closed after work hours and use the proper tools to mop up spills. In addition, I am good at managing my time and working under both direct and indirect supervision.

2. What Functions Does A Janitor Perform?

A janitor’s duties vary depending on the location of their employment. However, they are also responsible for:

  • Stocking and cleaning the restrooms
  • Vacuum and clean the floors.
  • Maintaining the building’s cleanliness and ensuring it is in good working order.
  • Checking to make sure the doors are closed after work hours
  • Cleaning up spills using the appropriate tools
  • Making little repairs
  • Notifying supervisors or managers of significant repairs
  • Gathering and getting rid of rubbish
  • Stocked cleaning materials

3. What Characteristics Are Necessary For A Janitor To Succeed?

A top-notch janitor has to be well-versed in organizational, time-management, and communication skills to be successful in this position. They must possess the powerful physical strength required to lift and move more than 50 pounds. He must be familiar with different cleaning agents, understand when to apply them, and be able to disinfect and clean various surfaces. Additionally, a janitor using chemical cleansers has to be aware of several safety precautions.

4. Please Provide A List Of The Essential Products And Tools You Should Have On Hand For Bathroom Cleaning.

I’ll be sure to have microfiber cloths, scrubbing powder, glass cleaner, a vacuum, all-purpose cleaner, disinfectant, a squeegee, duster, stone cleaner, scrub pads, and brushes, as well as distilled white vinegar, dish soap, and all of these items while cleaning a bathroom. I also like having a plastic bag and a rubber band to clean grimy bathroom faucets and showerheads.

5. What Significant Challenges Did You Face In Your Previous Position? How Were They Handled By You?

The janitorial position requires very little formal training. This is a result of the variety of roles played. The majority of abilities are acquired by a janitor on the job. This caused me issues, particularly throughout the winter. It was challenging to deal with mud in the spring and rock salts in the winter. But until I achieved the necessary degree of cleanliness, I experimented with many chemicals and put in additional work.

6. Describe Your Janitorial Workday In Detail.

I start working early in the morning or perhaps late at night on a regular day. I gather the tools and resources I’ll need for the work. I submit materials and assign various duties to my team members at the work site. I emptied the building’s garbage and recycling containers and placed the contents in dumpsters. My crew and I clean the tables and stack the chairs before we begin cleaning or washing the floors. After that, I clean the restrooms and, if necessary, buy new paper towels, hand soap, and toilet paper. When I have completed all the chores, I check the priority list to ensure I have completed each one.

7. Walk Me Through Cleaning A Restroom

I start by removing the garbage and thoroughly dusting the whole bathroom, including the baseboards, floors, countertops, light fixtures, and the exterior of the toilet. I follow that by wiping any glass surfaces. I wipe off the sinks, tub fittings, and countertop objects using an all-purpose cleanser. I scrub, wash, and brush the toilet bowl’s outside, inside, and lid. I then clean the floor with the proper cleaning agent.

I start by cleaning everything, then disinfecting the high-touch areas like the handles on the faucets, the toilet seats, the doorknobs, the cupboards, etc. I next replenish the toilet paper and paper towels and refill the soap dispensers.

8. Why Is It Important To Adhere To The Service Standards, Policies, And Procedures Set?

Standards, guidelines, and policies all contribute to achieving a similar objective. They allow the workforce to behave in a certain way that aims to accomplish a shared objective. Therefore, adhering to them is crucial to focusing individual efforts on accomplishing the predetermined goals and objectives. Employees who don’t follow the rules won’t be able to accomplish the task at hand. The ultimate goal won’t be accomplished in the end.

9. Briefly Describe Your Experience.

I’ve worked as a janitor at Spark Mall for three years. I worked during this period both before and after regular business hours. I would collaborate with the maintenance team to complete building maintenance tasks. I obtained a lot of knowledge and experience using cleaning tools like car floor scrubbers. I sometimes worked on the building outside, such as power washing walls, mowing lawns, and cleaning windows. If you give me this chance, I’ll make the most of my experience to succeed in this position.

10. Do You Work More Productively Alone Or With Others?

I have had the pleasure of working in a group environment for a big company. If someone wanted to take time off, it would be convenient to swap shifts or duties. I’ve also had experience working on my own without direction. I can live there since I am equipped for any environment.

11. What Are Approaches And Attitudes Necessary For This Position?

You should like cleaning and teamwork to be a successful janitor. Working as a team will allow you to assign assignments to guarantee work is done effectively and on schedule. Thus, to do all of your daily tasks before the conclusion of your shift as a janitor, you will need to practice time management and prioritization abilities. Additionally, you must put safety first while using cleaning chemicals to be a competent janitor. Wearing protective gear, such as gloves, is the best action to prevent becoming sick when cleaning restrooms.

12. What Do You See As The Biggest Challenge In This Position?

High turnover will be the biggest obstacle in this position, in my opinion. The majority of individuals do not see cleaning work as a career. The job’s requirements account for this. It’s simple to get exhausted fast. However, a company’s culture may help keep its janitors by showcasing excellent leadership, paying them well, and providing on-the-job training.

13. If You Find A Major Problem During Cleaning, What Will You Do?

I will adhere to the company’s reporting guidelines. The problem will be brought to my supervisor’s attention so that the proper authorities may be contacted. But this varies from problem to problem. For example, if the problem is small or I can fix it alone, why bother bothering someone else? I’ll attempt to figure it out on my own.

14. What Keeps You Motivated At Work?

I am a meticulous cleaner who ensures I have all the necessary tools and resources before starting my work. I’ve come to understand that my excellent organizational abilities allow me to keep precise inventory records of cleaning materials and equipment so that I may replenish them as needed.

15. What Lesson Did You Learn From A Time When You Failed In This Role?

When I started this line of work, I saw that people showed little regard for janitors. The way they would speak and interact with us. Other workers would constantly gripe about incomplete jobs that were outside of our purview but that they expected us to do. I was so demoralized by this that I stopped taking pride in my profession as a janitor. My ego and sense of self-worth suffered, and before I realized it, I was sad. I was shocked to be selected as the best employee of the year at the end-of-year staff meeting. I was handed the trophy and a sizable amount of money as a token of appreciation. Even though other employees looked down on me, I was glad to know that the management appreciated my service. I learned from this to always put my best self forward, no matter what people think or say.

16. Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified For This Role?

I think I possess the abilities, traits, and background needed for this position. I’ve been a janitor for three years. Throughout that time, I’ve learned a lot about floor maintenance, bathroom upkeep, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. I can effectively see that the structure is kept up and tidy. In addition, I have strong organizational, time-management, and communication abilities that enable me to fulfill my tasks effectively. Task prioritization and on-time completion are skills I possess. I am sure that my qualifications, attributes, and experience will help me succeed in this opportunity.

17. How Do You Prioritize And Plan Your Work As A Cleaner?

I like beginning my job in quiet, open areas with few distractions. It is simpler to generate momentum when I have minor victories early in the day. I continue till I get to the occupied spots that need further work. I next go on to clean the public areas, which must be done often to stay in top shape.

18. Describe Your Best Success To Us

My coworkers selected me as the best janitor of the year twice in a row in my prior position as a janitor. This gave me reassurance that my contributions were valued and appreciated. Working hard may pay off and, in my opinion, lead to more opportunities than one would anticipate. Because of this, I approach my job with a self-driven mindset, even when I’m in a hectic setting. I’m working harder now to keep this job. Should you decide to recruit me for this position, I will make the most of my strong traits, expertise, and experience to ensure I will be the company’s best employee of the year.

19. What Would You Do If A Harmful Chemical Spill Occurred At Work?

If chemicals spill on a surface, I am equipped to clean it up fast. I would clean the impacted area with the appropriate cleaning solution. I’ll make sure to adhere to the business’ typical emergency protocol. While sanitizing the spilled area, I shall also adhere to my state’s occupational health and safety regulations.

20. Do You Have Any Experience Handling Customer Complaints?

Absolutely, I did. The consumer voiced complaints about the quality of the service during a call to customer support. I was enraged by this. The customer shouldn’t condemn the business solely on the conduct of one person since we are dedicated to excellence. They were sent to another customer support team member, who was delighted to assist them. In the end, the client was content. I didn’t anticipate this since I assumed my job would be over when he walked into the office.

21. What Would You Do If You Ran Out Of Cleaning Supplies But Still Had Work To Do?

I regularly check my cleaning materials and products so I can refill them as necessary to prevent difficulties. For reasons of accountability and refilling, I maintain a log of my cleaning supplies. However, I would let my boss know if they suddenly ran out. On the other hand, if the cleaning supplies must be purchased ahead, I would postpone the cleaning time but do other activities, such as sweeping and vacuuming.

22. How Will You Perform Your Duties If Others Are Around?

I’ll kindly let everyone know if I need to clean certain equipment or a specific location. However, if I have to mop the floor, I’ll start by setting up foldable warning signs. I will also be accommodating if any individuals wish to utilize the space. I’ll let them use it and ask them to let me know when they’re done so I can start cleaning it again. I’ll turn to other things while I wait to hear from you again.

23. How Should Public Spaces Be Cleaned When People Are Present?

The frequent traffic in the area tends to sometimes ruin the cleaning effort. There should be signs indicating that cleaning is done and that the floor is moist and slick. People will steer clear of the region as a result. Public spaces may sometimes get exceedingly untidy, mainly when there is an event, an exhibition, or a holiday. Despite having separate containers available, people continue to discard a lot of trash. However, I don’t mind since I like being of service to others. I never seem to become annoyed by this.

24. Briefly Describe Some Essential Cleaning Supplies And Equipment You Have Previously Used.

I have utilized various cleaning supplies in my prior position as a janitor, including bleach, air fresheners, sanitizers, toilet cleansers, dishwashing liquids, and home cleaners. I also understand how to use the proper materials appropriately without endangering my cleaning area. Additionally, I am proficient in using various equipment, including floor scrubbers, floor polishers, carpet cleaners, brooms, dustpans, buckets, vacuum cleaners, rubber gloves, Squeegees, toilet brushes, and holders.

25. Could You Describe How You Use Cleaning Products?

I use a range of cleaning products, including conventional and natural kinds.

Some of these remedies are:

  • All-purpose cleaner: I use this solution to remove dirt, stains, and oil from many surfaces.
  • Glass cleaner: I use glass cleaner to clean surfaces made of glass, such as windows and tables. It removes dirt without leaving behind stains or streaks.
  • Tile cleaner with bleach: I use this remedy to remove rust, soap scum, mildew, and mold from surfaces.
  • White vinegar: I use this mixture to remove grime and dissolve oil. Additionally, I disinfect using it.


You should take some time to prepare for the interview and rehearse your responses to these questions in advance, especially if you get anxious in interviews. This is an excellent strategy to avoid having a speech impediment during the interview.

The easiest method to achieve this is to find a buddy who will play the role of the interviewer for you in a role-playing exercise. The objective is to be well-rehearsed in your replies before you enter the interview room, but in the absence of this, talking aloud to your mirror is equally beneficial.

Eat a satisfying and nutritious meal the morning before the interview; refrain from drinking too much coffee if it makes you jittery. Make sure you look well for your interview by dressing neatly and professionally. As the employer’s custodian, you must keep the workplace tidy. When going to your interview, you should allow extra time in case of traffic or other delays; if at all feasible, try to arrive a few minutes early.