Top 20 Barclays Bank Interview Questions & Answers 2023

Barclays Bank Interview Questions & Answers

You need to prepare well for your upcoming interview to increase your chances of landing the job. In case you have been invited for a Barclays interview, here are some of the questions that you can expect:

1. Tell Me About Yourself

This is a common opening question whose aim is to get you talking. It also tells the interviewer who you are, your qualifications, hobbies, and interests, and will also tell if you are suited for the role you are interviewing for. Talk passionately about yourself and let the interviewer see that you are proud of yourself. Focus on your past, future, and present.

Sample Answer

I am an accountant with over ten years of experience. I was a senior accountant for Chase Bank in my last work term, where I served for over five years. I plan to try management in the future and expand my knowledge in this field.

2. What Do You Know About Us?

What do you know about Barclays? This is where you show the interviewer that you have done your homework well. You can mention its products, headquarters, inventions, important dates, and any factual information that you can lay your hands on. Make sure that whatever you mention is correct.

Sample Answer

Barclays Bank offers retail, commercial, and investment banking as well as wealth management. Its headquarters are in London, England. The bank introduced the first world cash machine in 1967, and 20 years later, the connect card, the first debit card in the UK. It currently has over 450 branches in different locations of the world.

3. Why Do You Want to Work For Us?

This is a technical yet straightforward question. The wrong answer may cost you the job as the interviewer may decide you are not a good match. The perfect answer should praise the banking institution and convince the interviewer that it is your first choice. You should find something praiseworthy about Barclays or mention how it will help you advance in your career.

Sample Answer

I want a career in banking and believe that Barclays would be a great place to grow and learn more about this field. I can learn a lot from your bank, which has been named the best investment bank on several occasions. I am willing to use everything I have learned and put my best foot forward.

4. Who Are Our Main Competitors?

Do you know the market dynamics surrounding Barclays? Can you mention the institutions giving it a run for its money? Since you are not limited, you can highlight as many competitors as you like. Just make sure they are worthy competitors. Take your time and do your homework well.

Sample Answer

You have a number of competitors, given your niches, such as JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, UBS, BNP Paribas, and Credit Suisse.

5. What Motivates You?

Working for such a big corporation can take a massive toll on you. There are lots of challenges and huge workloads to deal with, which may leave you demotivated. You should assure the interviewer that you have a good source of inspiration that will always leave you at your best. Do not mention material reasons such as money or employee benefits.

Sample Answer

I am motivated by meeting deadlines, targets, and goals. I always have things that I intend to achieve, be it in the short or long term. I also love learning new things and coming up with creative ideas that can help me improve anything or create something new. (You can also mention that you are motivated by working well as part of a team or completing challenging projects)

6. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

There are several reasons why interviewers ask this question. They want to know whether you left for a good reason, voluntarily, on good terms and if you have good work values. Do not badmouth your previous employer, or you risk losing your chance. Be honest with the interviewer since such information is easy to obtain.

Sample Answer

I enjoyed my last job since it allowed me to increase my knowledge and expertise in this field. However, after staying for eight years, I felt that growth was minimal, and I was never learning. Therefore, I left to explore new challenges, which I believe this company will offer.

7. Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

The interviewer wants to know about your plans and goals. What are your career ambitions? Do you want to upgrade? You can either mention what you intend to achieve in the next five years or tell the interviewer that you prefer to focus on the present. You can also look at other Barclays jobs and identify a position that may suit you in the next five years.

Sample Answer

I haven’t thought much about it, given that I prefer to focus more on the present. At the moment, I am more concerned about gaining enough experience and skills that will help me deliver or prepare for another position that the future may hold.

8. Mention Your Greatest Weakness

This is a chance to be honest with yourself and tell the interviewer about some of your shortcomings. Even though this may require some courage, it will convince the hiring manager that you understand yourself and are confident in your abilities. However, just make sure that your weakness doesn’t automatically disqualify you from the position.

Sample Answer

My biggest weakness is that I refrain from asking for help, especially when I believe that I can handle something or have it under control. I may end up piling work, just to overwork myself later. On the brighter side, I am slowly dealing with it, embracing teamwork more and involving others in bulky projects. I believe that this won’t be a problem once I land the job.

9. Mention Your Greatest Strengths

This is a common question in interviews that you need to have at your fingertips by now. Your strengths can be the attributes, skills, or qualities needed for the job. Try to relate what you mention to the job by mentioning how they will help you in your career. Your answer will also tell the interviewer that you know what is expected of you.

Sample Answer

My greatest strengths are honesty, the ability to multitask, and self-motivation. These three will help me do a good job and give my all in the workplace. You can count on me to maintain workplace integrity at all times. Self-motivation further means that I will give my all and always be in the best form to deliver.

10. Can You Work in a Team?

Banking institutions need people who can collaborate with others. This is a chance to tell the interviewer how good you are in team settings. You can mention your teamwork skills and abilities to convince the hiring manager that you will fit nicely in team settings. You can also say that you have no problem working in team settings and independently.

Sample Answer

Yes. I particularly love teamwork since it brings people together, tapping into their creativity and abilities. I also believe that it increases accuracy and ensures exceptional results. I would therefore appreciate it if paired with a team that matches my abilities.

11. Tell Me about a Goal You Have Managed to Achieve in the Last 3 Months

Nobody wants a non-achiever. This question will help the interviewer know if you are ambitious and can put in the effort needed to achieve your goals. You don’t have to mention anything along the lines of your career since this is not a specific question. You can talk about your general life and everyday interactions.

Sample Answer

I began a fitness journey not so long ago. I had planned to shed at least five kgs by the third month. I am glad to report that I exceeded my target and instead lost 8kgs. I am in better shape and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.

12. Can You Please Mention Some of the Accounts We Have at Barclays

The interviewer wants to know if you are conversant with the banking industry. When answering this question, ensure that you are straightforward by mentioning information that matches the question asked by the interviewer. You can shed more light on these accounts.

Sample Answer

Some of the accounts at Barclays are checking accounts that, even though they can be accessed as savings, don’t attract any interest. The money market account offers a blend of savings and checking accounts and can be opened with a minimum balance. The third one is the Certificate of Deposit Account, which earns interest over a fixed period. The last one is the saving account which allows you to save and earn interest concurrently.

13. What Do You Understand by Annual Percentage Rate?

The interviewer wants to know if you are conversant with some of the standard banking terms. You should be able to clearly define what APR  is and explain how it is generated. Such questions require you to be as straightforward as possible. Do not beat around the bush.

Sample Answer

The annual percentage rate, shortened as APR, refers to the charge or interest by a bank when its customers access services such as loans and credit cards. It is usually calculated annually, hence the name APR.

14. How Do You Think We Make Our Profits?

If you’ve been in the banking industry for quite some time, you know how these institutions make profits. This is where you convince the interviewer that you know what takes place in the baking sector. Also, knowing how these institutions generate profits means that you will help them maximize. Be clear and let the interviewer know that you are knowledgeable about what happens in banks.

Sample Answer

Several avenues guarantee a bank’s profit. At Barclays, your profit comes from accepting deposits, interest spread, loaning out funds on interest, banking value chain, and additional charges on services such as account maintenance and online bill payment. You also manage wealth for investors and trusted clients, which generates revenue. ( This is one of the reasons why we insist that you should research extensively about the organization before your interview)

15. It is Pretty Clear From Your CV That You Have Been in This Industry For Quite Some Time. From the Changes That You Have Witnessed, What Do You Think are Some of the Needs of This Sector?

The interviewer wants to know if you understand the changing trends and needs in the banking sector. Find out more about the banking environment and strategies that help banks function. You are also free to mention any evolution in technology or business methods that you have had a chance to witness but need improvements.

Sample Answer

I believe that banks should strive to distribute savings in more sectors to enhance growth adequately. There should also be increased adoption of professional modern management techniques to revolutionize the banking processes. I also believe that banks should strive to increase their credit reach and widen the scope of the sectors they serve, just like with savings. They should also avoid giving out loans to people who default payment.

16. Can You Mention Some of the Software Banking Applications that You are Conversant With

The interviewer will want to know how good you are with some standard banking applications due to technology’s role in banking. Make sure that you get this question right. You can also use your previous experience to answer this question and convince the interviewer that you are indeed experienced in this field. Also, avoid beating around the bush, or the hiring manager may assume that you are making things up or aren’t confident of yourself.

Sample Answer

The eight commonly used banking applications are loan management system, credit management system, investment management system, financial management system, stick market management system, core banking system, ATM banking, and internet banking system. (You should be ready for any follow up question since the interviewer may ask you to clarify on one or many of the products)

17. Why Do Banks Need Credit Management Systems?

As we mentioned, you should be prepared for such interview questions. The interviewer wants to know how much you know about credit management systems and whether you can tell their importance. Always be ready for a  mix of bank-related questions when interviewing for a position at Barclays. Show the interviewer that you have used these systems before and therefore understand just how important they are.

Sample Answer

Credit management systems are essential since they help banking institutions control all the monetary transactions credited by the clients or account holders. Banks can therefore control credit and optimize profits. These systems also control bad debts and expenses by enabling easier management of credit terms. Lastly, a sound credit management system allows sustainability of the funds hence preventing cases of bankruptcy.

18. What are Some of the Loans That We Offer Our Customers?

The interviewer wants to know if you are aware of their products and services. This is a chance to convince the hiring manager that you have done your homework well and understand some of the things that Barclays Bank offers. Remember, banking institutions offer different types of loans that allow them to meet several objectives. Ensure that you get this answer right.

Sample Answer

You offer customers secured personal loans, mortgage loans, auto loans for cars, small business loans, and unsecured personal loans. ( Prepare for any follow-up questions seeking clarifications on these products)

19. Do You Know Our Core Values?

This is where the interviewer will know if you have done proper research and obtained valuable information about the banking institution. You should convince the interviewer that you know the core values and principles of the bank and that you are willing to uphold them. Always strive to answer such questions correctly, given that they often have definite answers. Show whoever is interviewer you that you need this job.

Sample Answer

You have five core values that guide all your operations. As an institution, you believe in respect, integrity, service, excellence, and stewardship. Your website refers to them as your fundamentals and what you believe is right.

20. Briefly Mention Our Aims as a Banking Institution

This question is more or less similar to the last one as it aims to deduce if you have basic information about the institution. You should know this banks’ objectives and aims to have an easy time in your new workplace. Convince the interviewer that you took your time to find out as much information as possible about the banking institution.

Sample Answer

Your main aim is to develop world-class partnerships with suppliers that can add value and front innovative solutions for customers and clients.


We have exhausted some of the questions that you should expect in a Barclays Interview. Ensure that you extensively research the institution and find out as much information as possible.

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