Top 25 Comcast Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

Comcast Interview Questions and Answers

We understand that interviews can be very stressful. Furthermore, the competition to get on board makes it more stressful. Since you are here, we would like to help you out. We have compiled 25 interview questions and answers that can help you to nail the interview and get the job of your dream at Comcast and hopefully will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

1. How Would You Handle Angry Customers?

It is not easy handling angry and upset customers. That is why only the chosen and the patient can handle those customers. Usually, whenever I face angry customers, I will listen to them and not take things personally because an angry customer will blurt out his anger emotionally. Once they calm down, I will apologize, offer a few solutions, and we will work from there.

2. How Would You Rate Yourself In SQL, Python, And Tableau?

I would rate myself as an expert in SQL, Python, and Tableau. I am using these three days in my current job. I even have an advanced certificate in SQL and python. With the proficiency that I have, I can work independently with little to no supervision needed.

3. May I Know What Are Python Namespace And Types?

Whenever we assign an object with a name, that is what namespace is. There are generally four types of the namespace, which are:

  • Built-in namespace, which is a built-in object in python.
  • The global namespace is for objects that are created at the main program level.
  • Enclosing namespace is used at a higher level.
  • The local namespace is for inner function.

4. How Is RDBMS Different From Dbms?

RDBMS is a relational database management system, while DBMS is a database management system. There are a few distinct differences between these two which are:

  • The number of users – only one user can access DBMS while numerous users can access RDBMS simultaneously.
  • Software and hardware – DBMS requires less software and hardware compared to RDBMS.
  • Information – RDBMS can handle extensive data while DBMS can only handle small and limited data.
  • Database structure – In DBMS, data is stored in hierarchy format, but RDBMS uses a table that holds all the values.
  • Distributed data –  RDBMS provides complete distributed data while DBMS doesn’t.
  • Database normalization – RDBMS can be normalized, but DBMS is unable to be normalized.

5. What Is Your Opinion On Build VS. Buy Software?

In order to determine whether we should build or buy, we need to consider many factors—for example, the cost factor. Building our own software may require lower initial spending, but we are uncertain what will happen during the development phase. We may end up spending more money, and more time is taken to complete the project, while when buying software, we might spend a large amount of money at first, but we do not have to deal with any headaches and additional costs later. Therefore, I always believe that buying software is the best option unless the software is our core business because it is always cheaper and fast deployment when purchasing one.

6. What Do You Do If You Are Not Able To Ping The Modem?

If I am not able to ping the modem, I know it is time for troubleshooting. I have five steps to do so, which are:

  • I need to check if the modem is plugged into a power source.
  • I also need to check if the modem is plugged into the broadband connection.
  • I will ensure that the IP address is correct.
  • I will check if an outage prevents my pings from reaching the modem.
  • Lastly, if it is still not working, I will escalate this issue internally.

7. What Is The Difference Between Half-Duplex And Full-Duplex?

Half-duplex and full-duplex are transmission modes. A Half-duplex is a one-way communication and the only node on that channel that can transit communication at one time. An easy example of a half-duplex is a walkie-talkie or push-to-talk that only one person can use at a time. Full-duplex is when two nodes communicate with each other and are able to receive and send data at the same time. There is no collision when using full-duplex, thus making any communication complete quickly. An example of a full-duplex is our regular telephone conversation where both can talk freely without interruption.

8. What Is A Shell Script Command In Linux?

A shell is an operating system’s command-line interface (CLI) in Linux. It is also an interpreter for a set of commands that are used to communicate. A shell script is usually created for a command that a user will be able to use repeatedly. This can save a lot of users’ time.

9. May I Know What Is Parameter In Tableau?

In Tableau, parameters refer to workbook variables. These variables consist of numbers, dates, a field for calculation, and the calculated one. We can also replace the value in calculation, filter, or reference line. For example, I can create a field that returns True for a salary greater than $5000, and a salary below $5000 will return False.

10. What Is The Best Approach To Performing API Testing?

A few factors need to be considered when performing API testing. The factors are:

  • Defining input parameter
  • Defining the functionality and scope
  • Writing API test cases and using suitable testing techniques
  • Testing execution
  • Compare the actual result vs. theoretical result
  • Verifying API behavior

11. What Is One Advantage Of AWS Redshift?

One great advantage I like about AWS Redshift is that the price is lower and more competitive than its competitor. It has two pricing options that suit our needs and budget. Although Redshift is cheap, it does not compromise the speed of loading and data query. Massively Parallel Processing allows users to load data at a breakneck speed.

12. How Do You Keep Up With New Technologies?

As a tech person, it is in my DNA to keep up with new technologies. In order to keep up, I read a lot of tech blogs such as Wired, TechCrunch, and Recode. I also subscribed to tech websites and blogs and receive their updates through email. I also followed tech leaders and C-suite executives on Twitter and LinkedIn. I will make sure that I do not miss their posts. Lastly, since all of my friends are tech people, we constantly change information and thoughts about the tech world.

13. How Do You Design After Sales Service?

Aftersales service is one of the crucial elements in business. By having excellent after-sales service, we are able to ensure our products meet or even better exceed the customer’s expectations. Indirectly we can retain our customers. Therefore, personally, for me, I will send them a thank you email or SMS for purchasing with me. I also will send them emails and ask for feedback on our product and services so that we can continue to improve. Occasionally I will send them a newsletter on our promotion in order to ensure that they will not miss it. Lastly, of course, the most important one is to help and assist customers whenever they lodge complaints so that they will get the best customer service experience from me.

14. Can You Share An Example Where You Assist A Client And What Is The Outcome?

Once, I had a customer who called me because he could not connect with his home Wi-Fi. He suspected that the modem was faulty. So, what we did was I tried to troubleshoot the modem with his help. It was a complex situation because nothing that we did ever worked. I understood that he was getting impatient. After about 2 hours of troubleshooting, we managed to find the root cause, and his internet connection was restored successfully. After the call, I asked him to rate me, and he gave me a good full five stars. Therefore, I would say that the customer was happy with my service, and the outcome was good.

15. How Do You Handle When You Had Been Assisting A Customer For Two Hours Before Realizing You Can Solve It In Ten Minutes? Simply Because You Started With A Wrong Path.

I have never encountered this in my service, but if I ever face this situation, I will apologize to the customer for taking too long to solve the issue. Secondly, I will write in my book what happened and why I interpreted the customer’s problem that way. I will note down how the customer described the issue so that I will not misinterpret it again next time.

16. Tell Me About A Time Where You Disagree With Your Manager Or Co-Worker. How Was It Resolved?

Two months back, I disagreed with my manager on activities that needed to be taken after one of our products was found faulty at the site. My manager wanted to replace the defective product immediately without any root cause analysis done on the customer’s side. I insisted our customer come out with at least a preliminary report so that we could understand what had happened and how they detected the issue because the faulty might be due to handling from the customer. My opinion was not accepted then, and I just let it go.

17. What Would You Do If You Were Tasked With A Problem That You Knew Could Not Be Completed In The Time Provided?

I usually do not plan to fail. Therefore, whenever I know from the start that a task cannot be completed on time, I will provide detail and data on why it cannot be completed. I will also propose a Plan B. Managers and stakeholders will definitely appreciate it when we have a backup plan because it shows that we know what to do and we have a plan to overcome the issue.

18. Name A Time You Had To React Under Stress And How You Deal With It?

I always have more than five projects on hand at the same time. At first, I was able to manage it well according to the timeline. But unfortunately, something happened, and I ended up with three project tasks with the same deadline, which was a few days away. I got really stressed and unable to think and do my job correctly. Therefore, what I did was I asked my co-worker if he could help me with one of the project tasks since he was on the same project, and I was lucky he said yes. I was left with two tasks to complete, which were still manageable.

19. How Do You Describe Your Leadership Style?

I am a consultative leader. By saying that, I value my team. I always get feedback from them and take their feedback and concerns seriously. Because of my leadership style, I manage to develop an excellent group of problem solvers. I also managed to reduce the turnover rate in my current company by being one.

20. Why Are You Looking For A Change? Do You Have Any Issue With Your Current Employer?

I have been a salesperson with ABC Company for the past five years. I increased our sales by 15% every quarter. But recently, I figured out that you are hiring for the same position as I am now, and I am thrilled to try out. You have no idea it would be a dream come true if I am selected as one of Comcast’s employees.

21. Why Do You Want To Work With Comcast?

I am interested in working at Comcast because Comcast is a well-known company. I also read that Comcast had been listed as one of the best places to work for a few years straight, and I would really like to experience that. I would like to expand my knowledge and grow together with the company. I also believe that Comcast cares about its employees and provides world-class benefits.

22. How Do You Motivate Yourself?

I will use Pomodoro techniques whenever I am working. This method gives me 10 minutes reward after 20 minutes of working. For example, I focus on work for 20 minutes, and then my reward is I will get 10 minutes to scroll through social media. I also celebrate small successes and small wins. The way I celebrate is by buying myself my favorite decadent cupcakes. You might think that I reward myself a little bit too much, but trust me, it helps me with my productivity and keeps me going when I am stressed.

23. Why Do You Think We Should Hire You To Join Our Team?

From our discussion today and some research that I have done prior to this interview, Comcast is looking for someone who is able to handle customers. You are also looking for someone with excellent communication skills and an experienced marketer to expand your business. With my experience, I will be a great addition to your team. With the combination of my skills and experience, I am able to deliver exceptional results to the company.

24. How Do You Handle Conflict?

Whenever I am in a conflict, I will try to remain calm and not take things personally because I understand every human is different. We might have a different take and different perspectives on every issue. Therefore, being calm really helps. I will let them speak their mind, and then I will tell them what I think is the best for the company. I will then allow the stakeholders to decide which path to take. I am definitely okay if they didn’t choose mine because that will be a lesson for me to look at things from another perspective.

25. Describe Your Major Strength And Weakness.

  1. My primary strength is that I am good at negotiating and know how to handle difficult people. With these strengths, I can talk to anybody and get them to agree to my plan and proposals solely for the company’s benefit. In contrast, my major weakness is that I am not good at saying no. I know it is unhealthy for my mental health when I do not know how to say no, but I am currently learning to overcome this. Once in a while, I will force myself to say no to more tasks when I already have a lot on my plate. I promise to overcome this weakness slowly as long as I make progress.


There, 25 questions and answers are ready for you to prepare yourself for the interview. Apart from these questions, make sure you do proper research on Comcast on their website. Make sure you are familiarized with the company and its businesses. Get a good sleep before the interview, so you will be fresh the next day. We hope the best for your interview, and let us know if you manage to get accepted to Comcast. Good luck to us.