Top 20 Waitrose Interview Questions & Answers 2024

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Waitrose Interview Questions & Answers

Waitrose is one of the best grocery and wine stores from Waitrose & Partners. In case you would like to pass your interview at Waitrose, here are some of the questions that you should expect:

1. What Do You Know About Us?

What do you know about this grocery and wine store? This is where you will prove to the interviewer that you know your potential working place. Ensure that whatever you mention is factual, or you will lose your chance of landing the job. Therefore, extensively research the institution and gather as much information as you can.

Sample Answer

Waitrose is a British employee-owned supermarket store with over 3009 shops across the United Kingdom. Its headquarters are in Bracknell and Victoria, England. It is a subsidiary of John Lewis Partnership. (You can also mention Heston, which is a premium range of Waitrose products, inspired or created by Heston Blumenthal)

2. Do You Know Our Target Audience?

The interviewer wants to know if you can identify their target customers. Such information is necessary as it determines if you took the time to learn more about the company’s market dynamics. You are also likely to help them increase their reach if you know who they are targeting.

Sample Answer

From what I have observed, your main target audience is middle-class earners in need of quality products and top-notch service. This is visible from your product prices and quality and how you market yourself. Also, most of your offerings appeal to the middle class as opposed to the lower class. I am willing to offer excellent customer service to help you push your products and appeal to your target market.

3. How Will Waitrose Contribute to Your Career?

How will this company help you achieve your career goals and ambitions? This is a chance to align your expectations and goals to the company and convince the interviewer that is the right workplace for you.

Sample Answer

Being a renowned wine and groceries company, Waitrose will expose me to a number of challenges that will help me learn more about this field and advance in my career. I have also discovered that you have lots of training programs for your employees, which will expand my knowledge and give me valuable insights.

4.  What is Your Definition of Excellent Customer Service?

How do you define excellent customer service? This is a chance to tell the interviewer that you know what it takes to make customers happy. The best way of answering this question is to view it from the point of a customer. What would pass as excellent customer service if you were shopping at Waitrose?

Sample Answer

I believe that excellent customer service entails giving them a reason to come back to the store. It includes having a friendly staff willing to help the customers find whatever they want, not keeping them waiting in line for more extended periods, and ensuring that the store’s display is always well maintained. Excellent customer service means saving customers’ time and ensuring that they are satisfied.

5. Have You Ever Gone Above and Beyond For a Customer?

Expect more questions on customer service when interviewing for a retail position. You have to convince the hiring manager that you will do everything possible to benefit the customers. Customers also love when you go above and beyond, which generates more business for the entity.

Sample Answer

Yes. While working at a retail store in California, I once helped a customer who wanted more information about a product. I called one of my friends who had vast experience with the product to shed more light on it. He explained the product perfectly, and by the end of the day, the customer was impressed by the knowledge of the product.

6. What Did You Like Most About Your Job?

The interviewer wants to know about some of the things that made you happy about your last job. Mention different aspects of your previous job that you loved. Make sure that you talk about them passionately and enthusiastically. However, do not mention the material benefits that your last job offered.

Sample Answer

My last job allowed me to meet different people, interact with them and build a solid network. I also learned more about the retail industry and acquired the necessary skills that prepared me for subsequent roles. I believe that I wouldn’t be where I am now if not for the last position I held.

7. Have You Ever Been Late for a Shift? Give Us Your Reason

The interviewer wants to know if you are reliable. Do not shy away from answering this question since even the hiring manager knows that situations may force you to be late or absent to work. However, make sure that whatever you mention is good enough to convince the interviewer that you value your job.

Sample Answer

I was once late for work because I had to take my daughter to the hospital. She started convulsing right before I left the house, and I had to stay and help her. I called my boss, explained that I couldn’t come in early due to my daughter, and even gave proof. I take my work seriously and will always come in early unless it’s unavoidable. I also ensure that I have given prior notice if possible.

8. Can You Stand for Longer Periods of Time?

Given that this is a retail position, you may be required to stand for longer durations or even lift heavy items. Therefore, it would help if you convinced the interviewer that you are in a position to withstand such strenuous experiences. Say that you don’t have a problem with that, and you’ll be safe.

Sample Answer

I don’t have a problem standing for long periods, given that I have been in this industry for quite some time. I usually wear comfortable shoes that can help me withstand such situations. I also stay hydrated all the time. Additionally, I can lift heavy objects and be at my best all the time.

9. Why Should We Hire You?

The interviewer has given you a chance to sell yourself and convince them that you will perfectly fit the given role. Mention all the skills, attributes, and qualities that you have. Make the interviewer believe that you can deliver. Also, remember to talk positively and enthusiastically about yourself. Showing that you are proud of your abilities portrays you as a confident employee.

Sample Answer

I have vast experience in this field, which I believe will work for the benefit of this organization. I have worked in different retail settings and gathered lots of positive experiences that will help me deliver. I also have lots of skills and abilities that I will use to make the organization a better place. I am a hardworking, diligent, and punctual employee who will stop at nothing until I have achieved whatever I have set out to.

10. Can You Work at Night?

The interviewer wants to know how flexible you are. Remember, flexibility means more hours, which increases your chance of landing the job. Let the interviewer know if you can work at night. This is particularly important if you have a day job.

Sample Answer

I believe that I am a very flexible person. I do not, therefore, have a problem working on night shifts. I also have a day job, which means that night shifts will be perfect. (You should be honest with the interviewer. Tell them if you cannot work night shifts)

11. We Greatly Value the Personalities of Our Employees. Would you mind describing Your Personality/

You should understand that personality and character are two different things. The interviewer wants to know more about your traits Vs. Integrity. This is a chance to tell the interviewer who you are and convince them that you fit whatever is required in this particular job. Talk proudly about your personality and only focus on the good traits.

Sample Answer

I would describe myself as confident, friendly, and a go-getter. I also believe that I am optimistic, light-hearted, kind, and approachable. I am convinced that my former colleagues and supervisors will also say the same about me. ( Your answer should be convincing enough)

12. How Would You Handle an Aggressive Customer?

You should understand that you will come across rude customers when working in a retail environment. This is a chance to tell the interviewer that you can handle all types of customers. Remember, you need some level of diplomacy, especially now that you will be dealing with the public. Show the interviewer that you are in a position to extend quality customer service to all customers.

Sample Answer

If I noticed that a customer was aggressive and disrespectful, I would calmly but firmly request that they calm down. I don’t also have a problem calling security on them if they don’t tow the line. I believe that everyone needs to remain respectful, including the customers. Also, most of the places that I have worked in have procedures for such scenarios. I believe that you are not an exception.

13. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

When discussing your salary expectations, use your current one as a base reference. Be honest and open with the interviewer while keeping in mind that honesty is the best choice when negotiating for a salary. Be careful not to overquote or underquote.

Sample Answer

I currently earn a base salary of $50,000 per year and a potential 15% annual bonus. I made over $58,000 last year and would love to stay in the same range or, if possible, go higher. I am open to new suggestions or offers.

14. You Definitely Know About Our Return Policy. What Would You Do if a Customer Started Arguing With You about a Potential Return?

You will encounter customers trying to argue with the set store policies.  Assure the interviewer that you are willing and able to handle such customers and keep them happy. It would be best to keep the needs of the company in mind.

Sample Answer

We must follow all the company policies. However, I also think that there may be some exceptions, especially if meant to keep the customers happy. I will make sure that I achieve a fine balance between being accommodating and a pushover. I may also ask my supervisor for permission if I am unsure about what I should do.

15.  What Would You Do If You Caught a Co-worker Stealing From the Company?

Waitrose has a strong employee honesty program to help prevent losses and ensure that every piece of property is accounted for. You need to convince the interviewer that you can help the store advance this program. Show that you will step in to prevent employee theft if you want the job. However, do not play the hero.

Sample Answer

I believe in integrity. I also live by the rule that everyone should work for whatever they own.  I would therefore report the incident to my supervisor or call security regardless of my relationship with the employee.  (You need to tell the interviewer what they want to hear even if you will do the opposite in real life)

16. What Type of Work Environment Do You Fancy?

The interviewer wants to know your preferred working environment. Describe a workplace that brings the best out of you. You can also find out more about Waitrose and describe it to the interviewer. This shouldn’t be hard to answer, especially with some background information on your potential employer.

Sample Answer

I prefer a work environment where employees are allowed to collaborate on projects and voice their opinions freely. I believe in a work setting that enables employees to advance in their careers and mentor others. Also, it should take deadlines seriously and follow-ups done.

17. Do You Know Our Company’s Values?

The interviewer is assessing how much you know about the entity. Make sure that you conduct extensive research before the interview and gather as much information as possible. Showing that you know the values associated with the brand tells that you are a good fit for the position you are interviewing for.

Sample Answer

You have five values that the partners created. They outline the expectations from every partner and ensure that the organization succeeds. These include doing right, giving more than one takes, being yourself always, and the slogan ‘We not me.’ All these are found on your website.

18. Do You Know Our Vision Statement?

This question is similar to the last one as it deduces how much you know about the organization. Have you gone through the company’s website and read its vision statement? Do you know what it aims to achieve? Answering such questions will show the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about working for the particular company.

Sample Answer

Yes. I have gone through your vision statement. You intend to be a successful business, which I believe you already are; incorporate a culture of diversity and inclusion to guarantee the happiness of the clients and partners; promote environmental sustainability through ethical practices and follow high principles.

19.  Do You Have any Skills That Will Make You an Asset to Your Team?

The interviewer wants to know if you understand what you need to succeed in team settings. Do you have what it takes to help the team succeed? This is where you mention the skills, attributes, and qualities that every team member should have. Convince the interviewer that you will be an excellent addition to the team.

Sample Answer

I have a set of qualities and attributes that will help me and the team in general succeed. I am a hardworking and diligent person who believes in giving my all to benefit the team. I will meet deadlines and stick to the agreed schedules to avoid inconveniencing my team members. I also have several people skills that will help me get along with my team members. I can inspire and motivate them to give their all and complete projects on time.

20.  Can You Work Under Pressure?

This is a common question in demanding jobs. You need to convince the interviewer that you can deliver under pressure. Can you meet tight deadlines and manage huge workloads? Remember to explain how you will manage to do that and convince the interviewer that you are in the best to deliver.

Sample Answer

Yes. I can manage huge workloads and deliver even with tight deadlines. I have worked in several demanding environments and learned how to manage my time and give my all. I usually organize myself and prioritize work when I have a lot on my plate, which helps me make timely delivery.


These are some of the questions that you should expect when interviewing for a role at Waitrose. Make sure that you prepare well and act on your interview skills to increase your chances of landing the job.