6 Career Resolutions for The Year 2024

Editorial Team

Career Resolutions for The Year 2023

At the end of every year, business owners and talent managers assess their performance and plan for the future. For 2023, tendencies are toward planning, not setting goals and expectations. Employees also need to formulate their career resolutions for the new year. After all, career development is the key to satisfaction and well-being.

What are career resolutions, really? Well, in a nutshell, it is an evaluation of your career so far, and clarifying your expectations and the steps to achieve your desired goals. This can involve brushing up on your CV and cover letter – if unsure how to o about this step, partner up with professional online CV writers PurpleCV. Also, if thinking about a much-needed career change, the end of the year is the perfect time to research new courses and work placements.

In this article,  let’s focus on the career resolutions you should make for 2023 to maximize your satisfaction and success in your field.

1. Set Clear Goals

Define your mission for the year ahead and plan each step that will help you get there. This could include taking on more responsibility, joining professional networks, or setting up a side hustle.

Reflect on your expectations in your CV and LinkedIn profile. This way, potential employers and recruiters will get a better understanding of what you want to achieve.

2. Invest in Your Education

It’s never too late to learn something new. Assess your qualifications, research available resources, and plan how to invest in your education so it can help you reach your goals. Consider taking up online courses or attending conferences to acquire new skills.

If a career change is something you’d like to try in 2023, make sure your CV is in the right format for that. Obviously, your experience wouldn’t match the new roles you apply for as you want to experiment with a different field or type of work. However, there are ways to impress recruiters with your CV despite the lack of relevant experience.

For example,  you can highlight the transferable skills you do have and any job-specific training or knowledge acquired or upskilled. Such as team working, leadership, and organization.

3. Network and Collaborate With Other Professionals

Networking is crucial for career growth. Make sure you have a strong network of everyone from peers in your field to potential employers, mentors, and sponsors. Reach out to connections you already have and make an effort to build new relationships.

Also, don’t forget to give back – volunteering and mentoring are great ways to connect with professionals that can help you reach your goals.

You can find useful networking and mentoring events through professional organizations and trade shows.

4. Take Control of Your Career

This year, make a commitment to take your career into your own hands. If things don’t go as expected, it’s up to you how you will react and what steps you will take next. Focus on the long-term plan and be ready to adapt to changes.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you experience setbacks – turn them into learning opportunities and use them as a catalyst for change.

Way too often, professionals think about changing jobs because of the wrong reasons. It’s important to focus on yourself and your career and learn to identify unimportant details. Reading books, and articles and finding mentors to help you will make it easier to see which changes are necessary for success.

5. Make Your Health a Priority

It’s no secret that when we’re healthy and energetic, productivity increases as well. Don’t overlook the importance of an active lifestyle, nutritious meals and regular visits to the doctor.

Not only will this benefit your career, but it will also help you lead a happier life. Take time to relax and unwind and invest in yourself – it’s an excellent way to prevent burnout and increase motivation.

Although it may seem that health doesn’t directly correlate with career decisions, it heavily affects productivity and performance. Thus, something as simple as adjusting your sleeping pattern can go a long way when it comes to career success and good planning.

6. Keep a Positive Attitude in Your Job Search

If for you, the new year means a new job that you have yet to find, do not worry! January is a good time to look for your next role as it’s the start of hiring cycles for many companies. It is likely that you will have more success if you start now.

However, make sure to keep a positive attitude throughout your job search – don’t let rejections or long waiting periods bring you down. Instead, focus on the end goal and take each step as an opportunity to learn something new.

Be proactive and connect with recruiters, attend career fairs and find out about job openings through friends or family as well. It’s also beneficial to create a portfolio that showcases your experience and skills. Also, make your CV clear and comprehensive, tailor it to each job description and include the right keywords.


2023 can be an amazing year for your career if you take the necessary steps to achieve success. Make sure to focus on yourself and your development, invest in new skills and make sure you are always growing. As long as you stay positive and determined, you will find the right job that meets all of your expectations! Good luck!