Top 25 Asurion Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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Asurion Interview Questions and Answers

With four million people working in the insurance sector, a mass of talent is looking for the best jobs, benefits, and working environments.

If you are the one struggling to get a career in Asurion and finding ways to ace the interview process. This guide is for you.

Getting an overwhelming team is challenging among diverse trained and untrained applicants. This can put employers and recruiters in a position where it takes time to filter through the available talent, costing time and valuable resources.

If you have applied to an insurance company like Asurion and have a job interview coming up, it’s smart to prepare for the job responses.

Asurion is one of the leading tech insurance providers that have rendered their services since 1994. Asurion is a leading insurance provider of electronic devices, warranty & support services for cell phones, consumer electronics & home appliances.

Asurion makes tech accessible by helping people solve common and uncommon tech issues. The company invests significantly to deliver the most elaborate insurance solutions to customers. Asurion companies help people to protect, connect and enjoy their latest devices.

Here, we have provided the responses to the most commonly asked questions and offer resources to tailor your interview needs.

1. Tell Me About Yourself And What Brings You To Start Your Career In Asurion?

My name is Assam, and I have been in the insurance sector for the past 5 years. The reason that brought me here is my passion and skills for technology and repair.

I have always admired your company’s reputation for specialized care and customer service, which is a big part of why your clients buy from you.

I have a lot of experience selling to your key demographic, and I know how to sell the overall product experience, including the customer service component.

I constantly get motivated to land a new client and build a well-thought-out pitch that will likely expand the customer base.

2. What Do You Know About Asurion And Its Services?

Asurion is the leading insurance provider of electronic devices and home appliances. It’s a technology care company that provides protection, repair, installation, replacing damaged devices, and expert support for all the technology you own. That includes your phone, smart home devices, and even household appliances. A reputable company that aids people to get the most out of their technology by providing expert help and product insurance and warranties.

3. Why Do You Want To Work At Asurion?

I want to work at Asurion because I’m passionate about technology and customer service. Your company has an excellent reputation for providing quality products and services that are easy to use. I also like your company’s strong commitment to employee development and support programs that help employees balance their professional and personal lives.

4. What Skills Do You Think Are Necessary To Be Successful In This Position?

One of the most important skills for this position is communication. My ability to communicate clearly with customers and coworkers will allow me to solve problems efficiently and effectively. Another skill I believe is necessary is proficiency in technical knowledge. Asurion deals in tech insurance and devices, so I know that being able to solve problems quickly and accurately is vital to success.

5. At A Workplace, Do You Find Yourself A Creative Thinker Or Work Under A Predefined Set Of Rules?

For this, I maintain a healthy balance of both. Rules and policies are helpful as they provide a roadmap for day-to-day operations. They ensure compliance with laws and regulations, guide decision-making, and streamline internal processes. Whereas creativity is contagious and inspirational, encouraging teamwork and collaboration. So I think both play their part.

6. Do You Have Any Insurance-Related Certifications Or Licenses?

Recently I completed my Certificate in General Insurance through the Insurance Institute of America (IIA). I am currently completing my Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) certificate. I am always interested in improving my insurance practice, so I participate in training programs and continuing education whenever possible.

7. What Techniques Do You Use To Help A Customer Understand Company Policies?

The technique that works for me in helping customers understand company policy is listening and emphasizing. Before offering them the insurance policy, I first get to understand their requirements, needs, and concerns. Then I use my expertise to introduce different policies available while elaborating on each policy’s eligibility to protect customers financially.

I also make them aware of the exceptions and limitations that may apply to the terms of the situation. If they need further understanding, I provide brochures and the company’s website so they can research information independently.

8. Are You Comfortable With Making Cold Calls?

Yes, I am comfortable making cold calls. It serves as a great resource for business development.

In my previous job, I worked as a sales representative, and cold calling was a part of my job. I have used this tactic successfully. I tried to convince people according to their needs and never forced their decision. Cold calling is challenging but rewarding as well. I use my active communication skill in the cold call process and try to be positive even after multiple rejections.

9. What Techniques Do You Use To Gain Leads?

The technique that works best for me is client referral. You cannot beat the power of a referral from a satisfied customer. Concerning gadgets and smartphones, people go to places where they find trust and have positive recommendations. So I make sure to build positive client relationships. Your sincerity with business dealing will keep your name top-of-mind and draw prospects to your agency when they need your services. Moreover, I try to be active in the community by hosting insurance seminars and offering to be a guest speaker at different business events.

10. Are You Someone Who Continuously Meets Your Sales Goals?

Yes, I have always exceeded my sales goals over my five-year career in the business. For example, last year, I led my team to exceed our sales projections by 25% — and this was during a very difficult market when most of the other teams in our division came up short of the goal.

11. In Your Opinion, What Is The Biggest Challenge The Tech Insurance Industry Is Experiencing?

One of the biggest challenges for a tech insurance company is staying competitive during the rapid growth and expansion of technology. Insurance companies are forced to compete with new entrants leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the proliferation of sensors and IoT devices.

Also, Consumer expectations are rising across the service industry too. Consumers have preferred greater customization of their devices and other electronic items. Particularly, younger buyers are showing interest in how insurance services are rendered. Companies leveraging new technologies to model, manage and deliver tailored customer solutions are gaining wide acceptance.

12. What Responsibilities Would You Hope To Take On In This Role?

As a tech worker, my responsibilities include project planning and coordinating with other teams. This may involve many sit-down meetings, development work, improving working systems, and becoming familiar with various software technologies.

13. Tell Me About A Time You Made An Error Because Of A Breakdown In Communication From You Or One Of Your Team Members.

While I was providing my services in a retail company, I missed one of our inventory shipments because I too quickly skimmed an email from the head office regarding the change in delivery schedule due to a long weekend.

The shipment was returned, resulting in extra costs to the business and a delay in receiving our seasonal stock. I offered to pay for the extra charges. They refused to charge me for the error but asked me to take additional care in the future. I was embarrassed and promised myself never to do anything like this ever.

14. Tech Insurance Is An Ever-Changing Landscape. What Do You Do To Stay Top-Of-The-Line?

Technology is a dynamic field that requires a lot of innovation, creativity, mindfulness, and adaptability to grow. Keeping all this in mind, I keep in line with new technological inventions and prepare myself well for upcoming challenges and possibilities. I use database software and programs to manage warranty claims and other important information.

15. Being An Insurance Company, What Is The Most Significant Industry Change So Far?

For the past few years, a handful of accelerating technology has poised to transform a steady stream of new features and functionality. Insurance vendors in the market need to improve their policies with recovery features, data protection, and extensive technical support to the consumers while they claim their insurance.

Moreover, the emergence of multichannel interaction, direct-to-consumer insurance assistance, online transaction platforms, etc., further drives the global technology insurance market. Other factors driving the market include rising demand for data and virus protection plans and improving access through improved distribution.

16. Do You Have Experience Working In A Cross-Functional Environment?

Yes, I have worked with multiple departments and collaborated effectively to attract prospects.

In my last role, I worked with the sales team to create a marketing campaign to increase sales. I worked with the marketing team to create the campaign and then with the IT department to implement it. I also worked with the finance department to ensure the campaign was within budget and would be profitable.

17. What Do You Feel Are Some Of The Most Common Problems Reported With Smartphones And Tablets?

Cracked screens are the most common problem that occurs more often with smartphones and tablets. This can be caused by dropping the device or putting it in a pocket with keys or other hard objects. The first thing I do when someone comes into the store with this issue is check if their warranty covers it. If so, I will replace the screen for free. If not, I offer to sell them a new phone at a discounted price.

Another common problem is water damage. This happens when people drop their phones in water or spill liquid on them. In these cases, I try to dry out the phone as much as possible before replacing any damaged parts.

18. What Would You Do To Make A Good Impression On Clients?

To make a good impression on clients, I make sure to act and sound professionally. I prepare by gaining all the essential information about the policy or product I am selling. Also, I do thorough research about potential clients and their key demographics.

Besides doing all these things, I serve my clients with excellent customer service. Understanding their concerns and interests and having fulfilling communication can leave a lasting impression on clients.

19. How Would You Deal With A Complaining Customer Who Was Unhappy With Their Insurance Policy Or The Service They Had Received From Us?

For me, an unhappy customer is a learning curve. To deal with a disappointed customer, I would first assess the situation and analyze the extent of the mistake. Depending on the severity, I take the respective course of action. In most cases, I opt for the “kill with kindness” strategy. This means acknowledging their complaints, combating the issues with empathy and flexibility, Offering an apology, and practicing a positive attitude.

Also, I would offer them a better insurance policy and service aligned with their needs and budget. Finally, I would try to follow them up to show we care.

20. What Are Your Strategies For Maintaining A Positive, Trust-Based Relationship With Customers?

Having an open line of communication helps me create a healthy and sustainable relationship with my customers.

If clients face any issue or fall into a dispute, I make sure to provide well-researched answers and make a point of following up. I uphold client trust by maintaining confidentiality. This is part of my job to keep sensitive or personal information confidential from coworkers, friends, or family, and I consider silence to be the better part of discretion.

I consider this my responsibility to demonstrate integrity in all my career roles. I try to answer questions honestly and solve problems rather than offer misleading misinformation.

21. What Are Your Professional Goals With Our Company?

I aspire to offer an essential service to customers by networking and working closely with a wide variety of people. I want to grow over time and gain more experience in the insurance field.

I want to use my capabilities and insurance skills to support the company and increase your base of loyal customers. It is important to me to be a part of a supportive, forward-thinking team.

22. Are You Aware Of The Different Types Of Insurance Policies Available?

Yes, I am well aware of the different tech insurance policies available. My knowledge of the insurance industry is comprehensive and updated, allowing me to offer accurate financial advice and solutions.

I have good experience defining the best policy for my clients, keeping their budgets and needs in mind. Also, I make sure to introduce policies that can maximize their coverage. I am proficient in risk management, claim processing, and customer service.

23. How Well Do You Perform Under Pressure?

In my last role as an insurance specialist, I often came across challenging and complex tasks that I had to complete under tight deadlines. I completed them effectively and developed an ability to stay focused and organized. I also take pride in remaining calm and composed when dealing with difficult situations. This helps me to face problems from a logical standpoint and come up with creative solutions.

24. When A Customer Comes With A Tech Problem, What Troubleshooting Process Do You Follow?

The first step I follow in troubleshooting a tech issue is to analyze the problem. Gathering information from users makes it easier to identify the root cause. After that, I try to brainstorm possible causes to find the fixes.

In my last role as an IT specialist, I had a client who was having an issue with his mobile phone. After assessing the problem, I found out that there was an overheating issue that hindered the operating system to run. I provide them with instructions and resolved the issue immediately.

25. How Do You Stay Aware Of New Development In Technology?

To remain competitive with new trends and technological development, I keep in touch with influencers devoted to technology and emerging trends. I follow them to know about the latest evolution in the field of technology. Also, I subscribe to a newsletter and follow tech company accounts to learn more about new developments.


Interviews phases are usually stressful and challenging, regardless of where you are in your career. The application process is often tiresome, so when you finally land an interview process, it is natural to stress about providing the best possible answers to common interview questions.

Generally, the interview conversation begins with talking about your prior experience, qualification, and how the job openings have prepared you for the role. We have included questions with their sample responses to make you prepared that you’re the candidate most suited to the job.